nov 2014 wed 745 pm

night off. day off tomorrow. so this is a time to party. i do often have a social engagement this day, thank GOD, i am BLESSED, but that was canceled today.

being With A Woman would definitely do me some good. Because i’ve wanted it for most of my life and never really succeeded at it. whereas literally everyone i know has some experience being a relationshipfag.

this isn’t a case of those who cares if everyone’s doing it, if everyone was jump[ing off a cliff would you do it. no. this is just a natural part of life, of growing up, of being human chrissakes, and i always felt like i was missing out on it…..because i was! i am!

heh. maybe u should not tell ur Crush u  haven’t come close to going out with a grill for 9 years. she will think that’s weird because it IS..

so i came up with a great life pro tip actually.


or don’t even write them, but just talk them out onto your recorder.

like for example: i woke up one day and had a day off of work. i had a hangout scheduled with my female friend. i also had the next day off. it was perfect timing. I met up with her and we had some small talk and i looked her right in the eye trying to send her the message that i wanted to go out with her. i asked her, so what’s the deal with this boyfriend of yours. she said, oh we’re through, i don’t like him any more. then she smiled at me. i said, not bad, just thought i’d ask because you never mentioend him to me. well we get along real well, i think we would make a great couple, let’s cuddle for a while and see where it takes us, and then she cuddled with me, and after a few minutes of that, we started making out and it was real fun. I was getting all worked up. Uh, don’t mind my throbbing member sweetie, i said. I just think your a qt, that’s what that means. and i wouldn’t need any viagra getting it up to u, because i can get it up just sitting next to you and making out.

then we smoked weed and watched a movie but didn’t pay too much attention to it because we made out the whole time, and eventually had very tender loving sechs. afterwards she asked if i could be her boifran and i said lemme get back to you on that one baybay. then i banged her again and said ok fine i will.

and so on and so forth.

then we went to the forest and walked through it with the nice autumn leaves and held hands and got to know each other better. then i took her out to a nice dinner and then took her home and we smoked weed  and then i ate her butt for 12 hours.


u can go from platonic friends wishing u could somehow get a spark, to being in full blown luv, in only two short months..  but that canbe real hard to switch off once u get it

anyway, the point is, if you get these feels like this, you must act on them sooner rather than later or it will eat your alive. this is your body telling you what to do. just damn LISTEN to it and do what it’s telling you. of course don’t take the woman by force, i shouldn’t even have to say that, looks like the feminists managed to guilt me eh. well fook them. even nevergf weirdos who never had a gurlfran know it’s not good morals to raep grills or to be violent brutes.

come on. i been up since 6 am working like a boss, and i never have an easy day, never an easy minute, never a slow period. it’s just go go go go go go 40 hours a week. no slow periods. real stressful. talking to fooking people ALL DAY. It’s a miracle i’ve been able to do it. grateful for that. great character builder. actually it was all very worth it, just to rise to the challenge and WITHSTAND and i will keep these valuable job skeels with me all muh life. so it is worth it. it’s just the antithesis of fun though.

but yes i am blessed.. i am very blessed because i have a good family, decent financial situation, ok health, a few good friends.

anyway blacks and noncatholic christians always say they are blessed and have a blessed day. i say it half jokingly but also half sincerely because i really am grateful to GOD. definition BLESSED.