dec 4 2014 thursday 1131 am

day off, drinking coffee, internetting.

have had some of the easiest days at jerb ever recently. but it is still tiring becuase you don’t know it’s gonna happen like that. you go in there expecting a rough day….because historically most days have been rough.

washing laundry.

forgot to take a valium yesterday and seemed to sleep BETTER than normal when going to bed. sleeping solidly till like 1045 or 11 am. nice.

could probably sleep even moar. hehe. a nice nap.

going bankrupt from medical bills.

how do people with cancer do it?

what if you had no health insurance, got cancer, and then immediately got health insurance? would that then be a pre existing condition and they would not cover your cancer tratement? can you get cancer insurance? not that a ton of people don’t get over cancer just to have it come back 10 years later and kill them.  terrified of cancer.

generally against abortion but do not have the same moral qualms against euthanasia, which might make me an immoral degenerate hypocrite.

like to have real talk about how much money people make, what kind of debt and expenses they have, can they afford their health insurance, house, and car; is it worth it for them to spend money on School and Education if it doesn’t really advance their career ie make them more money; and should you get a lesser paying job if it has better health benefits in case you get cancer down the road; and people going BANKRUPT; and not getting hired for sweet cushy govt jobs because they had gone BANKRUPT and employers see that as a sign of unemployability; and people getting divorced, and bad marriages, and fathers abandoning their children; and working class people gradually losing their dignity and becoming denegerate white trash, drug addicts, huge losers, going to jail, dying.

now that is what  call keeping it real!

bascically people becoming huge wage slaves and not even knowing it, being one small step away from total destitution, and not realizing it, people being dumber than they really should be, people not seeing the GRIM REAPER REALITY staring them in the face.

and what is the best way to have and raise children in this Scawy Modern World?

because don’t believe you need to be a super successful, super genius, elite, middleclassfag masterzdegreefag careerfag as a prereq to having three children. This Truly Believe.

Middle Working Class (maybe) and Upper Working Class (definitely) people shoudl still be able to have children. AND homeschool them. and be able to take care of the medical needs of the whole family.

but stupid degenerates should not have children. and very often they DO. they might have more children than the nondegens. and you know what THAT bodes.

so what is the better solution for creating a non degenerate culture? Race or Religion? still don’t know.  back and forth. Actually definitely like Race more at the moment.

hehe like days off. but  also lucky to have a job that pays this much and will never be able to find one that pays more. so just cant quit job hahaha.

plus hate it less than did at the beginning, because better at it.

little later. dried clothes. folded and put away. took shower. ate brunch hehe. trimmed neckbeard. got some sweet stuff in the mail: “the shy man syndrome” by brian gilmartin; and a silver purchase from prvdnt: 2014 mexican libertad, 2014 armenian noahs ark, and $1 face of Junk Silver, which turned out to be four washington quarters dated 1964.

very happy with that. that is .715 oz of silver in there. so each quarter has like .18 an oz of silver. which is like 4 dollars. a quarter is worth 4 dollars. well, maybe 3.50.

ANYWAY,  surprised at how immediately these quarters looked and felt compared to post 1964 quarters. they felt a bit more thin and brittle, had a different sort of “clink” when you clinked them together, and definitely had that super lustrous silvery look to them.

in other words, if you are looking thru quarters for 90% silver, the coins you’re looking for should be screamingly obvious.

should have bought the gilmartin book years ago, but it was an impulse buy on black friday while  reading r9k hahaha. might be useful to r9k types though, who this blog is meant to help, so the book is very relevant to this blog. much moreso than this political racial nonsense! so  try to report on the gilmartin book.

but  happy to report not that shy anymore

was reading about a young man who was now a hundred grand (100K $) in debt for getting a bachelors degree from a pretty good skool. not an elite skool, but certainly good enough to make you middle class. a pretty well-known state college. but he went to a college that was probably too “high class” for him. it is weird to grow up basically working class and then go to a middle class college (as opposed to a working class college, hahahaha)

a hundred grand? and now he can just barely pay down his monthly payments with all the interest. and yet his dreams and creative spirit have not been completely crushed  although think my dreams were pretty much crushed even before got out into the Grim Reaper Real World.

