nov 15 sat 808pm

ok female fren has till 9 pm to text me. maybe 930 at the very latest but damn will i be p1ssed then.

thats if she even texts at all. hey i can’t complain i knew what i was getting into, and she never promised anything, and i estimated my odds at 35% at best. so really i am ready to just stay in for the night and chill out at home and be thankful for all my comforts. watch tv, read antisemitic websites hahahahahaahahhahaha.

actually i am too tired to do that. wouldn’t mind smoking some W. and to be honest that would be another nice perk of hanging out with my female fren, is that she likes to do that sometimes. not too much. but pretty sure she would do that with moi. and i wouldn’t discourage her!!!!!!!

but i don’t even really feel like doing anything else. not reading, not even reading 4chan. kinda feel like blogging, this is bretty good mang, i’m thankful for it.

i could also eat like 9000 bowls of spicy stir fry beef with noodles. smoke weed and go do that and then poop brains out for my whole sunday off.

that is not the type of thing i could do if i went out to dinner with my female fren.

hmmm. maybe drink another throwback mt dew w real sugar, real good.

bought a small back of “menthol gold” tobacco at the tobacconist. of course i prefer to smoke non menthol but every once in a while i want the luxury of enjoying a menthol for maybe 5% of my cigs. and why not.

sure, working class people smoke menthols. but there aint nothing wrong with working class. it is where i come from. well, upper working class of unions and stuff, the type of thing where they like to call themselves middle class, and unions protecting the middle class though. i call it upper working class though, while lower middle class have like college degrees and careers.

middle middle class have real good careers, and upper middle class would be like doctors and lawyers and VP’s.

upper class are so rich we don’t even need to describe them, we will never meet them. PLutocrats, top 1%, CEO’s, banksters, the ruling class, elites, etc.

if you’re in the working class you will probably never meet one of these. and even the highest of the middle class are not going to meet a lot of them.

if you have be above average intelligence to have a fulltime working class job……… then how is the average person employed fulltime in a working class or above job????

also shaving your own neck is the best thing ever. i am so happy i did it. i should have been doing this for years. yes. you can shave the back of your own neck and it will look great and you will be very happy about it.

920pm. got 10 minutes baby. honestly. i was going to bed at this time last saturday!!! watch she will text me at like 945 or 10 pm or something. when i said that 930 was my cutoff time.

next day

858 am. early to bed, early to rise. by 10 pm last night i was so tired. turned everything off and went promptly to sleep. got up early today and wanted to play on internet, wanted to blog and sh1t.

can’t really complain because female fren did not COMMIT to anything. sneaky eh? i gotta learn how to do that, when it comes to wimmin, hahahahaha.  no i don’t think she is deliberately screwing me, besides, i knew the odds were NOT in my favor to begin with. also she is not likely to be out partying taking d1k, but more likely to be staying at home just tired.

heh she might be at three strikes by now hahaha. but she can clear it if she texts me today and says sorry and even better come hang out on sunday. i can hang out on sunday, just has to be early.

had a weird dream where i got into big trouble at Werk for making an honest mistake where i didn’t realize the consequences. This stems from a message i actually got at werk saying please don’t do this because the consequences could be serious. i said thank you, duly noted, i did not know that, thank you, sorry. and that will hopefully be the end of it. but in the dream, there was a huge meeting with all of my managers and it was like they were telling me i had cancer or something. they said i was a great worker which made this all the more unfair. they didn’t want to have to do this, but i still had majorly screwed up.

they said i was going to be able to keep my job and i said thank god thank god, i swear i was not being negligent or incompetent, i just didn’t know!!!! later i said to a manager, you can garnish my wages to help pay for the damage i cause, and then they said, yeah, yeah. Oh yes, we will be garnishing your wages. Not saying the amount, but in a way that implied they were gonna garnish the HELL out of me for a long time because it was a HUGE amount of money, much larger than I thought. so that kinda backfired on me, i  was hoping only for a small garnish at worst. and why didn’t they tell me during the meeting that they’d be taking a huge chunk of my pay? wtf? should i quit? could they still come after me for the money??

first real stressful work-related dream, hahahaha. in real life it wasn’t that bad. the guy just said it as an fyi. i guess it could blow up into a big thing, but i don’t think it will. i will take the warning to heart though and not make the same mistake again. see, there are so many potential mistakes you can make, that you should never make, and it’s hard to remember them all. no easy job.