july 6

facebook is stupid. you should take breaks from facebook regularly, ie, deactivate your account regularly, to show people you don’t care about it. maybe only have it up during the holidays and during the summer.

and friend management. boy. what a pain in the 4ss. don’t friend any grills you’re in luv with. don’t friend anyone more successful than you. don’t friend anyone you’re trying to forget.

don’t friend anyone you’re even the slightest bit envious of.

don’t friend total idiots who annoy you with their constant idiotic obnoxious douchebaggery.

yep. deactivate in october and most of november. turn it back on near thanksgiving thru new years, turn it off again about a week after new years, until…..april at the earliest.

let them know you’re a hot, limited commodity.

ok. tomorrow. big day. go to docker, go clothes shopping. prob should go shopping docker. go to kohlz best store ever. get a nice polo style shirt, get a nice but not fancy button up short sleeve bro shirt, get nice but casual pair of khaki pants, dockers, something like that. haggar slacks. don’t need dress slacks for this job. most people dress like lower working class slobs, but i dress like an upper working class BOSS.

spent however much money. spent $100. just put it on credit card.

also, b1tches can just put their abortionz on their credit card along with their 20 grand of credit card debt.

why should i pretend to like women when i don’t, when i have no respect for them.

but my moral code sez, NONAGGRESSION, NONVIOLENCE, so just because you have no respect for someone doesn’t mean you TREAT them with no respect.


but i will NOT go around having discussions where i vocally defend the choices of wimmin. they have freedom, they can do whatever they want, and it doesn’t mean i have to like or respect it.

note to self, get the shirt from 7 buck tees that has a happy family standing on top of a giant gun.

showing that you use your gunz to protect your family from violent barbarians rather than calling the police and waiting 3 minutes while the barbarianz raep and kill your wief and chirren.

damn the simpsons sucks. actually it isn’t THAT bad. it’s just not as good. well who cares. it doesn’t matter. it’s still ok. it’s something to watch hehehe.

save 15 bucks every 2 months by shaving your own head. if you don’t have gurlfrans or frans or family, just do it all yourself and shave the neck as best you can.

took a 3.2 mile powerwalk. that was nice. prob should have done a 4.8. before 4.8 there is NO stress relief. but i am not super stressed yet. but soon i will be.

i keep forgetting, this is the dead time of year. it should be a lot easier than it was earlier, which was the busiest most stressful time of year. now i can chill more, learn more stuff, build confidence, build connections.

f00k trying to move up. there is this guy who has been in the same position (mine) for 4 or 5 years. they like not promoting people.

it’s not enough that you do a good job. you have to do a good job AND get on the good side of power. and once you’re on the bad side, you can’t get out. they will be more than happy to keep you in the same position, doing a good job, and not pay you more.

well, you do get raises i think, but not promotions. raises are fine, i won’t complain about raises!!!!

but i do hope to be the fook out of there in 1 year, i have no allegiance for them. but i need to stay for 1 year to be a resume builder and not a resume killer. because that’s the way the f4ggot job market works. for f4ggots by f4ggots. f4ggots. just want to work on a small farm, make enough for your family to live, and smoke w33d all day, hehehehe.

hehehe. i identified with the parents in the unschooling book who saw something deeply wrong with Society and who wanted to Go Their Own Way with their radical parenting, radical child education. i agree. and now i don’t want to do anything anymore. have not for a long time! fook all that sh1t! I give up!

but i also try to take care of myself by powerwalking and going to the docker to try to get drugs to deal with the normalf4ggot world!

there’s a reason they call them normalF4GZ. cause it’s a f4ggy f4gg0t way to live and i don’t know how they do it without K’ing themselves in greater numbers.

oops getting dramatic again. less writing, more talking. hopefully more doing.

ok. tomorrow, get up, go to kohls, get some wearable clothes. go to docker, argue for ZBX. hopefully get them. make sure i get generic. go in there with a one sheeter maybe. then go to bharmacy, drop the stuff off. pick up the drugz later monday or on tues. just tell the docker i need ZBX for my job because it’s very stressful, and if i freak out, then i lose my job. and also i can’t relax on days off. and i’m also derpressed about being a huge virgin loser and i can’t work up the work ethic to go get a masterz degree and be a narmalf4g.