aug 31 2014 sunday

feels like saturday. just took a valium. 5 mg diazepam. noice.

i had a great protip. uhhhhhhhhhh

oh yeah. buy CANS of Ginger Ale and then always have some cans of ginger ale in your fridge. then whenever your stomach feels uneasy, crack open some fizzy ginger ale.

i say have cans because 2 liter bottles may be cheaper, but they lose their damn fizz too easily.

to save money on this, either don’t drink tons of ginger ale, or buy the store brand.

of course, ginger ale is a fine beverage to be enjoyed on its own merits, so if you want to drink tons of ginger ale, be my guest. i just prefer my soda pop to have caffeine in it.

you kissless virgins are going to kill me. not only do i have friends, but i have a female friend, but i’m not in love love with her. i just get along with her very well. but lately i have prayed to the gods that she is not secretly in love with me, because i could not return her feelingz. even though she is not ugly or gross. I still do not have an erotic sensual physical spark for her. and that is an uncomfortable conversation to have “are u secretly in luv with me?” i’m honestly not sure that she is. she is much more mature and stable than me so even if she were, she would get over it quickly. hehehe. plus i am a bit frustrated at myself because she is the perfect Wife for me, nice and kind and we get along, and I’m complaining that there’s no SPARK?!?!?!?!?!?! Come on!

but yeah i don’t want to spend every waking moment with her or live with her or whatever. well i guess i could live with her if we were to have children, and she would be a great person to have children with….. but i just am not desperate to have children right now. in ten years….. more of a chance.

i would prefer to have her find a nice man who could give her the kind of luv i cannot.

i have had female friends before, but not super recently, until now.

so yeah i care about her as a person and would not want to force myself to try to do anything with her just out of a sense of who knows what.


heh. usually when this happens, it is the woman feeling no sparks for the guy who she is “good friends” with. friendzone. hehehehe. wouldn’t that be “ironic” after all the times i have been friendzoned hehehe. that now my next mission is to put a gurl in MY friendzone. jesus christ almighty on the cross. when is enough going to be enough? i am over 30 years old man!



average student loan debt is 29k to 33k

ok. so yer job doesn’t train you, and they will fire you if you don’t learn 90000000000 things fast enough.

this is where i come in to simply and help you withstand each day.

cover the walls of your cubicle with paper, or whiteboards, or post it notes, so you can literally surround yourself with notes. fill the entire area of your cubicle with notes, and when you need to get rid of some, you will know which ones you can get rid of.

get good at faking extreme confidence in all situations. stretch the truth, and lie when you can get away with it. pretend like you’re an expert even when you’ve never done this before. it is all ACTING. ACT.

then put them on hold and quickly think up some kind of motion to go through. try it. say, welp, normally that works. at this time, put them on hold again. tell them it will be close to 10 minutes as you and a superior continue to work on their issue. at this time you will have a bunch of information and some proof that you did something, so your superior will be more willing to help you and less likely to fire you for not knowing 90000000000 things fast enough.

at all times be calm and cool and continue to ask questions: who what when where why how. just ask as many questions starting with those questions and before long your caller will be giving you tons of information. pass this information along to your superior so they know you’ve been asking good questions.

continue to act calm and confident. this is so huge.

also kill them with kindness, and pretend they are your long lost best friend.

because in all honesty, they are just human beings like you or me.

then go home and get your 12 hours of sleep and then go back to work.

also, find a wrangler outlet store or buy all your clothes from wrangler.com . Wrangler is the best clothes brand that ever existed.


look for a wrangler outlet.

buy wrangler timber creek flat front slacks at walmart. WALMART.

Wrangler pants give you plenty of room in the thighs and crotch and buttocks.

protip: polyester wicking “activewear” like gym shorts and gym shirts do not really need to be dried after you wash them, so if you are waiting on laundry to wash your shorts, it can save you an hour to just wear these items without drying them, becuase they will dry after 5 minutes outside.

valium half life is 20–100 hours (36–200 hours for main active metabolite).

well its noticeable effects certainly don’t LAST that long!!!!!!!!!!!

tom waits recommends the music of the czech texans. or texan czechs. there is a large czech population in parts of texas. and it stands to reason their music would be a very interesting mix of musics.