just wanted a nice gurlfran and an easy, low-stress job with upper working class money. only now that old do realize how presumptuous that was, how much that was to ask for.

guess still want those same things!

ok start a new post already.

but  thankful for the family and friends and health that have and pray as best can for their health. even if christianity is weak and pathetic and degenerate.



dec  2014

cant be long. either this or settlers. actually had kind of an easy day today. that might mean i am gonna get laid off. but i am helping and being a boss.

also discovered a new resource at my job that i think is gonna help quite a bit. WHY DON’T THEY TELL YOU ABOUT THESE THINGS??????

don’t wanna get to clingy. obviously it’s best where you seem to like the gurl less than she likes you. if you like the gurl MORE than she likes you………that’s exactly what i did wrong with the gurls i “dated” and or got rejected by. it might have been my Major Mistake.


so i am a huge hypocrite and i pray to GOD when i am afraid. i still get nervous going into WORK , and then i pray to GOD for STRENGTH. I also pray for my family and my friends and for strength on the job, and sometimes even throw a prayer in there that the LORD will guide female Into My Arms.

It would just be NICE to have a Ladyfriend for once. hehehe and not one where she liked me a lot more than i liked her. not that that’s ever happened! because i don’t pursue a gurl unless i really like like her. maybe that’s my problem.

besides, not liking anyone is not bad at all. but getting over female wont be easy (woman8). but if i can get over woman7, i can get over woman8. didnt even use alcohol to get over woman7. just used time and space. time and space, all you need.

in that case, i needed a LOT of time and space. no contact for like a year and a half. i will nothave that luxury with woman8, but i would just have to avoid her as much as i possibly can given the constraints.

assuming she rejects me, hehehe. maybe she will not reject me and become  gurlfran, hahaha. a man can dream haha.

no she would be a pretty good furst gurlfran, maybe even a good wife. i am a traditional man and really have no need to bang LOTS of b1tches. at the end of the day i prefer a monogamous man 4 lyfe.

i don’t care if that sounds beta. it really IS kinda beta. i just don’t care.

because a little beta used to be a good thing, it kept men from dumping their wives.

but now that degenerate b1tches dump YOU at the first sign of beta, beta men cannot get gurls or wives like they did in the 50s hehehe.

oh heres a great protip i came up all by myself:

use your email inbox as your todo list.

for example, if you want to set an appointment with a friend and not forget it while you are Work freaking out about work stuff,

SEND YOURSELF AN EMAIL saying “hang out with bla bla saturday night at 7 pm at bla bla” and don’t delete it. at least 3 or 5 or 7 days in advance. that way you see it every time you look at your (personal) email, which i am sure you do at least once a day.

also have google calendar send you email reminders of events at least 3 days in advance. because i read email every day but never look at google calendar.


nov 30 2914

yeah buddy. it aint easy being a working stiff with a stressful exahusting job. it would be easier with a nice gurlfran you could hang out with, but that’s just an extraneous thing of life. not as important as careeeeeeeeer. f00k u degenerate earth.


this sh1t better animate. it is a totes animated gif. not sure if wordpress is straight enough to animate gifs.

or if wordpress is too j00ish.

a bunch of degenerate j00ish n199erz.

suk muh d1k.

go get a masterz degree f4990t.

and suk a bag of k1ke cox.

heheh reading too much 4chan! at least i don’t do that erry day!

f00k yeah will watch DIE HARD on tv. hmm this might be die hard 2.

porbably the least degen thing on tv. be moar like john mcclane. yippee ki yay motherf00ker.

yeah this has got to be die hard 2. terrists on a plane. is that bad guy the COWBOY from MULHOLLAND DRIVE???? It really looks like him. that is awesome. that gave me great feelz.

but you know what would make it even better?



dont rustle me.png

advice for lazy college dropout losers

good search term buddy.

my advice? get some meds, namely some ssri’s and some benzos. start going for powerwalks 5 miles a day. GET A HOOKER. until you finally get a job. then you will be much more entitled to complain and be bitter and stressed, because you have a fulltime job like a sucker.

then you will be entitled to start a blog on how much you hate your job, but at least you’re working fulltime; and also complain about how lonely you are, and/or how all women are b1tches and wh0res. the end. but at least you’re not a degenerate like all these fooking disgusting n199er fooking, k1ke coxsuking degenerates. good goyim.

