aug 30 2014

how to withstand a job that sucks everything out of u.

honestly it could be a LOT worse because all the people could be huge dicks but they’re not.

and all of the callers could be huge dicks but they rarely are.

and i am getting smarter and more skilled and more competent and more confident on a daily basis.

yet it is STILL draining as fook and leaves me with no energy after werk.

but it would probably be the same with ANY Full Time Job.

Full Time Work is by DEFINITION Draining.

So if it takes you 11 hours of sleep to recharge and withstand every work day, DO IT.

but that doesn’t leave you time to start a family.

true, it doesn’t.

well, my response to that is, worry about that when you’re Forty, or whenever you get REAL DESPERATE to have kids. I would like to have kids some day but I’m not hugely desperate now.

and be thankful you are a man and can have kids when you are FIFTY.

but the business of WITHSTANDING pretty much FORCES you to focus on the short-term, even if you would prefer to be a long term thinker. Well, focus on the short term until you have the short term under control.

it might take as long as one year to get the short term under control. ie to get confident and comfortable in your job, and also for the minimum amount of time you should stay at a job without quitting so it doesn’t kill your resume and future job search.

well you can also become an entrepreneur or “just” BUY A FRANCHISE like so many immigrants do. buy franchises of hotels and fast food restaurants and tim hortons and all that.

PRETEND YOU ARE A FIRST GENERATION IMMIGRANT. that is the best protip of the month right there. imagine you are FRESH OFF THE BOAT in the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, and you are going to work your BALLS off and not let this opportunity slip through your fingers, and become a lazy degenerate soft decadent loser who doesn’t want to work.

maybe i am feeling self conscious about my beard which is getting long, possibly a little too long. so i will trim it a little.

sometimes it’s fun to stand out, but other times it’s even more fun to just blend in.

how about this: you take Magic Mushrooms mixed with Opiates, blended so that the effects of each are 50/50. would that guarantee you a Good Trip?

maybe. I also am concerned it would be a real good trip as the opiates reach their peak….and then a bad trip when the opiates start to wear off. and they would inevitably wear off before the mushrooms, which i image would last at least twice as long.

so maybe keep yourself going with several plateaus of painkillers, or, much less riskily, benzos or chiller outers.

take some mushrooms and valium/benzos, then just pop some more benzos once the first benzo wears off.

hypothetically. i do not advocate using drugs.

ok. but if i did, it would be a low dose of mushrooms, mixed with enough benzos taken steadily to ensure a non-horrible trip.

ok back after 1.6 mile pwalk. listened to some music. came back and could not stop muh self from buying a silver round, 1 troy oz, republic metals corporation mint. this is a fairly attractive round. really the only top shelf silvers I would like are the walking liberty or silver eagle from the US mint, a vienna philharmonic, and one of those armenian noah’s ark ones.

heh. i might have to move into buying junk silver, but even my trusted modern coin mart does not have great prices on junk silver, it seems like a better deal just to buy cheap 1 oz rounds.

welp. shaved my long beard. kinda feel like a sellout pvssy, kinda feel better because i don’t look so freakish and weird. left a masculine amount of stubble.

how much 2 buy a 7-11 franchise?

heh. i never learned about this in grade skool, high skool, or college. i just thought, get the easiest college degree you can, and you will be guaranteed an easy, yet boring cubicle farm lower middle class job for life, and I “resigned” myself that that “dreary inevitability”. hahahahahahaha.

I WISH!!!!!

apparently some local Coin Shops can sell you “junk silver” for very good prices. just don’t call it junk, call it pre-1965 coins. or 90% silver coins.  quarters, dimes, and half-dollars.

when you get called out for being pro-white and the anti-whites say what about BLOCKBUSTING. what about REDLINING. The only reason there are black and ethnic GHETTOES is because WHITES refused to let nonwhites move into nice neighborhoods. how do you respond to that? Do you say that that was not the whites fault, but the J’s? hehehehe.

heh. what about investing in COPPER. copper is like 3 bucks a pound, silver is 19 bucks an OUNCE, gold is like 1400 bucks an ounce. bronze. is bronze a metal hehehehe. bronze is mainly copper. pennies minted before 1982 are 95% copper. so save those.  then then became 95% zinc.

whenever you get change for buying something with cash, examine the quarters and dimes to see if they are pre-1965, and the pennies if they are pre-1982. save them because they, especially the silver ones, be like 12 times the face value.

don’t know the likelihood of this. i got tired of looking through my change and never finding silver.

#firstworldproblems hehehehe