oct 16 2014 thurs day off

here’s a REAL Pro Life Tip: after you have not gotten a hiarcut in about 2 months, you may/will have these annoying tufts of hair growing near the top of your sideburns area, like in that mysterious area where the hair becomes the Side Burn. If you’re like me, you will nervously twist these hairs and then that looks real bad. what you can do is, simply cut those Tufts of hair yourself, using a small pair of scissors. this can buy you at least another month before you have to spend money on a haircut. nice.

some Old Man dispensing Red Pill Real World Advice on 4chan to r9k pvssies said something like the best working relationshipz are when the she luvs you more than you luv her.  IMHO that didn’t sound so great though, I’d rather just not be “in a rel” with that person, do Frandz With Benefits, and save muh relshipz for someone I actually had Like Feelz for.

ok cut lawn. gotta go for 66 minute powerwalk.

man i am sick of seeing tv commericials for stupid colleges. itt tech, southwestern new hampshire, all acting like this education is changing people’s lives for the better, instead of of just putting them in ridiculous amounts of debt with only marginally better job prospects at best, certainly not worth the money and debt people are paying.

also fook the “real” colleges and universities too. they might provide better job prospects thru networking with Better Middler Class People, but it’s still not worth the money.

Fook All Education. Unschool Yourself. Do like John Taylor Gatto sez in “dumbing us down” and study without school or bells and have 1000 different apprenticeships (“internships”) with skilled adults, and let THAT be your education.

fooking yippy chihuahua dog is yipping all day again. all day every day and i just wanted to open the window to get the Fart Stank Out. Nope. Too Much To Ask. Come On. Who lets their dog do that. Degenerate Blue Pill Slaves. Amerifats. College F4gs. suk muh dik.

oct 16

ok. refuse to check email after sending those emails. might not until staurday or sunday.

anyway. skools are such an unnatural awful thing. with opinions like this, it’s no surpirse i like ideas such as unschooling and john taylor gatto. gatto says that learning to read and write is NOT HARD for the motivated learner, and only takes 100 hours. peasants of the olde days could teach themselves to read and write if they wanted to. now the state wants to take TWELVE YEARS of YOUR child’s early life to do this.

I say send children to work with the adults for 12 years. by that i mean, let them spend time watching and learning and participating with adults doing their adult jobs, which they would teach to the children in a non-stressful way, because the child is not necessarily getting paid. the child can stay there as long as they want. if they really like something, they can stay there longer and learn more about it.

of course this means a radical restructuring of The Workplace to make this happen.

And Gatto says it would also result in a radical restructuring of society, with less restaurant and service jobs, and people being more self reliant and doing everything in small tightly knit communities maybe. very different economy, very different jobs. instead of going to school to become a businessman or engineer, you would learn how to be a blacksmith or soimething. or a town doctor. or the town doctor could also do blacksmithing work, and no one would really be An Anything. Not sure.

But where would young boys learn how to Pick Up Women?

Do you see how ridiculous this question is? That Men Would ever have to LEARN how to Pick Up Women?

Of COURSE the Modern Skool plays a huge role in feminized men and making kissless virgin boys who don’t know how to do one of the most Natural Things there is!!!!

So nurture is stronger than nature then?

sometimes it actually is, but I believe it’s still 50/50 ultimately. in the final analysis.

heh. just trying to keep my mind off my job, and my female friend. jeez. we used to get along so well until I started developing feelz for her about 3 weeks ago. f00king a.

lesson learned: ACT ON the feelings AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after developing them. Don’t snoop around facebook, don’t not talk to the grill about it. TALK to the grill and give her blatant hints that you like her. because if you don’t, things will just be worse 6 months from now, 2 years from now. Jeez. I must have wasted 3 to 4 years of my life on a sh1tty situation like that with Woman 7. NEVER AGAIN.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. I will try not to make the same mistakes again. I am getting old, and feeling old.

ok. gonna see my female friend tomorrow. I will ask her what she is doing this weekend even though i already know thru stalking her facebook. STOP STALKING HER FACEBOOK.

and then also ask to hang out with her maybe saturday night or sunday. that way i can have the all important TALK with her. but I have to be careful not to make the Actual Talk like a Torture Session or Super Emotional. But Better to do that, than to have no talk at all. and also tell her that 3 weeks ago in late september I began developing Small Feelz towards her, hehehehehehehe.