november 1 2014


heh. happy new year. not quite new years for me yet. i like to keep the blog three months in advance.

so, hang out with the female friend woman 9 tomorrow, make a kind of move, see what happens. not gonna get my hopes up but she did give me a tiny bit of hope today.

but not gonna get the hopes up. things may be “complicated” with her “boifran” (ie guy she has sechs with) and certainly shes got a few beta orbiters, being a young attractive woman. what have i gotten myself into. but i think the boifran is on the outs and she doesn’t have sechs with him any more. i hope not!

and this is honestly a nice decent gurl! Average wimmin are 9000 times worse, more degenerate! having sechs with 9000 diff guys at the same time, spreading their legs so easily for so many alphas, being obnoxious and degenerate and going out and being promiscuous as fook. it is very unladylike imho.

women should not be such big wh0res.

in the older, better times, they certainly weren’t.

or if they’re gonna give it up to so many guys so easily, then yes your sense of entitlement is kinda justified. they should be giving YOU some of that!

anyway. gotta not act desperate. but i am so desperate that i would  prob “share” her with the other guy just to be able to touch a gurl i like. but i woudl play it off like, yeah baby, i aint in luv with you, we’re grown adults, noone owns anybody, you can date other people, i will date other people too, like maybe that one blond b1tch you hate, hahahaha. you can get some of her pvssy juice into your pvssy when i bang your pvssy right after banging hers.

and this is the state of heterosexuality in the postmodern world. a degenerate horrid  disgusting dehumanizing mess.

goldfish crackers do not have high fructose corn syrup.

well at least i guess i can get her talking about the “boifran” and what i can do to steal her away from him. besides i am pretty sure their “relationship” is both unofficial and on the outs.

things are gonna get more interesting. might be too interesting for me.

i make her sound like a real b1tch but she is actually an extremely nice person, which is why i became friends with her.

but nice girls can still have dramatic luv lives, and nice girls can still reject you.

also it would suck if she got some kind of degenerate disease from her degenerate boifran that she didn’t have before, and then i have sechs for the first time in 10 years and get a disease and then have to go to the docker to stick a scraper up my urethra.

that or i get her preggers even using a condo and then i will be forced to approve of baby murdering, murdering my own child. hehehe.

heh. hard to believe people actually have sechs and men and women get together. you gotta really like the person i guess.

really she is not as degenerate as i make her sound. most girls her age are 9000000 times more degen.

like woman 6. she was a total dirtbag. woman 7 was less degen, but it’s unfair to really say woman 9 has even crossed the rubicon into degeneracy anyway, she is just 1% degen and not A Degen.

well at least i am doing good at my job and making measurable imporvements there by demonstrably building my cofidence with my One Sheeter To Rule Them All that has essential my whole vast job listed on it.

what do they call being terrified of cancer. cancer is obviously one of the worst things ever. we all know people who have gotten cancer. people who get cancer scares, or who die young, or die quickly and painfully. ALL of us know people. like my friends mother who went form healthy to dead in 6 months. thanking GOD cancer does not run in my family. or we have all heard stories of YOUNGER people getting cancer. I know at least two. one guy had cancer or lmyphoma as a child and has been healthy ever since and he looks great in his 30s. i heard of another guy who was about 30 who had a lump on his ballz and got it taken care of before it turned cancerous.

i was coming back from my hourly urination at work and saw a grown man crying in the hallway on his phone, because his father who had had cancer for years but kept living and beating the odds, had just been given like 2 days to live, and was/is going to die very soon. that was horrifying. it is never easy to watch a grown man cry, especially this guy who you really wouldn’t expect. so i said a prayer to GOD for him and his family. he is a good guy and that is harrowing.

anyway sh1t gets REAL tomorrow with muh ladyfriend. hopefully it goes ok. and i am not a huge beta. and i am very honest and hold nothing back and just get it all out there. but not in a scary way. in a charming chill fun alpha way. but still honest. yikes. but still not being afraid to say the things i want to say, and ask the things i want to ask.

be like, baby we should try cuddling, don’t worry, i won’t tell your boifran, hahahahahahahaha. then we get to cuddle, and i Gather Info about what the Actual Fook is going on with the boifran. hopefully on the outs and not a real boifran, which is what i’m suspecting. but not sure if she likes me. that looks less certain.

but you can like two people at the same time. i know i did 10 years ago. i would have dated any out of about 3 gurls. maybe once she sees I am interested, she will say fook this other guy, and get with the real winner. ie me. hehehe. me, a winner, hahahahaha. well i have an education and i am smrt  and funny and NOT A FOOKING DEGENERATE.