july 8

yep. so, withstand one more year without blowing brainz out. then my res might be strong enough to get a better job.

heh. here’s  weird thing. i actually did not make enough money to qualify for unemployment, which sucked, because i was expected to get some unemployment money.

now. when you get that money, they make you job search and present proof of like 3 job apps per week. and if you are offered a job, you have to take it. so i’m wondering if that’s indeed what happened with a lot of the new people who got new jobs.

but i just took a 4 month vacation with muh savings hehehehe.

woe is me, worlds smallest violin.

well at least now i will be a Working Adult again and have something REAL to complain about, hehehehe. and can make some real money to buy escortz hehehehe.

so anyway. there are some really stupid aspects of the job that can’t be changed, namely, if you dig yourself a hole, you can’t get out, because they aren’t allowed to give you the help you really want and need, namely, have someone more experienced and knowledgeable take control of the situation. you just have to sit there like an idiot, begging for approval, and if you don’t get it….well the best thing to do then would be to suggest they call back and hope they get someone more experienced.

but since all calls are recorded, and this is probably a long call so they’ll listen to it, and if they hear you say THAT, you’re FINISHED. not sure if that’s instant termination. noooo, that would probably be instant probation.

what are the real actual accurate chances of me getting fired or laid off for my bad performance, in the long term? uhhhh 45%? and that’s really not too bad. because when i know what i’m going, i do a good job. but they essentially make you do things you don’t know how to do, then punish you when you don’t do them correctly.

welcome to the working world!

if i were to get fired, then i’m going to electrician school. or joining a construction crew where everyone is alcoholics and felons and heron addicts and have no idea how to do a resume or an interview.

but there are not a lot of decent full time construction jobs. a lot of those guys get laid off during the winter too. and for someone with no experience, whose body is not young anymore….

excuses excuses excuses!

here’s some more true love tests:

is this the woman of your dreams?

if asked to fantasize about Your Ideal Future and Your Ideal Mate, is she it?

do you Jerk Off thinking about the gurl or do you always look at pron or think of other gurls?

there ya go.

heh. changed my netflix plan from 2 discs at a time to 1.

how about you.

there is a book called “the book of questions” which gives you like 640000000 questions to start conversations with in a pinch. get that book and use it. get a questions app on yer phone and use it to help you make ez small talk with people. you don’t even need to LISTEN to them, just ask the quesitons and say mm hmm as they talk.

elliot rodger wanted to get rich quick by buying lottery tickets. that is schizo delusions of grandeur right there. why didn’t he try GAMBLING at POKER to get rich quick like everyone else? because he wasn’t right.

hmm hope that bump on my neck is a bug bite and not a malignant melanoma!

i have been getting out in the sun like an hour a day and have gotten some good color on my fatceps. yet gurls who Go Tanning are still a million times more tan, with their skin golden brown like Fried Chicken yum.  but they are retarded to give themselves cancer like that.

thank GOD for this chillout station!

ok. tomorrow get up at 6.42 am. might even push it earlier. wake up, eat small breakfast, try to get out the dump, take shower, really it doesn’t matter if you take the dump after the shower, heck take the shower immediately THEN take a dump, becuase it does take a while to get your guts ready to dump. heck dump AFTER shower might be a great time saver and worth doing as a matter of course. you will not really smell like faeces at work, if you are that concerned, sprinkle some baby powder in your bum, or clean your bum with a baby wipe after dumping. honestly i really like the french and their bidets where you just blast your bum clean with a jet of water.

make my lunch of ham sammich on toast, bring banana and peanuts, bring coffee mug and water bottle, you can leave all this stuff there. bring post it notes. and maybe pens. they definitely do not supply you with post it notes, and maybe not pens either. gotta save money, hehehehehe.

don’t forget to bring cigarets. don’t forget to bring recorder to make recordings on the drive to and from, maybe even on lunch break.

bring pink pepto? i usually drank that stuff every day to keep me from pooping pantz due to all the coffee i drank in the morning.

but you don’t NEED to drink coffee AT HOME!. remember the story about the japanese who sleep standing up on the train to work. they wake up long enough to get on the train, then grab a few extra minutes of sleep.

anyway.  you are expected to be awake and alert so you can start solving complex problems the minute your shift starts, but that might not be so bad during Q3 and Q4. Q1 is the roughest one. and some of Q2.

note to self, look into 401k.

would prob be best to do the 401k where you get taxed NOW and not LATER. Roth? because tax rates are likely to go WAAAYYYY UP over the long term, so best to get it out of the way now eh?

when people say “do the best you can”…..that sounds EXHAUSTING to be constantly doing your BEST all the TIME.

so i say, just show up, and try to make a 67% honest effort. it’s hard to do your best all the time, just don’t do shady things to try to avoid the work you have to do.

heck even do that. remember my earlier of advice of “BE THE MOST UNPRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEE YOU CAN BE, WITHOUT GETTIN FIRED.” I stand by that.

although beware that if you are the MOST unproductive employee there, you are first in line to get laid off or fired.

lesson learned: always be the SECOND most unproductive person there. then when the FIRST most unproductive person gets laid off, you have to step your game up to become the second most unproductive again.

Great Work Ethic!

Hire Me For 40k a year!

Date Me! Mate with Me!