novem 2 2014 sunday 8.10 am

sorry i really can’t comment on new year type stuff because its still the begin of november and haven’t gotten into the december madness, that kinda sucks. evertyhing thanksgiving on, then the gifts and such, and crimmus and new years or hannukah for my semitic readers.  but that time of year really kinda sucks. i would be glad to get it over with.

of course new years marks the beginnign of my busy season of work. but it’s already busy, so i think i should be ready for it.

had daylight savings kick in last night, so i found myself up a 8 am even after taking a valium yesterday. saw bright sunlight coming thru and call of the internet was too strong. and today i have  a meeting with woman9, unless she cancels. my female friend. lady friend. whatever. i recently went and made her woman9.

powerslave is the album that made an iron maiden fan out of me. i am returning to it now on sunday morning. it has great vibes and is good beginning of the day getting fired up music. i known there are at least two or three other good iron maiden albums.

so really i should just ask woman9 straight up, whats the deal with this dude. i wanna know. you are reluctant to tell me. so tell me now baby, i aint gonna yell at u. but i heard you don’t trust him and think he’s going out with other grils, but you’re still in love with him, and feeling crazy, but also fighting with him and finding out he’s not so good for you, but he still has you and him as his profile picture, but you don’t, and wtf. by the way i’ve been stalking you both on facebook.

that might get in the way of our cuddlefest but it is also valuable information.

but would the timing be right to get that info? I guess just go with the flow today, try to be masculine, initiate a cuddle and let the talk go where it goes, if she’s willing to cuddle that’s a good sign, tout suite.

tout suite means immediately, right away, with haste. with the quickness. hehe. misuse.

but yeah no need to jump the gun tout suite on uncomfortable buzzkilling topics is what i mean.

in addition to the ridiculous two-guitar harmonies on that powerslave album is the tremendous marriage of bass and drums, not to mention bruce’s victorious vocals. not a single slacker in the bunch there. best lineup. need nicko mcbrain on drums. i am thankful i thought of this album, because it is just what i needed at this moment. sunday morning of a big day. there might seriously not be one single weak track on this 50 minute album, and that is damn near impossible to do, because 50 minutes is long. like muh albums closer to 40 minutes.

27 degrees outside. wowee.


degenerate is definitely my word of the year 2014.

piece of mind was the album that came tout suite BEFORE the high point of powerslave, and was the intro of nicko to the band, so i’d bet that it is also a very strong album and one that i should focus on. and yes i already tremendously enjoy several songs from the album, and it’s got a great production, ok, piece of mind it is.

killers and powerslave were the major two IM albums i ever listened to. that was just how it worked out, the hand i was dealt. i am sure POM would have fit in very well there if i had given it a chance. Note: Killers is Early Maiden, quite different, with the vox of paul dianno, who was stilla good vocalist, just very different than bruce. but for some reason i greatly prefer nicko to clive burr, but i think i’m not giving clive burr a fair shake. but sh1t. i don’t have time to listen to music any more!!!!!

Number of the best, piece of mind, powerslave, somewhere in time, seventh son. this is allegedly the high point of maiden and prob where i should focuse my efforst. and of course live after death is a live album capturin that period.

i don’t have time to spellcheck, i work for a living.

i might go to the 1130 mass at another church because i am getting disillusioned with my usual church. or just really bored i should say. the people are great who get involved, but the pashioners are gay degenerates and vulgarians and the sermons are disappointing and boring.

give the other church a try just to compare. maybe it’s even worse. maybe i should become a priest after all. i thought about it!

anyway. i gotta be cool, chill, smooth, and alpha with woman9, not all intense and not fun. fun is the name of the game. masculine, charming, heterosexual fun.

this is what happens when you don’t go thru your Developmental Period (1 thru 25) without learning basic skills of life, like Courting Women, Working Real Jobs, Surviving, etc.

I was able to court women a LITTLE bit but again I would always get dumped after like a month. was never able to SUSTAIN a real rel with a woman ever.

in fact my time with wimmin would be best measured in hours rather than in days or weeks. because how often do you Spend a full week with a woman. the very notion is absurd. NO, at BEST you see them for a couple hours every week. I guess if you spend the night with them and sleep next to them, that’s how a lot of normalfag relationsh1tfags really rack up a lot of hours there.

i think i spend like maybe 4 nights with a gril, and that was Girl3. maybe even 5, but that seems a little high.

I almost had Girl2 spend the night with me, but she got up and left like an hour after we went to bed. Stupid.