july 8 2014

also finding SALSA radio stations, jazz stations, etc. i would just do all this thru spotify but its just a bit too damn slow and bloated.

colombia salsa rosa hehehehe.

problem with “latin” music is you get a lot of results for like latin top 40 which is the sh1ttiest pop songs. and not of the high quality of say “livin la vida loca” which is a classic song.

ok. it helps to get a good backpack to put your stuff in. like bite the bullet and spend 50 bucks. i buy the cheapest 15 dollar ones and the bottom always falls out within a year. no thank you.

or get a man purse which may look more professional. how about a full blown BRIEFCASE.

heh. if i only take 3 valiumz a week, and get refilled for the next 5 months, then i can have a huge stash of valium hehehehe.

drugz are kewl because they intoxicate you from stupid gay f4gg0ty REALITY.

hehehehe. great attitude!

if you want to build your blog, PUBLISH EVERY DAY until you have a lot of followers and hits. then back off for a little bit. if your traffic drops, then start publishing EVERY DAY AGAIN.

but i’d say you need at LEAST 30 days of posting every day, if not 60 or 90. as many as you fooking CAN.

4 months. hehehehe.

of course limit your posts to 800 to 1000 words. break that sh1t up son. and this way you can write several posts in one day. i wrote 15 posts in one day once, hehehehehehehe.

ok. do i make ham sammich for lunch, or pbj. i like ham but it is salty and sodiumy and processed monsanto evil.

not even sure when to get up. set alarm for 6:42 am. to get there at 9 am.

foooook. still gotta make 50 cigs.

one day at a time, one valium at a time, hahahahahahaha. hang out with the nice people. stay away from the douchebags. befriend the manager who seems like a nice guy. now there’s a win win situation! a manager who’s not a douchebag! actually a couple of the managers might not be douchebags. even better.

anyone who’s higher up and NOT a douchebag, befriend them. suck them off. buy them coffees erry day. hehehehe. even though there is a fooking coffee machine. nope. stop at tim hortons and buy 10 coffees and try not to spill them in your car. because tim hortons is better than free folgers. come on.

heh. in regular show, rigby said “i’m not going in a dark hole!” to which muscle man responded, “YOU’RE a dark hole!” classic.

ok. went for 3.2 mi pwalk. some people walk 4 miles per hour. i walk a little over 3 miles in a little over an hour, hehehe. so, let’s say 3 miles per hour, is that fair?


went to store and got some sale ham and some decent bread. bread sucks anyway, so you might as well get something you like and not this whole grain sandpaper cardboard bs. i get “buttermilk white.” get WONDER bread, hell.

made some cigs.

had a flashback of some of my toughest days on the job, some two hour plus calls where there were like 10 separate issues; or jsut weird, weird, weird sh1t like Old Versions of The Program; a new version is released every year, and so what do you do with a version from 1996 that they want to use. holy fook.

then you just beg your superior to let you send it up to the big boys, but they are determined to do everything not to do that, just you figure it out by yourself. then your watcher sees you’ve been on for more than 30 minutes. yes i’ve reached out for help but they didn’t help me. i went to another person.

two recorded superior chats in one call, bad 4 u. y u no take the advice of the first person? well it sucked. well you’re fired.

i really can’t find a better job than this? heh not one that pays like this. all the chill jobs are like 9 or 10 dollars an hour, if that. not like there is an abundance of chill jobs either!

so you’re sweating bullets 2 hours later, all the superiors are gathered around you sort of trying to give you a little help, when what would REALLY help you would be for them to either take over the call and give you a fooking break, OR say “SEND IT UP” and then you say, its out of my hands, i’ve sent it up, i’ve done all i can, we’ll contact you in 72 hours, thank u for calling.

if i ran the place, i would tell my second level people to automatically send it up if the call is over…..45 minutes.

sh1t you can always just fire the first level person if he keeps taking too long!

my final call on my final day was a total clusterf00k, almost three hours long, and there was not really anyone around to help me. i was almost having fun with the ridiculousness of it, because it was The Final Call “Ever”, and the caller was nice to me, and i just wanted to see how long we could take this. almost three hours apparently.

i really can’t find a better job than this? heh. not one that pays this good!

and of course all the f4ggots i went to college are making 3 times this money anyway. hehehehe. well those communists can suck my d1ck. please.