is what degenerate cvm drenched b1tchez say.

aug 10 2014

beautiful day summer. hard to enjoy it to the fullest because of job hehehe but i should be grateful i am employed. FULL TIME b1tches. so i can be proud about that. but these working people who stay up past 9 pm. i don’t understand that or them. i guess that’s what you gotta do for the responsibilities of home and family and chirren. i say i want 5 chirren but my actions show that i must really not want ANY, because i don’t WANT to sacrifice my sleep and stay up past 9 pm.

well ideally i will get really good at my job and i will do a good job and be able to use less mental resources and just go on autopilot, and chill out and get friendly with more people there.

and don’t forget to find a new job before january, hehehehehe.

very fast paced. no downtime. phone call after phone call for 8 to 10 hours straight at that time. heck, it’s KINDA been like that NOW. i am GRATEFUL to get 5 minutes between calls. sometimes even 1 or 2 minutes. and obviously the company wants to save money so they don’t want people sitting there not on calls. so when the calls slow down, people get laid off.

but yeah we deal with all SORTS of weird issues. if it were the same thing over and over again, like password resets, that would be a dream. of course, people with those jobs prob get paid way less.


anyway i am sure we all know teachers. nice bubbly women who have always wanted to become teachers, so they go to college, get a teaching degree, and then have trouble finding a FT permanent teaching job, unless they have a masterz degree. and then they end up SUBBING for years and years.

i know a person who is very nice and smart and capable but they have been subbing ever since they graduated. and they went to a skool that has an above-average Education Teaching program. and cannot get anything but subbing jobs.

so what conclusions are we supposed to draw from that?

that the teacher job market is THAT bad in this area, and/or it is personal laziness or lack of initiative on their part, they’re just not trying hard enough, don’t want it bad enough.

that second interpretation is ROUGH, because it says a lot of bad about mah self. I went to a very above average skool where everyone became huge middle class winnerz. but not me. i became a failure to launch loser. even though i went to a HIGHLY regarded skool. therefore, the only reasonable rational explanation is that I am a huge lazy loser, with huge personal defects. right?

well at least i have a full time job hahahahaha.

really the only thing i care about is getting thru one day at a time on mah damn JOB. not freaking out, just learning how to chill, just dealing with it, and then occasionally getting a day off so i can sleep in, watch a fun tv show, do a little writing, do a long powerwalk, not have to go to work the next day, etc.

but yeah. the ideas of getting a masterz degree or the work/nonsleep part of taking care of kidz does not appeal to me.

AUG 11

how about this. look at your pocket change namely dimes and quarters for anything 1964 and before. not including 1965.

because those are damn fine junk silver coins composed of 90% silver, meaning, they are actually worth something. more than face value.

i looked at all muh quarters and found not a one, hehehehe.

no easy day at job. every day is a learning experience. got to get your rest. going to lay down soon. 830 pm ideal bed teim. it was flooding rain today so no powerwalk. hope basement does not flood. there are flood warnings. basements are stupid anyway. what’s the point. do houses with no basements flood easily on the ground floor?

heh. this will make the house centipede central i am sure. oh noes.

no major screwups today but a constant stream of calls and some long grueling ones. i didn’t do anything wrong per se but was mainly trying to keep the caller patient and not mad while we vainly attempted things.

so rainy!

sh1t. when i got up this morning to go to WORK, this is the time i promised i would be lights out going to SLEEP.

aug 14 thurs

day off. was tired and thirsty all day. slept till like 11.30 am, then couldn’t bring self to do anything, then laid down till like 4:35pm but not sure if i seriously napped, but i was sorta trying to. finally forced self out of bed then, ate some food, looked at internet a bit, actually got to go to church for a holy day leaving in 40 minutes, so, if i want to do a small powerwalk, gotta leave RIGHT NOW, and just not ready for that.

wanted to get a haircut today but did not end up doing that. damn. really the best thing to do would be to do it right after werk. i mean there’s GOT to be a place that’s open at like 6 pm or so when i can get there.

but yeah i wish that since i wasted the whole day off, i would have at least gotten better rest during my huge nap. because i do not feeeeeel super well rested. even though i spent all day trying to sleep.