july 19

watching my comedy show on hulu. the ads are dumb. hehe.

but yeah if a person can’t even get a job for 10 bucks an hour, and daycare COSTS 10 bucks an hour, you do the math.

don’t put your kids in daycare. stay at home with them. the benefits you reap will be far more than the 10 bucks an hour you save. children are meant to be with their parents, and vice versa. period.

yes it is very sad when you have young parents making 12 bucks an hour or less each, dual income, wow what a dual income that is. not the kind of stuff you learn about in middle class college where everyone goes to top grad skool and makes 30 bucks an hour. income inequality son.

i guess you could go to crap grad skool and make 20 dollars an hour. not worth it in my opinion.

not worth it to make 20 dollars an hour over 12 dollars an hour?

this is how we talk in the working class. how much do you MAKE. we care about MONEY because we barely have enough to LIVE: to have a HOME, to have CHILDREN, to take care of basic needs and the most basic of wants, like having a FAMILY.

forget finding a “meaningful career”, going to a good grad skool, or finding a good wief who you luv and are attracted to and don’t feel like you’re settling for out of desperation! forget it!

hehehe. ok going down the wrong path here. just enjoy yer health and family and comedy tv. yeah wouldn’t mind one puff of medical herb though. just one puff every two or three hours. no more. don’t want to get freaked out.

heh. my main thing is just withstanding thru my job. from now till….i say i’m gonna quit end of december but will i really, esp if nobody else can find a 12 dollar an hour job? and this job pays more than 12 dollars an hour? come on! and the guy near me has a computer science degree? which is what i was thinking about getting? but what if he only has an associates! but that doesn’t matter, he’s smart as sh1t and is every bit as smart and knowledgable about computers as a f4g with a computer science bachelors! which maybe he does have, i’m not sure!

heh. should i take the other half of valium. fook that. i will just take a full valium next time. well next sat i actually have social plans sort of. that may be interesting. hopefully.

dat job. damn. i should try to submit an application/res every time i have an off day like this. hell i should be doing ERRY DAY after i come home from a grueling day of werk.

see usually you have to act like you’d LOVE the job, in order to even GET the job. i just got this job because i KNEW somebody and BARELY had an interview, yet I am now making probably a bit more than the average of….a lot of people? well, more than the average of middle working class. definitely lower working class. but yeah this is not decent upper working class money. but that is a brass ring that is hard to reach. some spend their whole lives trying to reach it and failing. hehehehe. real uplifting writing here.

watch funny show, write very unfunny stuff during the commercials. jeez. come on. get with the program. anyway. if i can’t get some young qt action, the least i can do is get a puff of medical, and a nice sauna. i think a nice sauna would be good even during the summer. dry heat. powerwalk, sauna, medical. who needs a low stress job or a qt. fook that sh1t.

drank a lot of coffee because i wanted to stay up till at least 1 am watching this hilarious comedy show, but at 11:55 i am struggling!!!!!

july 22 tuesday

ok gonna go for powerwalk in 15 minutes or less. just wanted to say still alive. job is crazy. calls calls calls. on the phone for 5 to 6 to 6.5 hours a day, but it seems like moar! i am def taking more calls than i wanted to be. it is def not as chill as i thought it would be.

so yesterday decided to look for jobs when i came home and there was NOTHING. well unless you were a young just out of college engineer with a great track record of grades and internshipz hehehe. some middle class smartfag who went to 4 year univ right out of high skool and got an engin degree in 3 years.

cuz i would gladly take a pay cut for less stress. but these job descriptions make them sound like high stress.

and let’s say i would take a pay cut of 2 dollars an hour, which is a lot. but i would not take a pay cut of 4 dollars an hour. and i am thinking many of these jobs would pay closer to 4 dollars less an hour than 2.

so i am stuck at muh job until i ragequit or get fired for being a nutjob hehehehe.

the one cute girl mentioned something about getting drunk and dumping her “other x-boifran again”. WOW. GOOD JOB GURL. good thing i am not entangled with her! but i would totes bang her! but this is further proof that she would be Undateable!

but yeah job is VERY mentally demanding 8 hours a day. no slow times. all fast times. fast thinking required at all times. it is not easy. no easy day. never an easy day. and this is the best it gets hehehe. good news is that i am better than i was when i started. calmer, cooler, more confident, more competent, more skilled, actually kinda know what i’m doing. kind of. but there is SOoOoOoOoOo much to know. you can’t train people on this, it would take like 6 months to do the training. so they throw you to the wolves and see if you can LAST 6 months, and then that’s your “training.” hehehe. b1tches can train my d1ck into their mouf and 4ss.