oct 2 2014

ok gotta cut the lawn soon. have been pretty productive on my day off here.

make a mix cd at the end of every year, that includes the most imporant songs of the year for you. will probably include mostly songs from mix cds you have already made that year. that’s ok, that’s to be expected, thats normal.

also, end of every year, write that chapter of your autobiography and then add it to your autobiography book file. don’t take too long doing it, should not take more than 1 or 2 hours, you can always fill in the smaller details later. just need the biggest things of the year.

i like pants that come up higher on the waist. look for pants that say “classic fit” or “sits highest on the waist” rather than “sits lower on the waist.” of course, I also like roomy thighs and buttocks as well. i should start my own line of classic men’s slacks. pantz. trousers. i would have jeans, khakis, dress pants, work pants, casual pantz.

allright. gotta do the chores. did not even try to do a powerwalk today. heh. and i am not even CLOSE to being a grown up winner. being a manchild loser is hard enough work! and the wimmin! My god. I am the world’s worst when it comes to wimmin. i figure i got enough good karma built up, that maybe when i am 50 or something, i will find a Perfect 18 YO Waifu I can be in love with for the rest of my life, and have at least 3 kidz with.  I’VE EARNED IT, hahahahahaha. how many times can you Lose At Luv? apparently at least 9 times in a row, hahahahahaha.

is the american spectator magazine true conservative or is it false conservative like national review.

i think Chronicles is probably a trustworthy true conservative publication.

taki’s mag is pretty good but i want a print magazine too!

still debating whether my female friend will become Woman 9 or not. Girl9. Woman9. The Ninth. Maybe, maybe not. I mean I am feeling deeper feels for her than I had felt before.

how to deal with successful people at the wedding. one guy got an engineering degree at a….slightly better than third-tier toilet state school, ie a great college for average normalfags desiring to enter the upper working class and maybe middle class, and he has definitely entered the middle class thru his performance after college. Gainfully employed in engineering jobs immediately after graduation, then went to get an MBA at same school a few years later, said it was real easy, and he got a huge promotion / pay raise because of it, and it making tons of money, and is a healthy, happy, married normalfag with a nice house and a nice car, and just a nice easygoing friendly guy, gets along with people, but is not like a supergenius or anything, no smarter than any of us. so….did he work harder? sh1tloads harder? well, he said his masters degree MBA was easy. that was probably easier than the bachelors of engineering, i think that was mechanical. great degree choice, for sure.


wedding done. day off. slept all day. took 30 minute powerwalk. starting looking at facebook for wedding pictures. facebook was running real slow. found the profile of the 21 year old gril i saw there who was the most attractive female i have seen in recent memory, soooo attractive, i would do horrible things to her buttocks, however i would also treat her basically respectfully and kindly until she directly proved herself to me as a cvmdumpster who likes to be treated like garbage. which, let’s assume, she is not. but there was a really scumbag looking guy hanging around her. but maybe he was just being pushy and she doesn’t like those kind of guys. i will have to get my friend and his wife to set me up on a date with this beautiful 21 year old gril. i would totally take her out to a fancy dinner etc. but also not be a beta, and be masculine.

wedding went well, everyone was great people, met some great new people, that was great. thankful. got dressed up in a nice rented suit and fancy shiny shoes, vest, super fancy everything, like a boss, appeared in many pictures looking fat, old, short, bald, and tired, hehehehe. i used to look real young but now i look real old. i used to look younger than my actual age, now i look older than my actual age. it was all after i stopped drinking, it all caught up to me and then some.

but yeah. was thankful to meet at least 2 new men who were very friendly and friendworthy, unfortunately they live out of town. also reconnected with an old friend who was very happy to see me, so he had deeper feelings for me than i thought he did, and i was touched by that, well he was always a good guy anyway, i got his phone number and gave him my phone number and email and told him and his wife that i would be delighted to come over and visit them and their young kidz. and i wasn’t lying. this is a great guy, and I agree with him 100000% that we live in a “Scumbag World” and that the Good Guys need to find each other and stick together.

but gotta go back to work tomorrow. go to bed very soon. well i will ask my friend about that gurl at the wedding, try to take her out on a fancy date, ask masculine, and if she doesn’t like super old guys, oh well, at least i tried.  i would be slightly edgy and not a beta pushover, but i also would not be an abusive brute. but i would definitely try to bang her as quickly as possible, because i guarantee she has Given It Up to guys after a Low Number Of Dates.  And I would not make the mistake of Falling in Love with her. But she would definitely go far in helping me Sow My Wild Oats. Damn.