nov 9 2014

trying to get 3 months ahead here, hehehe.

while at the store i bought a small plastic bottle which i have been using to take about 7 to 8 oz of whole milk with me to work.

my first big 21 oz mug of coffee, i leave plenty of room to put in a ton of milk, like half the milk.

then i drink the other half at lunch.

protein power baby, the power of protein.

try this move. bring like 7 to 8 oz of whole milk with you with your lunch. if you are “LUCKY” enough to have a Job.

and then mix it with your coffee for the first mug of coffee. I usu finish that first one by lunch then drink about half a mug after lunch. so, like 33 oz of strong coffee for one 8 hour shift, hahahahaha.

ok 8 pm. gotta watch king of the hill and go to bed.

mon nov 10 2014

welp saw female fren today. she was nicer to me but still we are at 70 30. not good. totes friendzone.

see its telling when you are like wanna hang out, wanna hang out, wanna hang out, all the time, and they always give you a lame excuse. at some point you need to stop saying wanna hang out, rein it in, and then wait for them to say wanna hang out to YOU.

or do you? probably yes. because you’re giving her blatant hints that YOU want to hang out with her, but she’s not giving you any hints that she wants to hang out with YOU. one sided, see.

anyway i’m gonna def rein in my texting before i get even further in the friendzone hehehehe.

yep but truth is, i have not like liked a woman like this since woman7, so hence she is woman9.  we just skip over 8 hehe.

but if she would rather hang out with her other friends and get banged by strange c0ck , than hang out with me, well then I Have My Answer, hehehehe. why would i want to hang out with that Amerislut. well, i would be entitled to want to bang her, if she lets everyone else bang her. but she is not a dirty degenerate slut yet, and it would be very sad to see her go down that road.

no, not ALL women are Like That, but certainly MOST ARE! and that’s DISGRACEFUL!!!!!! That Most of Our Women are Degenerate, Slutty Psychos!!!! It’s a tragedy and a travesty! It’s not even entirely the women’s fault, so you can’t be angry at them for it. It’s our degenerate Culture Nurturing the WORST of Women’s Nature.

but yeah. it’s sad to WATCH a woman go from being non-degenerate, to degenerate. As they take Moar Cox and get older and go shadier and shadier things and become more and more immoral and degenerate and crazy. And they still won’t bang you, because you give a creepy vibe, because women generally don’t like you, you’re not Good With Women, because you’re not masculine enough, you’re not charismatic enough, too shy, too beta, too cowardly.

damn son. so bang hambeasts if you have to because that’s PRACTICE because the act of banging itself is masculine and will make you more masculine so you can pull better quality women, ie, the women you actually want or like.

heh. i blame the rothschild marxist zionists for making our men feminine and our women masculine.  hehehehe.

for making our women degenerate wh0res and making our men degenerate f4gg0ts or sissy beta losers.

heh. i always get very angry and pessimistic when rejected by a woman i like. when i get rejected by a woman i don’t like, i don’t care. actually i don’t really go after women i don’t like. maybe that’s my problem!

ahhh fook it. as long as i am gainfully employed. heh. where i see woman9 erry day. whoops just gave away too much info. well that’s the rub. still it is better to act now and get rejected now and then have to deal with her. but i just haven’t gotten rejected good enough for my liking yet. i might have to sadistically push her to actually say it. cuz i just went from 80 20 to 70 30 in the span of one day. see i’m all over the place. thats why i need her to say it. fook the sadism, fook the bad karma incurred. it could be a lot worse.

these degenerate amerwh0res incur worse karma ERRY DAY!!!!

anyway. well pray to the lord she doesn’t get with other guys right in front of me. that is my achilles heel, when i start acting cray cray.

well, it will be a good character builder. i might be able to handle it now that i don’t drink any more. might just have to increase the prozac dose hehehehe. and just bang filthy wh0res to get my mind off it all and become more masculine and attractive to women in general.