wed oct 8 2014

yep. day off tomorrow. a real chance to play on internet and write. it is dark at 8:15 pm and the foreign neighbors squeaky yipping dog is yipping its head off over and over and over. it is the most annoying dog and very loud and shrill and it always outside barking constantly which you can hear inside with the windows closed. my point is, if the dog owners had ANY decency or courtesy, they would bring the fooking dog inside, because as soon as it goes outside, it annoys the whole neighborhood.

did i mention i got my copy of “thus spoke zarathustra” in. i prob did. for some reason i feel super smart people have this book in their collection, hahahahahahahahaha.

hank hill. great character in a show that was sometimes great. i could bring this show back and make it twice as good. come on mike judge hire me.

small example: why do the guys always stand in the alley and drink beer? after a hard days work they should be sitting down. and how do they even have time after a hard days work to drink beer at all? after a full days work i basically take a 33 minute powerwalk, maybe 30 minutes of internet, then bed. no time for socializing with neighbors.

but the important thing, the most important thing, which i am thankful for, is now i am gainfully employed for at least 40 hours a week, like a boss.

hate to complain just because a grill might not like me. f00k, 1 month ago, i didn’t like like her. such a weird month. it just sort of happened. it was a combination of me making an active effort, AND us sharing a fun experience together, AND me learning about her possible boifran. those were the 3 main causes of Mah Fire being Lit.

so how can i help all you losers? hehehehe.

right now i am mainly trying  to help myself. and since you prob have similar problems, you can help yourself using these same methods.

but overall life is bretty good mang. no cancer, good family, good friends, full time middle working class job, not mordibly obese, minimal debt and expenses. i should be ecstatic. just because i am unsuccessful with career, women, and college. well to be fairly i am REALLY unsuccessful with women, hahahaha.

should i look at muh female friends facebook? probably not.

should i look at pornography instead? probably not. i think if you are average good with women, then pornography is ok once in a while. but if you’re REALLY unsucccessful with women and all you know is porn, then you should stay away from it.

so yeah i’m not really a MGTOW because i would enjoy the company and companionship and luv of some women.

and i know that not all women are evil succubus parasites.

but i will not white night save a ho for bad behavior by women!

heh. i wanna smoke some w33d. just one nice big puff and then lay down and go to bed, maybe listen to music.

ok. gameplan with female friend. be masculine, be confident, be more heterosexual with her, and teasingly let her know i know about her secret boifran, then she can respond and say oh he’s not really my boifran, and yes i would like to hang out with you. then take her out to nice dinner and say charming things. she is not a total degenerate so i’m pretty sure she would appreciate magnificient gentleman stuff like that. some women still do. the ones that are total degenerate wh0res with high numbers. good semi traditional women. probably won’t find them on east or west coast or anywhere super middle class.

heh i dont fooking know. 841 and starting to get tired.

tv is how the elites poison the working class, college is how they poison the middle class, and of course public schools are good at poisoning both too. turning them into degenerate wh0res, hehehehe. and lazy losers.

damn. like  2 or even 1 month ago i didn’t really want to cuddle or make out with my female friend, it would be too weird, and now it wouldn’t be too weird at all. what’s weird is how my feels changed in such a 180 way like never before. this cannot be overstated, i can’t believe this is happening.

fook i got better things to worry about, like advancing muh career and trying to get a fooking masters degree and enter the middle class. but sometimes i just want to be with gurls sometimes. its not like the two are mutually fooking exclusive. like wimmin who forsake marriage and children for their career god, hahahahaha.

but i never liked working and i never liked skool, so it makes perfect sense that i would not be too hyped up about Career.

tomorrow gotta run mad errands, do mad chores, and go to bed at 7 pm hehehe. powerwalk, laundry, lawn, make cigarettes, buy gifts for fam, groceries, dentist teeth cleaning where prob get 10000 cavities from all the candy and soda and then have to spend $500 to get them fixed. teeth and dentists are the biggest scam. what did paleo cavemen do. did all their teeth fall out and rot out? fook teeth. but you know back in the day paleo man probably ate 10 times less sugar.

oct 9 thurs 1142 am.

ok finally got up. the valium makes me sleep soundly and have dreams. listening to chants of valaam, got clothes in the washer, this is the best you can ask for for before noon. gotta try to poop, take shower, go to crentist, go to groc store, gas station, bharmacy, cut lawn, make cigs, buy gift, powerwalk, bed early.

i was thinking i could try to take my female friend to a nice fall time activity like haunted house or orchard or hayride and then that could be a prelude to making out. if i really want to go down that road. of course i dont want to hurt her, i have a deep abiding luv for her and want no harm to come to her, hehehehe.

oh wow i might be poised to do a big important thing in my settlers village: defeat wild mary and take total ownership of muh island. nice. female