sept 25 2014

so yeah it is a teensy bit disappointing that my female friend is scared to or doesn’t want to tell me about her new boifran. and something bothers me about the looks of the guy, but i guess the important thing is that he treats her respectfully, and that she does not sell out her good morals for him.

but i will get over it, it is not a huge deal. but it also shows how bad i am at reading women, since for a while, i was afraid that she might be in luv with me! when the whole time she was in luv with another guy. so, i totally read her wrong.

anyway now i can focus back on stealing the cute gurl at work away from her loser boifran! hahahaha. no not really. i mean i would bang her, and i am even getting along with her a little better than i was, but the job is so intense i really have very little libido whatsoever, unless i see a brand new 18 yo qt on my day off or something.

IMHO, there is NOTHING wrong with a 30+ year old man Dating an 18 year old gurl.  It is not like i would treat the gurl wrong, or brainwash her to do something she doesn’t want to do.

the much more insidious thing is the way high school and especially colleges brainwash young girls!!!!!!!1

so maybe mra’s and mgtow’s only become that way because they are horrible with women, failures with women, and this is their way of rationalizing and sublimating those personal demons.

well, i would respond to that, yeah maybe for the most extreme mgtows who never want to be near a woman again. but the fact of the matter is, feminists do suck, and our leaders and elites are anti-male. period. and that anti-feminism is a big part of being a generally good Rightist.

but the nutty extreme guys who are like shun women altogether, use artificial wombs, of course, yeah they are nutty and became that way because they are horrible with women, because they are creepy autist nutjobs.

and i myself have failed a lot with women, and i myself became an mra, then an mgtow, and just a few days ago had a post titled “wimmin: the cons have outweighed the pros.”

but the fact of the matter remains: i am not closed to women, i don’t avoid or shun women, and i would view a Rel with a Woman as a Good thing, however all this is mitigated by the fact that I’m getting older and it’s harder to have strong feelings for New Women, and also the repeated rejection DID wear me down, and even though I Got Over It all, that took years, and those years have worn away my energy and passion for New Women, as I moved from being a Young Adult, to being a full blown Adult nearing Middle Age.

But yeah I fully agree with Millennial Woes that Intimate Relationships are a Healthy, Enriching, IMportant, GOOD part of life, that can add something to your life that you just can’t add yourself.

BUT it’s also “problematic” (i.e, bad) when you try to get intimate with the wrong person.

hehehe problematic is code word for i’m a marxist masterz degree brainwashed f4ggot who sucks feminists d1x, hates amurka, hates whites, hates men, hates working class flyover country racist uneducated white men.

suck muh problematic d1ck, b1tchazz.

eric holder resigns. good riddance, marxist, antiwhite, anti-american sleaze. not that he will be replaced by anyone much better.

hehehe not easy being a small gummint, ultra-conservative, working class, single white man., hehehehehe.

wahhh wahhhh i have not made out with a gurl in over 8 years, wahhh wahhh. i have only had sechs 2 times, over 10 years ago, waahhhh wahhhhhh. write a whiny song about it, if i could!

instead i will write a whiny BLOG about it!!!!!

Lesson Learned: How NOT to be a Lazy Loser: DON’T write whiny blogs about BS like THAT!!!!!

i got bigger things to worry about, like getting thru each day of hard stressful customer-oriented work, one day at a time. that’s all i do all day. speak to a different person with a different problem i am expected to fix, and it may be an easy problem, or it may be a really goddam WEIRD problem. obviously i hope for the easy problems. but they seemed to have tended toward the Weird ever since I have returned. but at least i am pretty sure I won’t have a meltdown on the job.

my teeth might fall out from all the candy i’m eating though, and i might get lung cancer from all the cigarets i smoke from muh stressful job, hahahahaha.

no, i “only” smoke 5 cigarettes during a work day. and then not when i’m out of work. unless i am hanging out with a smoker, which i do sometimes.

i just believe that women should not be promiscuous, is that such a bad thing to believe, hehehehe. or more accurately, I would prefer that my Intimate Mate not be promiscuous.

And I also believe that promiscuity hurts Women much more than it Hurts Men, because Men and Women are Different, because Women can get pregnant and are The Choosers, and Men Can’t Get Pregnant and are the Ones putting themselves out there to get rejected again and again, until they either learn their lesson, or become miserable failure loser extreme anti-woman mgtows or wizard wirginz.

that is a little extreme. but to be pro-your-own-race is not extreme, and those things i said about women immediately above are not extreme. the end.