sept 11

yep big day. let’s roll. never forget. it was an inside job to strengthen the bond between the USG and some very powerful interests. lizards.

on your google calendar, have it send you emails of important events 3 days in advance, esp if you hardly ever look at the calendar, and then forget peoples birthdays.

ok. gotta go to bed in 8 hours and have a very productive day. lets figure it all out.

yesterday i took my valium in the bathroom at job at about 6:20 pm, came home, and went to bed at 10 pm, hella tired. had weird dreams and got up around 10 am. 12 solid hours of sleep.

drinking coffee and listening to salsa station now. trying to get a poop out.

ok. first things first. d1ck around on the internet until at latest 2 pm.

prepare mp3 player with youtube vidyas, upload my own speeches to cloud, charge player, etc.

ummmm. then go out and go to store at 1.30 or 2, go to bharmacy, get drugs there. go to grocery store and get groceries. MAYBE go to kohls and get some clothes but that’s a tall order. have to leave early for that one.

before that, look at my settlers village too.

umm come home, start laundry, and start cutting lawn.

imperative that i make cigarettes for ideally 1 hour today.

eat dinner around 5 pm.

would love to take a 99 minute powerwalk but may have to cut it down to 66 minutes. but 99 minutes would be great, real beneficial, ideal, best, and it’s not undoable if i am efficient and weather cooperates.

check work email

what is a place like kohls when you are looking for something a little better, but not more expensive. target? jcpenny? sears?

thinking jcpenny but i could be wrong.

when getting ready for job and immediately after leaving job i like to unbutton the pants button to give my fat gut more room to breathe. you totally cannot notice if you are wearing a belt.


i might get fired / laid off from my job, but it wont be because i’m an idiot who can’t handle the job, but rather because they have unrealistic expectations, and because i have low seniority.

would be nice to get one year in though.

did most of the stuff i said above. well except lawn and kohls. i went to bharmacy, gas, grocery, powerwalk (66 minutes), laundry, cigarettes. would have had time for a 99 minute pwalk, or to do lawn, or to go to kohls, or do lawn. but i wanted to take it easy.

slept 12 solid hours. think i need 10 solid hours every night. so it would be ideal to go to bed at 8 pm and NOT watch king of the hill.


millennial woes, “the issue of the century”

WARNING: POLITICAL (ie racist) BIT, skip if you’re above that sort of thing.

i like this guy. scottish guy who may be near my age. in this one he rips on MRA’s who he honestly thinks really are personally frustrated with women. and he mentions RACE as “the issue of the century”. I came to this vid skeptically and thought, oh yeah what’s the issue, race, gender, class, the rich, money, new world order, globalism, and I got a great feel when he said RACE, that did it for me regarding him, Heck I will send him 5 dollars for Chrimbus this year.

I respect him trying to be as honest as possible, looking at his own life and how it shapes his political views, and asking the real tuff questions, AND being open to talking about race. big contender for man of the year 2014 for me.

now i enjoy a lot of MRA and MGTOW stuff and a couple years ago i was huge on that stuff. now I am still antifeminist, but i have moved on to other topics on The Right. of course Men’s Rights is INHERENTLY Rightist, but there are lots of MRA’s who would dispute that. not me!

And yeah, probably my own personal failures with women brought me to MRA in a way.

but now i’m much more concerned if my own personal failure at life in general has brought me to my Racial Interest. maybe. But just as we can all agree that Feminism Is A Problem, we can all agree that Race Is A Thing, and more specifically, unchecked Multiculturalism and Immigration is a Bad Thing.

Millennial Woes points out the example of Rotherham where 1400 mostly white girls were kidnapped and raepd by mostly Pakistanis (in england) but there were local law enforcement coverups because they didn’t want to appear racist, which became a big news story in the UK in Sept 2014, but is quickly being forgotten amid the usual ridiculous News Cycle.

And so at this point, white men should be more pro-white than pro-male, if that makes any sense. you should feel an urge to protect your women from this, rather than say, ehhhh f wimmin, this is the feminists reaping what they sow.

and while i would like to have white children, i am just not filled with much passion at all over women anymore. i can’t see myself wanting Intimacy and a Rel with a woman, like I wanted in the past, because in the past, I wanted it TOO much and burned out.

MW’s next vidya after that is on the importance of intimacy with A Woman, you should watch that one before you become too anti-woman.

yeah it’s only natural for men to love and protect and want and need Women, and to mate with them and marry them (nonlegally) and start families with them. To be passionate and work hard for their Families.

So, with women, the cons need not outweigh the pros, but woe betide you if in your life, the cons have outweighed the pros and now youd just don’t even really care any more about women. hehehe. that’s kinda what happened to moi. now i don’t want to hurt women or have them come to harm, but i find it impossible to fall in Luv with them any more. but i will try to support my race in other ways. like making money and supporting pro-white activists, hehehe.

but the white race doesn’t want a loser like me. well, i’m sure not all whites would say that! And even if whites give up on me, i will never give up on whites.

this is what a racist sounds like, hehehehehehehe.