sat aug 16 2014

whew just finished 8 hour day of werk. saturday is usu slowest day, easiest day. not to say it’s slow or easy though. but the last hour or two of saturday it slows down for the first time all week. just about to pop a valium and go for powerwalk. wish i had some w33d to have a pvff and then take a valium and go for powerwalk.

hehehe already worried about monday. looking at the valium.

have probably built up a tolerance to the valium. already thinking about taking two at a time and really partying. and right now i take one on wednesdays, and one on starudays.

tues aug 19

yuuuup. surviving. withstanding. i might get laid off because my quality is bad, i am low on the ranking. they actually give you your ranking so you know how bad you are, hehehehe.  i am in the lowest 25%.  not cool mang. yet they say i am doing ok. i actually think and feeeeeeel like i’m doing ok. i am not making any major mistakes. if they hire new people and get rid of some of us, that’s stupid, becuase the new people WILL be worse because it Just Takes Time to learn this job and do good at it. period. takes at least three to four full-time months to start to get comfortable.

heh. and the “training” trains you for nothing. you just have to go in there and hope you have the guts and wits to WITHSTAND, and many people didn’t. i was part of a large group hired in….and 80% of that group was laid off permanently because they didn’t learn fast enough in the swim or sink environment.

hmm. american journalist beheaded by isis. that is interesting.

and i do find this ferguson missouri thing interesting, since i’m a  racist who is obsessed with race, i like that this “conversation” is being had. but of course the wrong conclusions are being drawn by Middle Class Journalists.

my racist solution is to Resegregate the Races. and naturally that would mean Black cops patrolling mainly Black cities. rather than blaming Whitey for creating Black Ghettoes. hehe. Blame the Black elected leaders of the city, hehehehe. and resegregate the races.  I. M. A. Racist, hehehe.

and as i like to say, Worse Is Better. it causes people to wake up, or it causes a backlash so great that that causes people to wake up.

thurs aug 21 14

bunsfooker. yesterday i took the 5 mg valium while driving home from work, rather than waiting until i had arrived home, to see if that would give me 30-60 minutes less of a “hangover” the next day, because i wanted to do stuff. then i went out and did my weekly social fun thing thank GOD, came home, tried to watch my program, and HAD to go to sleep at 1:30 am, could not stay awake anymore. slept very deeply, very very deeply with vivid dreams, until about 11:30 am. I woke up several times after 6 am and at that time I was very thirsty and dehydrated, and chugged from the bottle of water near muh bed, remembering the lesson from last week: that being thirsty really hurts you sleeping in. So I woke up, was thirsty, chugged water, and went back to sleep until i woke up thirsty again, chugged more water, and fell back to sleep. great lesson learned there: have a big full bottle of water and then chug from it when you wake up thirsty, but still want to sleep in.

i toyed with idea of taking nap. but i wanted to get a haircut and trim beard. so i ate small breakfast, drank some coffee, went to bathroom, washed my hair in the bathroom but no shower, trimmed the beard, then went out to get haircut, a Buzz with a Level 2 that could prob be a Level 1 but oh well. a short buzz cuz i’m bald.

aug 21: just made a sick mix cd, i have a great feeling about this one. no tryhard. nothing unnatural or forced. just some of the most influential songs of the past couple months. which here contains significant portions of entire albums, or 30+ minutes in a row of one particular artist who was hugely notable recently. In the past I would have thought a Great Mix CD needed Maximum Variety, but I don’t believe this any more. well, more accurately, you can have a Great Mix CD without a lot of variety, and just touching on two or three main themes rather than each song being a different theme.

i may regret sharing this:

Under The Sign Of Hell (GORGOROTH, 1997) \Revelation Of Doom.mp3
Under The Sign Of Hell\Krig.mp3
Under The Sign Of Hell\Funeral Procession.mp3
Under The Sign Of Hell\Profetens Apenbaring.mp3
Valaam\Valaam Monastery Choir – Chants from Valaam (Full Album)-07.mp3
Klovn intro.mp3  (danish tv show comedy)
Klovn Theme (Ukulele Cover).mp3
Daimi – Chug-a-lug (Klovn The Movie Score).mp3
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street – LIVE
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – West County Girl.mp3
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Weeping Song.mp3
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Ship Song.mp3
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Higgs Boson Blues (Live From KCRW).mp3
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Mercy Seat (Live From KCRW).mp3
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Stagger Lee (HD).mp3
Clandestine Blaze – Fist Of The Northern Destroyer (2002)1 Fist Of The Northern Destroyer.mp3
Sun Kil Moon – Dogs.mp3 (2014 Benji album)
Sun Kil Moon – Truck Driver.mp3

but that is a T1ts mix right there, the most t1ts mix i’ve done since december 2013. i will risk outing myself because i am so proud of it. besides i will always deny being the author, and i always have plausible deniability.

ok round 1 of powerwalk coming up. gotta do 5 miles today.