sept 1 2014

welp its labor day. want to go to bed at like 7 pm, they say its going to be a busy day tomorrow. no easy day. got to get my rest so i can THINK and i can ACT.

get a bachelors degree in printer technician so you can get an entry level job servicing printers.

service muh d1ck, b1tch.

so i might get transferred to a confusing new project where the leader is a real B and they make you do things you don’t really know how to do and hope you can figure it out quickly enough. i might not get transferred to this. i don’t really want to. the plus side is that there are less phone calls involved. the donwside is that above.

anyway the concept of training is frowned upon, if you can’t learn it yourself quickly enough, then you have proven yourself not a good fit for the company.

hehehe this is why i like to sleep 12 hours a day. but at least i am working! and everywhere else pays less unless you have a sweet MIT Stem degree.

apparently there are jennifer lawrence nude photos now, where her icloud was hacked. ALL attractive women have nude photos of themselves SOMEWHERE. let that be a lesson.

if you are Dating an Attractive Woman, there are nude photos (or worse) of her SOMEWHERE. that’s just the price you have to be willing to pay for Access To Attractiveness.

anyway if i get laid off i can prob go back to my old job which was way easier and funner, but where i got paid WAY less and got WAY less hours. that is the thing with current job. you just get used to the idea that you could get laid off at any time. you could walk in tomorrow and they could lay you off. if i had more seniority i might be a bit safer, but i don’t. i probably have the LEAST seniority. well, me and one other guy.

or how some people get paid a little more due to their quality or attendance or ranking or performance scores, even though they have been around the same length of time and have the same position. but one person still makes 10 or 20 cents more an hour.  weird things like that.

but i guess all jobs have little gay weird things like that.

hehehehe. it has now been officially ten years since i last had proper sechs.

this would not be so bad if i were like 90 years old right now.

heh. kinda feel like taking a nap. don’t even feel like taking a powerwalk.

wed sept 3

got of 100 minutes early because of power outage at job. wow. that was not unwelcome. we stay too busy. never any slow time. just 8 hours of hard work. hard to do. and i was not feeling tip top today. was very tired. lesson learned: do not eat a ton of beef when you have to work the next day. i really stuffed myself with beef and then did not sleep well at all. first world problems hehehe.

the first few hours were kind of rough, and i had to take my lunch late, at 2 pm. but i made it too lunch without screwing up or anything bad, and on lunch the power went out and they sent us home. then i went for 1.6 mile powerwalk in the 85 degree summer. NICE.

then i came back here to prepare my mp3 player, do some stuff, write here as well. nice.

i usually take a valium wed nite. cant believe valium half life is 100 hours. like 5 days. does half life even MATTER?

thurs setp 4

day off. slept till like 1130 am.  had semi weird dream about my female friend. this is new territory for me. i guess anything is possible. just because i have never had a frandship develop into True Luv doesn’t mean it could never happen, even if all I know is The Instant Spark. and knowing me, it can take a series of Dreams for me to develop Special Feelinz for a wimmin. and like i say, she is not ugly and i also have a deep abiding platonic sense of caring for her, protecting her, wanting the best for her, one of the nicest sweetest kindest gentlest people i have ever met, why am i NOT in luv with her, etc.

who knows. i guess it’s all in the DREAMZ the good LORD decides to implant in muh brain while I sleep so much. After a few more solid dreams i could theoretically fall in True Luv with her and then we would get married. easy. because we get along very well and people would think we are Going Out anyway.

but yeah i have just never had that happen in all my long life, so i don’t expect it. and it still hasn’t officially happened, but i haven’t had any DREAMS about her till now either. but the dream was not really romantic or anything. it was weird if anything. We went to a concert and then some people near us started smoking w33d.  i think one of the people with us had some w33d also. then suddenly these very young military men started shouting commands at us and pushing us around and they shut the concert down before the main act we had come to see. we were all very angry. i don’t think we were arrested per se but it was close.

then i said people could come back to my house to hang out, which i usually don’t do, but i said they HAD to be quiet and only a few people. well it turned out to be a lot of people and they were loud. i also think i ended up drinking and getting b1tchy. it was kind of a distaster.  actually now i remember i was trying to seduce ANOTHER gurl that was there, hehehe. this is what i mean when i say it wasn’t a Romantic Dream about me and muh female frand, just that she had a large role in it.

so then she was disappointed and i was disappointed and i apologized to her, because i care about her feeeeeelingz and didn’t want her to feeeeel bad, and i felt very ashamed and weak.

so not really a GOOD dream, hehehehe.