oct 30 2014 thurs day off

hmm. new years eve. isn’t that nice.

so. pretend you are writing a computer program which will do your job. write out an algorithm, a fl0w chart, pseudo code if you will, like when you write an actual computer program and you have to logically figure the steps and the flow and etc.

even simple programs are a LOT of work in this regard. but it is very satisfying to 100% master the logic of any given program.

so apply that same logic to your crappy stressful job. if this, then do this. if then, if then.

ask them the question, what kind of problem is it.

if category a, then do this. if category b, then do this.

and of course many routines and modules will be nested in there. many loops as well. i mean you have written programs right?


so i want to do that for my job, and shrink it to one sheet, a one sheeter, then give that to the members of muh team, muh workgroup if you will, and they can hang it up at their Cube and just look at that and follow those steps so they don’t get freaked out by emotional customers and/or weird, weird , weird problems where it’s your JOB to solve those weird, weird, weird unexpected, 1% of the time, rare 4ss problems.

just follow the one sheeter baby. and with that one sheet algorith or pseudocode, i would have added more value than our superiors have ever added to us. i would “drive efficiency” and probably get either instantly promoted, or fired.

november 1 2014. sat.

trying to increase confidence at job. working on the one sheeter to rule them all. rather than a flow chart i decided the best thing to do was to analyze a typical call or case. beginning, middle, and end. think about the types of questions i ask or should be asking. this resulted in one sheet filled with like 60 questions, that, answered, will give me more than enough information to solve the case and do my job, or, to pass the case along to the people who get paid more than me. efficiently, effectively.

there are just so many questions to ask that it is great to have them all on one sheet in front of you.

i tried to order them in the general order i would ask them. roughly.

and they are not all questions, but some bullet points on key things to check in their systems that they have no idea and couldn’t be asked about anyway. information i need to find to help me. and them.

just saying it would be nice if a sheet like this was given to all new hires. there was a general script of what to say but it was nowhere as detailed as it should be. i am making the detailed sheet now.

every month i make another seperate one sheeter of great simple factoids and facts to know.

these are all txt files. i used to use word when i was a newb, now i use NOTEPAD like a BOSS.

protip: always use NOTEPAD. it is most easily shareable and can be copied and pasted to various formats the easiest. next to no formatting sh1t like in word or even open office.

and thank god saturday was slow enough that i actually had slow time between calls to read and study cases and learn and play settlers and  text my female friend, lady fried, woman 9.

i had planned to hang out with her tonight, now, take her out to nice dinner which i’d pay for and then hopefully go back and watch a movie and make out or at least make my move. did not predict good odds for me, but that doesn’t matter as i’ve said before, only thing that matters is that i make a move ASAP on muh feelz so i don’t waste previous life time.

she did not respond to a text i sent yesterday so i wasn’t gonna push her. positively, she responded today to that. then we moved our hang out to tomorrow. i would have preferred tonight but she was not feeling well. ok fine. wimmin and them always being sick and flaking out hahahaha.

however i got a positive vibe from the tone of her texts like she was playing the woman role to my man role. because of course i am not super masculine, and this doesn’t bother me, EXCEPT when i’m dealing with women, who usually want masculine men, and i get rejected for not being masculine enough. So i try to be a bit more masculine where i can. Women prefer traditional gender roles hehehehehe. And really so do I!!!! but it aint easy being a real man.

so i will try to be more manly and not a supplicating beta. i will take her out to a nice dinner though.

one of the top albums of muh youth, 90s atmospheric black metal which is pre hipster and carries a great deal of nostalgia and is totes the type of music i would like to write.

all out of candy, all out of soda. from now on i vow to cut back on candy and soda, and only drink soda with real sugar, and eat candy with real sugar. i usually like mt dew blue or red, and gobstoppers. could i somehow take real sugar regular mt dew and give it the blue flavor?

maybe bring a small container of MILK with you to work every day in your lunch bag. for example i like whole milk and wouldn’t mind putting some in muh coffee at work to avoid getting headaches.

also drink a lot of water with your coffee so you don’t get headaches because a headache will KILL you if you have a fast paced stressful job where you need to be thinking all the time.

get a bpa free bottle that is like…8 oz and then put some whole milk in it to drink at work. protein son.

kind of like when you used to drink a small milk carton at lunch in grade school.