nov 8 2014, saturday, outta werk for the day, day off tomorrow

well i promised i would not text my female fren, woman9, do a bit of a blackout there, and i was pleasantly surprised when she texted me saying sorry for being not very friendly the past few days, because she has been stressed out and sad. i said that’s ok, no worries, i appreciate u telling me, we can hang out if u want, feel better, etc. and not gonna overwhelm her with texts now of course.

she could be sad because she’s still in luv with this douchebag who doesn’t luv her, and she’s warming up to the idea that i’m in luv with her, but she can’t luv me back, bla bla bla, combined with stressful sh1tty job and that will do it every time.

but i do appreciate her texting me with that saying sorry for being weird. apology accepted, hehehe. but i am still gonna tone it down.

one of “my” better pastebins, ie a great classic r9k thread that embodies everything good and bad about r9k. i will permalink it in the side link list.

Get over there as chill as you can and get her to suck yours.

>ey gurl since youv ben sucking dat guy u have no prublem suckin yer fren off rite 😉
>b-but anon ur ma fren
>exacly n frends help eachother :3

Piss easy,mate,you now know she’s a wh0re and you can f00k her like crazy.F00k yeah.
Your mistake for telling here you’re a virgin.Phucking phaggot.

great advice from r9k!

ok permalinked it.

took a valium after coming home. very tired. it is hard to go out after a long day of work, just want to play on the internet. of course if i have to work the next day i cannot go out at all, so i can only go out two nights a week, and here i am, not going out and doing something fun.

however it IS fun to listen to iron maiden and blog and take a valium and play on internet, might play a little poker, a little settlers.

actually saturday night would be the best time to play poker, i am theorizing there will be a lot of FISH and Newbies and people just begging to give you their money.

it is better to do something imperfectly, or even downright sh1ttily, than not to do it at all. just go in there and half4ss it, at the very least you will build character and learn something.

it is better to half4ss something, than to no-4ss something, in other words.

heh. i do not feel this valium AT ALL. wish i had some w33d. i just worked 40 hours a week at a not easy job and now i want to cut loose in a chill way. either cuddling with a qt and then cuddlesechs true luvsechs, or a fat blunt and some music or reading or bed.

playing settlers AND poker AND listening to IM. muh computer is gonna explode.

my female fren texting me did make me feel better about that whole sh1tty situation. now i can go back to 70 30 and she can go back to 1 strike, hehehehe. still doesn’t look good though. who cares. but i feel better now that i felt yesterday so that is all that matters, hehehehehe.

>ey gurl since youv ben sucking dat guy u have no prublem suckin yer fren off rite 😉
>b-but anon ur ma fren
>exacly n frends help eachother :3

words to live by.

i might even repeat that a third time:


anyway i do not mean to say my female friend is a dirty wh0re like the decadent degenerate wh0re in that r9k thread. no i don’t think she is. really.

also i do not mean to say that we never were really “friends”, when in fact and in truth we were good platonic friends, until I caught Feelingz almost two years into the Friendship.

so i learned i can Catch Feelings during a Friendship.

However, I am still not sure if once I get feelings, I can turn them off, and go back to being regular friends. I have never done that, and I am not optimistic that it could happen. however, i was not optimistic that I could turn that switch ON in the first place, but i i did.

and so can you, hehehehe. how about you.

other choice quotes from that classic r9k thread

The only way to stay sane at university is to move out into your own place and concentrate on your studies.

I almost failed out of school due to heartbreak, then I followed this advice and Im not top of my class and looking at some very promising post-grad opportunities.

Modern women are put on earth by satan to drive good men to evil and give evil men pleasure. The bible warned you about them, OP. They are wicked deceivers.


well think about it like this OP, if she’s the kind of person who will suck off a random dude just because you’re a virgin then she wasn’t worth it and you would’ve been miserable anyway. As for real advice, this is what you do
>start working out 5 days a week, go on /fit/ to see what you need to do get in shape
>get a good looking, work on boosting your confidence, talk to a lot of girls in the meantime
>don’t worry about hooking up with them, just learn how to read expressions and body language
>practice skills with flirting
>while you’re doing that, find a really good looking dude with some kind of STD (herpes or hepatitis would be best)
>pay him to f0ck this girl without a condom then drop her completely
>assuming you’ve gotten better at getting girls by now, find one who isn’t a complete b1tch and woo her and proceed to have lots of loud sex in the house
>if things go accordingly, your crush should find out she has the herpes
>now she’s sitting in her home, crying because no guy wants to touch damaged goods like her, while she has to deal with you and your gf banging like animals