sept 11.

protip: go to bed EARLY. go to bed earlier than you think you should.

some people like moi NEED TEN hours of sleep a night. so if you get up at 6:15 am, you should be falling ASLEEP at 8:15 pm, and if you’re like me and need a little time to fall asleep, you should get into bed and lights out at 7:45 pm. and that is seriously f00king early.

people might say it’s UNHEALTHY to go to bed this early, it means you’re a depressed loser, but i say THEY”RE the unhealthy ones getting 5 hours of sleep a night. they must have easy f00king jobs and lives if they can get by with that little sleep. I, in contrast, have a very hard demanding stressful job, and i need to be well rested to WITHSTAND.

setp 18. really. no time to write. busy day today. stayed out late enjoying a social event including a riveting discussion on race and Public Policy and Healthy Cities vs Unhealthy Cities.

today: finally got out of bed at 11:30 am (DAY OFF) and immed put laundry in. good call, start laundry right away.

now: treating myself with books from amazon, cheap books that is. death of the west by pat buchanan. the dispossessed majority by wilmot robertson. dumbing us down by john taylor gatto. and hopefully one more, if i can find a good under 1 dollar book. ok fine. found a cheap copy of “thus spoke zarathustra” by i shouldn’t have to tell you. hollingdale translation not kauffman. don’t know which translation is best.

spent 16 bucks. the books usu have 3.99 shipping and then i try to get them for under 50 cents.

finished my race book. racial books are usually more expensive.

check laundry. eat breakfast. cut lawn soon. go shopping. go for long powerwalk. prepare music player with stuff.

put stuff in dryer. ate breakfest. moar coffee. cleaning up music player, looking for new political talks. working on a p00p.

need to take stuff out of dryer, fold put away clothes, cut lawn, go shopping, go to coin store 3 miles away look for junk silver coins, browse, go groc shopping, get gas, come home, powerwalk.

oooh muh settlers village.


wow buzay. first i went to the coin store, never been to an official coin shop before. was nervous. it was near my house, down a scenic road i like to drive down, in a tall and old building that was like going back to the 70s i imagine. a little bit hard to find. the building was inhabited by mainly a bank, attorneys, a powerful union, and a senator. and this weird coin store.

to door was locked and i had to get buzzed in. the guy was a 65-70 year old white man. the store was small and tidy. i saw a huge old safe behind the counter. i looked kind of scruffy and so i tried to come across as somewhat knowledgeable. i explained i was not a numismatist per se, i was moreso interested in silver, that i often bought silver online, but wanted to check out the local options for silver eagles, silver rounds, 90% silver pre 1965 coins, etc. he had silver eagles 2014 and gave me a price of $24. that sounded ok and i want a silver eagle, so i bought it. cash only, no cards accepted.

immediately i came home and checked my go to place modern coin mart. they were selling the same coin for 24.80, including shipping. so i did not get screwed, hooray. except for the gas it took to drive there! but it was kinda  a fun adventure. the guy should have been friendlier though.

he said he would sell me 1.40 face of 90% for 22 bucks, and would sell 1.50 face for 24 bucks. ok i said, good to know. i said “i hate to be vulgar, but i am looking for something with the lowest premium, the closest to spot,”

i asked if they had a newsletter or mailing list. they did not.  i wondered how he made money to pay the rent in this possibly expensive building. how does he stay in business. how does he run his business. i should have interviewed him and put him on the spot, but i was nervous. which is stupid because i’m a PAYING CUSTOMER.

funny, I have been to 2 pawn shops before this, and the guys also struck me as being dix. and they didn’t even have any silver eagles at a decent price!!!! they’re like, uhhhh i can sell you this real sh1tty condition sunshine mint round for 26 bucks. REALLY??!?!?!?!?! i will NEVER go back there because they thought they could SCREW me THAT blatantly!!! which says a lot about their business.

Now sunshine is a great round, great trusted mint, but not THAT good!

so this is the best local place i’ve been to so far, the one i’d be most likely to return to. but there are other coin shops too, i should check them out until i find a guy who’s actually NICE and friendly and outgoing and engaging and a good salesman who wants my business.

then i went got gas, got groceries, including a wicking longsleeve fleece activewear that i can wear in the fall and winter.

anyway the us mint silver eagle has a high premium by nature so i have no desire to bulk up on them. for that i would go with 90% coins, or like opm or sunshine mint. quality product, but not fancy at all. silver eagle is kinda fancy. but i just wanted one.

now. eat dinner, go for powerwalk, prepare mp3 player, reply to nice email from friend.