july 7

damn. wellp. fook. heh. thinking about that dream i had yesterday with girl7. i just went up to her and started making out with her passionate, feeling her bum and bewbs and getting her clothes off asap and jsut throwing it right in there and sucking on her neck and big bewbs and plowing her pvssy raw dog and her breathing god damn. yeah there will never be another girl like girl7. if i ever find a girl i am that into….that is a sign you should be in a long term rel or even marriage wiht the gurl. damn. fook. i just don’t often feel that way about gurls. she was def in the upper half of gurls 1 thru 8. well, most of em WERE pretty strong. like 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 were very strong. 5 and 8 were a little bit less strong, in that i did not go completely insane over them. fooking b1tches. b1tches and wh0res.

well i got my valium at least now.

went on powerwalk, actually did all 4.8 miles at once. came back home at 3.2 miles to drink water / hydrate, then went back out and finished it off. 99 minutes, 4.8 miles. hehehehe.

heh. i wish i could look at pictures of girl7. i wish i could still hang out with girl7. i wish girl7 had said yes and would let me make out with her and more like i did in that dream! i just don’t want other girls like that! sure i wouldn’t MIND, PLOWING a few of the young cute ones, but still, plowing them wouldn’t be nearly as good as plowing girl7! she was soooo specialllll! hehehehehehehe.heh.

so just find grills on vxideos that have the same fetish going on as girl7 did for me. hehehehe.

heh i should take valium just to stop thinking about her! hehehehe. no i did not pick up the valium yet, i am still waiting for them to prepare it. and i swore not to take it but once every other workday. and it was strictly for my job.

but what if i took it while puffing nonmedical MJ? so that i didn’t get paranoid, but maybe the valium would make me get chilled out from w33d instead of paranoid?

heh. or i could just take one small puff of w33d, that would also keep me from getting paranoid.

the moar friends you have on fb, the moar you need to take a break every other month. over 1000 is bad. like girl6, of course that promiscuous loose moraled b1tch would have over 1000 friends, probably 1000 guys in luv with her. well, back in the day when she was young. now she is discovering that her mate value is dropping like a LEAD BALLOON.

reject me will ya. i don’t GET rejected, I DO the rejecting!!!!!!

heh. actually i don’t think i put myself out there far enough to get rejected. i just told myself that she OBVIOUSLY didn’t like me because she was never flirtatious with me, her body language, etc.

who cares? although that probably WAS an accurate read on her body language. because that wh0re was not afraid to throw herself at men she wanted to get plowed by. not me, i’ll tell ya that!

i mean, for all the d1x she sucked and fooked, it would have been NICE if she had sucked and fooked MINE, is all i’m saying. that is the problem with slutty gurls. when they don’t give YOU that action they’re so flippantly and flagrantly giving to everyone else. then you cant help but notice the difference between those guys and you: they are cooler, more masculine, more alpha, more confidence, bolder, brasher, winninger. or even if they are huge losers at least they are confident as fook and are a local celebrity or something.

sluts LUV celebrities.

you might be surprised, to look back at your ladyfrans partners. there very well may be some kind of d-list celebrity in there, like pauly shore or some guy from mtv or jersey shore or who the f knows, so stupid tv show. no fake. this is why gurls don’t want you to know about their sechsual history. because it’s fooking disgusting. and they KNOW it, the fooking PIGS. god damn. it’s enough to turn you off women and to make you want to turn GAY.

oh it would be SO MUCH EASIER to be GAY. hehehehe. then you could hang out with your male friends and play vidya and get drunk and have fun, and then have gaysechs with each other, hehehehe.

hehehehe. you know you’ve thought that, even though it’s technically offensive to the gays.

hehehe fook the gays, at least they get their rocks off in dirty glory hole truck stop sechs, hehehehe.

my “sense of humor” is a lot more endearing in person, hehehe.

whoa he jacked up muh paxil to 3 times a day. from 20 mg once a day to 20 mg three times a day. is that competent? i might just take two times.

and 5 mg of valium once a day. noice. that was only $8.89 for a one month, 3 pill supply. the paxil for 60 mg a day per month is $10. yikes. jiminy jilikers, radioactive man. up and at them.

also 5 refills. nice. the paxil has a year expiration, the valium has a 6 month expiration date. so i can’t stretch out the valium, in other words. oh well, it doesn’t matter, life goes on. bla bla bla.

who knows. maybe this THREE HUNDRED PERCENT INCREASE in paxil will help me stay chill throughout the workday.

heh. seems a bit unprofessional to do that. but what do i know, i aint a docker. i aint a legal drug dealer.

no that’s mean to this docker, he’s a nice guy. i have been going to him ever since i was a child. he might retire soon and then i will have to find another docker. you better believe i will not be afraid to ask him for a LAUNDRY LIST of drugs on the very first visit, including Medical Kannabis!!!!!