70 30

nov 6 2014. thursday. day off. 11 am. listening to iron maiden. killers album. clive burr is NOT a bad drummer whatsoever. paul dianno sounds great.

i think i like nicko’s drum SOUND better, but clive’s playing style is not too dissimilar from nicko’s either. don’t hate on clive!

drinking coffee.

trying not be be a pathetic beta sending woman9 too many texts. i gotta rein it back in.

should i play some poker? or will the only people playing poker at 11 am be total SHARKS? probably. so i guess weekends would be the time to play so you can take the money from the drunk FISH and newbies.

fine, i don’t like to lose money gambling hahaha.

drinking coffee, tyring to wake up, got some errands and chores to do, doing laundry now.

killers, then right into number of the beast. clive burr and bruce dickinson. i never really listened to this full album other than the hit singles like hallowed be thy name (maybe the first maiden song i really liked).

fook it, playing that one right now.

again i don’t normally love this “compressed” drum sound, but here it’s not a huge deal and it certainly won’t keep me from rocking out!

ok at breakfast, took shower, waiting for laundry to dry, put away laundry, ideally make quick mix cd with 80% iron maiden, go do my thursday shopping, gas, gifts

ok quickly making 100% iron maiden disc, highest demand songs.

sh1t son.

under real time crunch, really can’t “RELAX” today, so unforutnaltey you get sh1tty posts that are just like, here’s the same ol routine i’m gonna do on thursday. fook. this is what being a full time worker is like.

job sucks less as you get used to it and get better at it. still stressful but stress is manageable because you actually know how to do stuff.

so really even though it sucks and takes up lots of time, it is better than being an unemployed lozer parasite. because now i have the right to complain and whinge about sh1t.

i didn’t do anythign special to get this job, yet it was still like 9 years in the making. my friend said hey this company is hiring and we could probably get in because i know this guy. i had the worlds easiest 5 minute interview and then i was hired, and making more money than average for people my age in my area who didn’t get useful degree or any degree. and people who get get good jobs with their useful degrees and begin to enter upper upper working class or god forbid lower middle class, will remove themselves from my region to go be with all the other middle class marxist zionist rothschild f4ggots.

song of the day

caught somewhere in time by you know who. i have just listened to this song three times in a row. instant classic.

bought a small plastic bpa free bottle at the store so i could bring some whole milk with me erry day to work. great idea.

bought some throwback mt dew with real sugar.

did NOT buy any gobstobbers with the HFCS. my goal is to stay away from HFCS. not that that “real sugar” is not GMO monsanto rothschild poison anyway!!!!

ok gotta go for 3.2 mile, 66 minute powerwalk before it gets dark at 5.19pm. just went cray cray on settlers online. hog wild.

want to go to bed early, still a little tired. felt like i got a lot done today thank GOD.

later. took 33 min powerwalk, it was raining, not heavily but enough to cut it down fron 66 minute pwalk.

playing a little micro stakes poker now.

so how do you court a woman you are interested in anyway?

simple. easy. the same way men have always traditionally done it. take the gurl out to dinner, pay for the dinner, be charming and masculine, take her out to movie, pay for the movie. buy enough things for her, and then she bl0wz u, hahahaha. but yeah. you paying for her basically shows that you are interested in her, as does your charming masculinity.

drinking a can of throwback dew, real gmo monsanto sugar, hahahaha. had to sample the goods.

they only had a 12 pack of cans. no 2 liters.

its ok. i think real sugar is LESS sweet than HFCS.

i sent woman9 one text saying i was just going thru a phase and was gonna stop texting her every day!

yeah i should not be texting her so much, that’s gonna worsen my already not great chances. 70 30 baby. yikes.

oh well. b1tches can suck muh d1ck.

in general, i do not like women. i don’t hate them, hating them is too dumb and a waste of super precious energy. but i sure as hell don’t like them. on average. hehehe. not very likable. not much to like.

should not have texted her today. lesson learned. i am suffocating or smoethering her and being clingy and b1shes dont like that.

oh well i guess i wouldn’t like it either. i dunno. i never went out with a b1sh for more than a month, the last time a gurl said yes to me was 9 years ago, hahahahahahahaha.