thurs sept 4

day off. want to do SOMETHING productive today and not have to do all muh chores on sunday, no thanks.

was thinking i might cut lawn today and also go shopping. and also combine grocery shopping with some clothes shopping where i try to find some wrangler brand shirts and pants. thinking try walmart. possibly kohls but i am kinda dissapointed with the kohls sonoma brand. they LOOK really good but they don’t fit so great, i prefer the Wrangler fit. protip: for sonoma brand, buy one size larger than you’d initially assume. like i bought an XL button up short sleeve summer shirt and that was fine, but with that style i would normally get L.

first world problems heheehe.

also want to do a 5 mile powerwalk around 3 or 4 pm while the sun is at peak, get some sun.

and do chores BEFORE that.

and it’s already almost 1 pm.  and i have not gotten out of bed, just d1cking around on the internet.

ok wrangler is sold at kmart and probably walmart.


i left by 2 pm to go to kmart. it kinda sucked, but it did have an ok wrangler selection fyi. i did not buy any because i don’t really need pants nearly as much as i need shirts. the shirt selection sucked. but they had a decent selection of everlast wicking active gym shirts, and also packages of black and gray t shirts by fruit of the loom. i bought some of those.

then went to grocery store, got gas and groceries. it was less busy on thursday at 3 pm than on sunday at 1pm when i usually go. so, good move switching these chores from sunday to thursday, good for me.

then i came home, started laundry, and went for a 3.2 mile powerwalk. nice.

in short, doing chores on thursday rather than sunday is a great idea, great move. i would also have time to cut the lawn if i wanted. or make cigarettes.

sunday sucks.  thursday is awesome. i was able to be productive AND sleep in till 11:30 am. wow. best day ever.

also, protip: look up local COIN STORES and visit them and ask about 90% silver coins, pre-65 coins, and silver eagles from the US Mint. see how high over premium. maybe i will do that next thursday.

sept 6 sat

long 9.5 hour day of werk today. took the valium before even leaving. last call took 2 hours and 10 minutes. it was technically easy and moreso holding the caller’s hand and tutoring them and doing their work for them, which during a busy time i probably would have been approached and told to end the call now in a tactful way to make way for more important calls. so really i should be grateful for the chance to work an extra 1.5 hours, especially when i lost 8 hours of pay for labor day. ok.

took 1.4 mile powerwalk, had to cut it short because it was getting dark.

now pretty tired and enjoying gobstoppers. one of my top 5 candies.

watching king of the hill. one of my top 5 shows.

would not want to do anything social.

would rather j3rk off to pr0n than go through the hassle of having real sechs with a real wimmin. obviously j3rking off to pr0n is much better. no hassle or stress or struggle or disappointment or pressure or effort or wasting time or compromising.

very tired.

should not even be writing here! risk that i might be emotionally compromised and say something dreary just because i am tired and exhausted and should just be laying down going to sleep right now.

yep. its true. working 40 hours a week takes everything out of you. it is not even worth it to live in a fancy house because it feels like you spend no time at home anyway. so you should just rent a cheap room or live with your family and pay them what you would pay for a cheap room hehehehehe.

but yeah you don’t have time to socialize or more importantly, to have kids and start a family.

unless you drop your kids off at day care every day to be RAISED BY STRANGERS, NOT YOU, and then spend 33% of your income on that, 33% of your income on housing, and 33% of your income on debt.

and that’s if you’re one of the lucky, well-off, upper working class!

heh. maybe i am an anticapitalist. anticapitalist right winger. well, anti global capitalism. i am most antiglobalist i maintain. pretty nationalist. but with a small gummint. so should the small gummint make laws that offer a rather nationalistic protection of trade, economy, etc? should the small gummint of the nationalist nation have powerful nationalist laws? uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

what does a good antiglobalist nationalistic nation look like? probably governed undemocratically by an elite. but also allowing a ton of individual freedom rather than being a totalitarian tyranny.

meh. i would like to have kidz but i don’t want to take on the responsibility and effort involved. so i guess i don’t want to have kidz. maybe it is just a selfish yet desperate desire to have a legacy of MY genes.

i mean i would be too tired after work to be a good father and raise good children. not to mention the financial expense. i make ok money but i don’t make good enough money to be a good father and raise good children. yikes. isn’t that a shame.

sept 7

great idea here. if you buy sodium filled ham from the deli to make sammiches for lumch, but sometimes you don’t make enough sammiches and you have to throw out the ham because it’s getting old, simply USE UP ALL THE HAM AS SOON AS YOU BUY IT, buy immediately making a BUNCH of sammiches, putting them each in a ziploc bag, and putting THEM IN THE FREEZER.

then the night before you know you will eat on the next day for lunch, pull it out of the freezer and put it in fridge. by lunch time the next day, it will be dethawed. and you will not waste any ham. and you will waste less bread for that matter.