oct 9 2014 thurs day off

it is beautiful and sunny, i should be outside, but i want to be inside playing on internet lazily like the good ole days hehehe.

paying out of pocket for crentist teeth cleaning at 2 pm. 1225 right now. got to poop and take shower and bursh teeth and floss before then in 95 mins. erm. drinking plenty of coffee. had small brkfst. listening to valaam. i only can listen to valaam. valaam is musical valium.

life tip: get your calendar to send you EMAIL of important events at least 3 days in advance. becuase you might not check your calendar every day but i guarantee you check your email. so make your email act like your calendar in this way. NICE. for the win.

women wouldn’t be so cold all the time if they didn’t wear sleeveless dresses in the fall and winter, hahahahahaha. it’s called wear a long sleeved shirt for gods sakes. but i get cold pretty easily in my old age.

went to bed last night at 10 pm, slept till like 11 am. NICE.

all about dat bass.

stupid pop song but its catchy and captures this moment in time for me.

i didn’t realize it was a FAT POSITIVE thing. oh well. still catchy.

later. well i got back from crentist, gift, gas, grocery. i should be doing lawn, then pwalk, then cigs. but i ate early dinner and wanted to play around on internet before doing those things.

i am happy that at the groc store i found a great pair of tan pants. they were having a sale on pants from 25 dolllars to 18 dollars. so why not sell them at 18 dollars all the time. i found a pair of Classic Fit Flat Front. this is the best kind of pants you can get. Classic Fit sits nice and high on the waist and has a lot of room between waist and crotch. excellent. i was becoming increasingly disatisfied with my current khaki pants, as they sit too low and i don’t like that. makes you look like a f4gg0t who likes to get fooked up the 455.

thank GOD i have $18 I can afford to spend on PANTZ.

sending muh 200 soldiers to defeat wild mary NOW. wow. this is a BIG DEAL.

WOW. i beat wild mary. and it only took 84 soldiers, not all 200.  well, i wasn’t gonna take any chances. suck muh d, b1tchez.

guzzle cvm from muh c0q, wh0res.

i blame pornography. i am a victim of watching too much pornography during my youth, so now i don’t know how to deal with women.

ok time to do muh chores and stop Laying ABout.

saturday. oct 11. 7.11 pm.

got 30 minutes of overtime. no easy day. never is, hehehe. my easiest day is harder than most people’s hardest day, hehehehe.

should take a valium right now. ok fine i will. and i did. this is because i don’t have w33d hehehe.

working 2 hours of overtime on wednesday. nice.

i should not be so on the fence about my female friend. but now it’s fluctuating day by day. i mean i probably should “pull the trigger” and make a push for her already, what am i waiting for? A woman I am all desperate and Absolutely Cray Cray for like WOman 7? Kind of, yes.  my Passion for Female Friend is increasing, but it’s def not at that level.  but maybe I should just Push already, because she is a great person and would make a Good Gurlfran. and this is all arrogantly assuming she would Like Like an old, fat, short, bald, fat guy like me.

so yeah i should push for her. not let muh fear of intimacy and wimmin get in the way. attempt to get an actual gurlfran for the first time in muh life. i just never expected it might happen out of “conversion” from a platonic female friend. could it? maybe. I mean i have known her since…..january 2013? almost 2 years?

but yeah we get along real well, just don’t have a lot of time to hang out because of jobs.

eh i can give it a try tfor a year. i would treat her good. I like her as a person very much. we could try having sechs and it really wouldn’t be TOO weird, i’ve been working myself up on that front. we could do a lot of fun stuff, I would like to bring some more fun into her life. go to nice dinners, go do fun things, etc. i don’t think her previous boifran was too into that, and i like to think i would treat her quite a bit better. and if she doesn’t want to be treated nice, well then i know she is not the right gurl then. but i think she would take well to it, she is surprisingly well adjusted. other than putting up with perhaps cold and distant boifranz. but i wouldn’t be a supplicating beta either, i can assure you.

are working class more family oriented? good search. I bet they are.  Sure. Yes they are. Working class are more family oriented, and love their families more, than the middle class does. middle class are a bunch of anti-family, status obsessed, neurotic marxists, that only care about their children getting into harvard. and they move far away from their families to new york or LA or DC, and they have fewer children, if any, and have more abortions. citations not needed. f00k those middle class f4gg0ts. working class 4 lyfe.

BUT, it’s crucial for me to add, MY working class is Intellectual, Intelligent, Intelligence-Valuing, Logical, Rational, Scientific, Philosophical, Skeptical, and not Degenerate. A very noble, gentlemanly Working Class.

Upper Working Class. hehehehe.