just dont go back to college, unless the college pays for it, and you get a stem degree that will hire you before you graduate.

dont forget to GET A HOOKER. should have gotten a hooker when  was a 21 year old virgin.

should have gotten a hooker when was an 18 year old virgin.

it will make you less nervous about sechs, less nervous around wimmin, and it’s the hooker’s job to put you at ease. she knows what she is. pay 300 bucks for a DECENT hooker, a real professional, not a disgusting meth / crack whore or wh0re from backpages. but a profession Provider or Caregiver or Escort or whatever the fook they call themselves. pay extra for that. you get what you pay for.

buy all your clothes from walmart or

buy regular fit or classic fit pantz, that say they sit at the waist.

buy a good pair of bootz and coat for the winter so you can continue to powerwalk in winter.

go to a sauna regularly.

smoke w33d once a week on your night off.

grow a long beard but keep the edges trimmed and neat.

grow long hair even if you’re going bald, but keep the sides and neck trimmed and neat.

trim your own neck hairs.

wear wrangler pantz and jeans.

bring a small bottle of whole milk with you to verk every day.

get fingerless gloves with mitten flaps on them.

get a long scarf. found a great Dickies brand scarf that is nice and long, wide, and plain black.

wear thermal pantz on your powerwalks outside in the winter.

get to work super early and impress your managers.

start a new sheet of stuff you need to know for werk every month.

have a master sheet you use to give you confidence and calm at your jerb.

use txt files, never word files.

eat pizza flavored goldfish.

get a big swiss ball or exercise ball to work your core at all times.

don’t get angry at b1tches when they reject you. makes you look like the lesser man. just let them lead their degenerate lives and destroy themselves into total degenerate trash, while you remain morally superior.

bl4cks and j00z…….BAD NEWZ.

of course that also extends to Brownz.

dont be afraid to be a racist.

it’s much better to be a racist than a sexist. besides, it’s because of the j00 that women are degenerate wh0res anyway.

maybe if you can’t drink, maybe you can party with painkillerz a couple times a year. tentatively. thanksgiving, crimmus/new years, st pats, easter, 4th of july, labor day, . maybe.

throw stuff out that you don’t use. throw out papers and books and vacuum your room.

win friends and influence people by staring them in the eyes and asking them questions. open ended questions.

get an electric shaver with little trimmer thing on it.

get a beard trimmer.

get a hair trimmer.

get a nose trimmer.

live with your fam until you get your loanz paid off and have saved up at least 5k in an emergency fund. who cares if b1tches think that’s weird. THEY’RE weird, and filthy and degenerate, who CARES what they think? they spent 90000000000000 dollars to get a cultural marxist teaching degree!


sun nov 30 2014

and if i get rejected, well, it can only get a little bit worse, because i’m allready all in, i have nothing more to give or lose, except muh hope, hahahahaha.

and if i get rejected, well then i just work on my game to bang b1tches, , and life goes on. oh well. its not cancer. not a death sentence.

but yeah that would be diappointing. wow. disappointed in wimmin, well at least i have PLENTY of experience in that hahaha. what else is new.

was shia lebouef raped by a woman or a man. was he coerced into sechs by an ugly gurl, or was he full blown raepd up the 4ss by a man.

anyway. just play it cool. be cool. don’t be clingy or needy. less contact, less texting is BETTER.

and then when i get my chance, be decisive, be masculine, put it all out there, go all in. in a masculine, cool way.

and do likewise when you get a chance like this. and if you don’t like anyone, then be happy, because liking wimmin SUCKS. then just enjoy neckbearding on the internet and having contempt for everything. ohh how i long for those good old innocent days.

anyway, when a man bangs a woman, it makes him more masculine, imho. makes him feeeeeel more like a man, to do manly things like take risks and work and make gains and win and etc. so, banging is generally good for MEN’S HEALTH.

is it good for women’s health? with greater conditions. if they are in a monogamous loving traditional rel with a man, yes its probably good for her health, and give her oxytocin to bond with her man all the more strongly. but banging does not make women more feminine/healthy, as generally as it makes men more masculine/healthy.

if anything, i’d err on the side of caution and say it’s BAD for women’s health. unless in the context of a monogamous healthy rel with a man.

