aug 2 2014

is it thanksgiving yet? if so, happy thanksgiving to all muh lozers who will one day become winners thru a mix of Godz Grace and Hard Work and Moral Strength and Triumph of the Will 2 Power.

heh, just rambling during hulu commercial breaks. just want to write positive stuff.

so, job sucks but i think i am gradually getting better at dealing with it, and even dealing with the harder stuff without screwing up, which is all you can ask really.

try to find some good live recordings of bands/singers you wish you could see live but might never be able to do so.

anyway. i listened to the guy a lot when i was young, dumb, and full of luv, but have not listened to his new stuff. he played a decent amount of new stuff, and surprisingly it sounded really good, so i have been looking into it, and it does play real well next to the older stuff. few True Artists can make this happen, but he can.

so i am thankful for that. and encouraged. that is hopeful. plus it is nice to listen to great new songs by an old favorite.

welp this is my night to be social but i did not. also the powerwalk got kiboshed but at least i did laundry. and worked 8 hours. 8.5 hours kind of, 8 hours plus an unpaid 30 minute lunch added on to that. oh woe is me. and some people in china are working themselves to DEATH 24 hours a day for 1 cent per year, that they are killing themselves in record numbers.

source needed. people are def killing themselves, but even if it were in record numbers, I’m surprised it’s not still TWICE that. how do they WITHSTAND? ask them!

tues aug 3 2014

oh yeah. shouldnt even be here, should be out walking. well this writing is WORTH MORE when i am working because now I can barely write one post a week, before i was writing like 3 posts a day.

no easy day. tons of calls, some weird calls, but thank GOD I managed to keep mostly calm and not screw anything up majorly, which is the measure of a good day. but no easy day hehehehe. obviously my favorite phrase.

did i mention….oh yeah i did. the cute blond girl still works there, but i am not super interested in her. would def bang though. just not motivated to try to break into her little clique. i am making tiny inroads into that clique by being generally friendly to some of the other people in it though. but that girl has an attitude which i don’t like. huge b1tch shield and fully aware of her power as an early 20s gurl.  WAIT TEN YEARS, CUPCAKE.

i might get laid off for asking for help too much. they might determine i’m not reading the knowledge base enough and overtaxing their level 2 people thus need to be laid off. not sure though. i am the new low man on the totem pole now, but…..i am not sure most of my peers know that. just the managers and anyone who needs to know.

how to explain to 65 year old women how to change the IP address on a printer. hehehehehehe. I should really get paid MORE.  even I don’t know how I do this. THROUGH THE GRACE OF GOD, that’s how.

well, some printers you can actually browse to the printer thru a browser at like or something. i never quite understood networking. i am not cisco certified hehehehe.

be quick or be dead. you f00k with the bull, you get the horns. you can’t bullsh1t a bullsh1tter.

august 7 thurs

day off. got an oil change like a responsible human being. should know how to do this myself.  need to do a 100 minute powerwalk soon. get my music and mp3z ready.

this guy is spending at least 6 grand to get a new roof. is it worth it to own a home? and then you get property taxes too.

i see no reason not to live with your parents until you die. of course give them some money for the trouble and help take care of the house so you are not an ungrateful ingrate.

but really. why pay 1000 dollars a month for a place you barely spend any time in. average workingfags spend their whole day at WORK. you only come home to get sleep for your next day of work and to spend very limited time with your family.

yeah i would love to have 3 or 5 children but i just don’t want the WORK. it’s too much WORK just to go to WORK for forty hours a week. but that is the bare minimum you must do to be a respectable citizen, to be a nonloser human being. and yet you can still be a loser if you work a loser job.

have had several dreams about gurl/Woman #4 recently. first dream was pleasant and we were getting along well, starting a romance, holding hands, hugging, etc. second dream we were both being b1tchy to each other and it was clear i wasn’t gonna pull her and she was not into me. first dream was fun, second dream not so much. but i have not seen this woman in four years.

nothing on her facebook about her getting a masters degree or moving up in her career, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t. last i knew her she did not have a masters or phd or jd or mph or mpp or mba (yet) and was content in her career in an entry-level position in a well-known human rights organization. how humble, hehehehe. it simply woulda been nice to actually Date her for a while, but it was not meant to be. OH WELL. LIFE GOES ON.

i am going for a 100 minute powerwalk NOW.