oct 16 2914 day off thurs

so….female friend. definitely in luv with some dude who doesn’t luv her back. best case scenario is that she might also like me and then when we start talking about it and i tell her i might like her a little, she says fook this other dbag and then me and her go out.

but yeah. we settled this. what i need to do is simple: talk to her about this Issue. even if it’s a botched beta talk, it’s better than no talk, and that means less regrets for me, and i’ve had enough regrets to last a lifetime! and don’t want any more!

so. we have to hang out semi privately and then i can be like, ok i’m gonna rehearse more or less what i’m gonna say.

so why u been upset lately, whats going on.

then she might tell me about boifran.

if not, i say, well, i noticed an interesting man on yer facebook, is that your gay platonic friend hahahahaha

then she will talk about the boifran.

then i say: well i’m sorry that you’re unhappy but why didn’t u tell me about this earlier?

i aint mad at ya, but i was thinking about maybe taking you out to a nice dinner and us hanigng out more.  kinda hard to do that if you’re interested in this other guy.

boom. done. it’s not perfect, but it’s done, and then no more regrets for me. not having regrets is more important almost that having a Successful Talk, or maybe even Getting With Her.

If I can’t Get With Her, then at the very least I want to have No Regrets about things I didn’t do, and that is something I DO have complete control over, even if i can’t control whether she likes me or not.

anyway. she’s nice enough of a person and we get along well enough. maybe she doesn’t want to tell me because she also likes me TOO and it waiting for me to make a Move, which is what Guys used to do before they became feminized f4ggots and before women became huge cvmgulping wh0res who give away their pvssy like candy and it means nothing to them unless you f00k them senseless like only a true alpha male can. fook them weakly like a beta and you will get dumped soon after and never learn HOW to fook like an alpha.

and i hate to see her go from being a good women, into being ruined into a bad woman. which is what happens when a woman gets with too many guys, too many abortionz.  they become colder and crazier and less lovable and more immoral and more cruel. no thank you.

but yeah. bad timing. i wish i had developed Feelz towards my female friend BEFORE she started going out with this guy. but by the time i did, she was already with him.

but again let it be reiterated that you can have feelings towards several people at once. it may not be cool, but it happens, it happened to me, it can happen to anyone else, including her. so if i tell her I have SMALL, TINY, NON WEIRD feelz towards her, then she might build up her feels for me and say fook that other guy, and end up going out with me.

and that would be pretty neat. i haven’t gone out with a gril in about 10 years, and that was only for a couple weeks. with my female friend i’d like to think we could possibly go out for a few MONTHS, hhahaha.. no seriously i would shoot for at least a year.

actually it would be GOOD to have feels for multiple women so you can use them as backups, and then maybe getting rejected by one of them wouldn’t be so bad.

heh. this is what i think about on muh day off.

I started out just liking u as a friend and didn’t think it could go any further, but i have opened my mind to the possibility, and it really doesn’t seem so weird, you should consider it.

ok today. did laundry and shopping but got no sleep. still gotta do lawn and 66 minute powerwalk. thank god i dont have to make cigarettes today. and i got no sleep. fook. and i gotta talk to my female friend because she isn’t gonna be the first to initiate this. she is waiting for me to. that is my responsibility as a MAN. i accept that. i can’t be mad about it. this is what real men are supposed to do. to not be afraid to talk to grills. to face and conquer their own fears.

there is a manly man who i have a mancrush on at my job. what would HE do? He is both masculine and tough, yet very honorable and honest and moral, and at heart, a very loving man, devoted husband and father, yet has a very manly masculine tough exterior. i need to use him as my role model for masculinity.

anyway. so obviously i am secret hoping the thing with her and her boifran fails, because now i want her. and i would treat her better. but maybe deep down she doesn’t want to be treated good, and that’s why she is attracted to guys who don’t treat her well. pretty standard story there, the disease of the modern woman, and the feminized modern man. men are not men any more, so women are fooled into falling for a thuggish, trashy caricature of masculinity, because there aren’t many REAL men left.

Thanks Marx! Thanks Barry Hussein! hehehe. No, thank FDR and LBJ while you’re at it. Thank winston churchill, thank the rothschilds, thank the federal reserve, hehehehe. thank the zionist marxists.

also, theoretically i could send her an email. just a short, no longer than 1 page email. confessing everything. in a funny way. but this is obviously lame, gay, and beta. well, if i don’t talk to her by november 16, (one month) then i will send her an email. because beta as that would be, an email at the end of one month would be better than a talk after like six months. time IS VERY of the essence.