here’s a great epigram/sound bite i read on 4chan over my vacay:


hehehe that might be a little too /pol/ 4 U, but it’s just pol enough 4 moi!!!!!

albums are too darn long. 40 minutes is more than long enough for an album.

and even that’s too long to start off listening to the album. i can only listen to about 20 minutes max of an album unless i luv it.

therefore my anecdotal evidence proves a scientific fact: listening to the same album for like 18 minutes WILL be boring.

maybe even 15 minutes. heck, 10 minutes.

took a pwalk. very pleasant day, warm.

at my old job i never got nervous. at my current job i get nervous almost erry day. because i never know what i’m gonna get next. never know if it’s gonna be something i know, or don’t know. or if the person is going to be upset or chill. all that uncertainty is nerve wracking.

yeah, so education, work, career, life, and women have always been a struggle with me. i have always been a bit of an outsider in everything, all the time. well, thankfully it has been possible for me to make male friends. but everything else has been super hard, super struggle. education, work, women. with education and work i have made nominal gains and achieved the bare minimum at least: college, fulltime job. (not a college job though.) but with wimmin, i have not achieved the bare minimum of a steady ladyfrand whom i like. although at least i’m not a virgin! bretty damn close though.

i am all in already, so i really don’t have any more to give. i am just waiting for The Final Showdown, before my opponent shows their cards. usually this just takes a few seconds in an actual card game. but here it will prob takes months. and that is nerve wracking. anxiety producting.

anxiogenic hehehe.

we live in SUCH a DEGENERATE society!!! It’s sad and angering.

i’m moving to fooking MONTANA.

apply to over 25 jobs, r9k, hehehe

you can write a letter to the gurl u are hopelessly in luv with

“dear fatty, just give me a chance please. you don’t have to decide right now. it took me a while to get these feelings for you, a couple prereqs had to happen first, here’s what they are, and then after that everything clicked. so i am more than happy to wait if you think it would help. if it wouldn’t, and you’re just gonna jump on as many dix as possible right now, i think that’s a horrible idea and that will totally lower my respect of you, and would greatly damage our frendship MUCH more than me developing Like Like Feelz towards you.”


nov 29 2014 saturday


any. cold turkey right now is good. obviously i wish i could spend my vacation cuddling and sechsing her, but i can’t make that happen right now. so i will spend muh vacation reading 4 chan and writing tripe and listening to music and sleeping and powerwalking and buying silver and fatass pantz.

think i will go to church on saturday so i can sleep in on sunday hahahaha. of course still cut out early and have another scenic drive and powertalk.

1965 washington quarters are NOT silver. 1964 washington quarters ARE. 90% silver.


went to church, took scenic drive, wore new big pants, hooray

bought a new winter coat at for 60 bucks. i sort of needed a new winter coat but did not want to go out to the store with all the degenerates and amerifats so i took a gamble here. worst case scenario i can take the coat back to the local kohls and return it.

anyway i guess i don’t REALLY NEED a new coat, because my previous coat is not broken….it just looks like sh1t with a huge gash in it and white filling stuff bursting out, and it is too small.

regarding the coat, i almost bought it yesterday but thought it would be good to SLEEP ON IT, any big decision is worth sleeping on one or more nights. today i was like yeah i should buy that coat if it still is “on sale.” and it was.

ok going for powerwalk. ok did that.

i have not been interested in a degenerate gurl since 2008. for 6 years. pretty good mang.

i have only officially dated two gurls out of The Eight, and they were both degenerates.

However no more than four of the eight were degenerates, so i think that’s pretty good too. if 5/8 were degenerates, that would be cause for concern, that i am picking the wrong wimmin. degenerates.


HEH. if i had just been more persistent and brave and manly when i was a boy and first getting interested in gurls. just had some balls when i was like 12 years old. like the second i got interested in gurls, just grew a pair and went up and talked to them, and got my rejections out of the way then, until finally i would succeed at like age 13 or 14 or something.

yeah but i did totally make out with a gurl when i was 14 or 15. i just thought it sucked because i was trying to make out with her friend, not her, and i got inordinately butthurt by that, and was like fook that b1tch for screwing up my master plan, then i didn’t make out with a gurl again until i was 21 who i also lost the Virginity to. so weird man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway thats why i’m so OBSESSED with WIMMIN. if i had just banged more gurls when i was 16, like a normalfag, then i wouldn’t be thinking about wimmin so much, other than that they are crazy and stupid of course, but i’d be banging them, hahahahahaha.

anyway. it is much more natural and normal and sensible and reasonable to be a RACIST than it is to be a SEXIST.

in other words, it makes so much more sense to dislike people of another race, than to dislike women. (well, unless they’re women of a different race, hahahaha.)

which is why i’m more of a racialist now, and less of an MRA/MGTOW.

it is unnatural to be turned against women. whereas, it is only natural to be suspicious of other races , and to want to protect your own race.

4 chan. 4 chan is MY PEOPLE. especially pol and r9k. my 2 fav boards. i dont even go to b. just pol and r9k all day long.

though i am more of a normalfag and less of a virgin than the r9k neet virgins, however i’m not as alpha as the pol high test alpha males who are currently sechsually active and who have regularly banged 7/10’s and above and maybe even had a legit gurlfran once, and are not total sperg coward strangers to normalfag human intimacy, hahahahaha.

sunday nov 30

welp back to WERK tomorrow. slept till like 11 am, super late. i think it was the fact that i went for 2 powerwalks yesterday, and had no valium or nyquil.

also i wanted to point out that it seems more gurlz play vidya games now than ever before, and brag about how they sit at home like neets and play vidya all the time, but i hypothesize this doesn’t help the odds of r9k neet omega virgin males any, and that these Gamer Gurls will still flock towards the Masculine, Alpha males in the Gamer Subculture.

That’s just the way women ARE. don’t hate them for it. just become more masculine and alpha.


nov 28

smoke w33d, listen to music, maybe some black metal, and write on the internet. wow. the perfect night. looks i am the total r9k virgin amirite? no but see i hung out with a frand before all this, hehehe. and talked to him semi coherently about music before coming home

and now listening to music.

cuz i think i took 3 puffs here. perfect would be 1 or 2 puffs right.

welp good thing i don’t have to go to WORK tomorrow. although i prob could. ideally i would take a 3.2 mile powerwalk right NOW.

how do you make wimmin like you. well you give them a break and dont text them erry day, hehehe.

well it was fun smoking that w44d, wish i had just smoked one less puff and thus been a little more cohernet.

next day

yes i am thankful for seeing my frand and it was also fun smoking than w33d.

vacation!!!! today do some internets, powerwalk, etc. try to not think about female friend. i actually had a DREAM regarding the old woman8, IE the woman I just took out of woman8 position because i never really tried with her and never even really hung out with her, she just began haunting my dreams years later. well i had another dream. yeah i probably would try with her if i lived anywhere near her! but she lives like 70 miles away. too much. might be able to deal with that if you’re already in a pre establised rel, but uhhhhh i’ve never even hung out with this woman, haven’t talked to her in 9 years.

so yeah, she’s not woman8 any more

how does a normalfag with normal rejection nonsensitivity react to rejection? and then model yourself afer that. they say, damn b1tch, what’s YOUR problem, i’m awesome, you rejecting me is STUPID, you’re STUPID, damn. whatever, i don’t have time for STUPID people, see ya.

and that’s that.

so that’s the approach you should dfeinitely take, thats my official recommendation.

maybe i should read r9k for advice!

no, i dont need to do that.

stupid for rejecting me, i don’t deserve to be rejected, and i’m sure as f00k not gonna hang out with or try to hang out with stupid people who reject me!!!!!!!

the end. period. full stop.

but its amazing how our Toxic Mainstream Culture tries to condition us against our nature, and in many cases… works. nature is overcome by nurture. i still say they are 50/50.

and that is why people are so anxious and schizo nowadays hehehe. and mentally cray cray.

get a plus certified. i have been meaning to do this but keep forgetting. it can’t be THAT hard.

it is administered by comptia of course.

uhhh i will take the test and get certified if it costs less than 100$, i get unlimited attempts, and can do it right now online.

ehhh its not cheap.

suk muh dik.

muh erectile disfunciton.

i really can spell better than this, its all a typing issue, not a spelling one. i try to type too fast and therefore misspell words. but i KNOW how to spell them correctly i can assure you.

but yeah when i smoked that w i could feel the huge resevoir of anxiety threatening to take over. either you get chill and silly, or you get VERY nervous and anxious, and that stuff was right there.  shoulda taken one less puff, but i am very thankful i didn’t take one MORE puff.

hehe i luv 4chan, 4chan should be my job

“jooz are not even human”

/r9k/ daily letter thread – write letters to ppl who will never see them


went for Scenic Drive, recorded Power Talk during, went to store, got gas, got some snax, they had my pantz on sale so i bought a darker brown pair of classic fit Khakis, flat front, this time slightly bigger, with expandable waistband as well. yes. this is the best way to do it son.

they might be a little big but i can always wear a belt, and of course i would be. because you need extra comfort if you’re wearing the pantz for 12 hours a day. come on now.


nov 27

No Contact, Erase From Memory, dig?

So I will….just try to survive one day at a time at my stressful busy hard horrible job; sleep a lot. grow muh beard to ridiculous mental illness length. read racist websites moar. go to bed earlier. go for moar powerwalks. powerwalk in the basement. i’ve gotten out of the habit of powerwalking because its so cold and muh job is so hard.

and jerk off to pron too, this is actually very useful and good for getting over bishes rejecting you. forget all the bad stuff i said about pron. yeah it’s still degenerate, but for getting over bishes, the ends justify the means.  and it’s not making YOU degenerate when used in that manner. its actually making you less of a loser, by HELPING you get over a b1sh.

but the ends justify the means, does not extend to DRINKING. don’t drink. just give up drinking all together. become a teetotaler.  whatever you don’t drink.

also do not become hooked on benzos or especially painkillers.

if you HAVE to do a drug, do w33d, but nothing else.

of course coffee and cigarettes are ok.

what about Food? eating so much Comfort Food you become a huge fatass! I….can’t sign off on it. Because becoming a huge fat4ss is ultimately gonna get in the way of your Pulling Pvssy Goals.

I guess it’s still better than drinking though.

hehehe /pol/ should have sexual intimacy be a basic human right

this is why i luv 4chan hehehe

maybe i should save up $300 and bang a 7/10 hooker, hehehehe.


i had some NYQUIL so i took a dose of that. nice. haven’t done that in FOREVER. haven’t really had a good opportunity to!

nov 28 black friday

no shopping for me thank you. f00k that its for f4gg0ts. i should really do a little GAMBLING because at this time of year, peple may be on vacation, i’m kinda on vacation, so there will be more FISH at the casino for me to make money off with my above average intelligence.

uh if something is a volatile market, you might be able to make money by buying stuff and then FLIPPING it. like buy 90 dollars worth of bitcoin and then sell that same amount for 100 dollars.

this would probably involve an exchange like btc-e (???) rather than a service like coinbase, which would prob require that you sell the btc RIGHT NOW for cash, rather than place a sell order and wait till it gets to that price.

well the problem is then getting your USD from the bitcoin exchange, and getting hit with like a 7% paypal fee.

well i already have an account on btc-e, and about 1.00001 litecoin, so i just put in a sell order for that litecoin, to sell for BTC, to try to make a 10% return on that, then i could just transfer the BTC to my coinbase and get the USD that way.

i just bought 20 dollars worth of bitcoin.

AND i just spent 58 dollars on SILVER

nov 28

this is the one good thing about having a job, is that you can buy nice things for yourself and others during the holidaze.

today went for 1.6 mile powerwalk in the cold, came home, took a NAP like i was unemployed. it was great. migth go for another 1.6 pwalk, it is too cold to do 3.2 all at once, and i need to get muh pwalks in beofre i become even moar of a fat virgin.

note. if it is below freezing and you have to wear a scarf, leave your Eyeglasses at home because they will get covered in Fog from your breath. unless you really need the glasses to see.

downloaded a bunch of new talks form my fav 2 guys.

backed up my funny pictures to the google cloud.

i am over 30 years old and still don’t know how to buy clothes that fit. or how to pull a mate, hehehehe. short term or long term.

poland dindu nuffin

he was a thug: michael brown, black lives matter, etc

random stuff found on /pol/ on nov 28 2014 hehehe

4 chan needs an official archive


so i did go for a second pwalk, and yes it was cold out there. but really i am happy just to have all these days off