july 5

well starting to get the old dread about the job, only 3 days of freedom left.

welp, not as dreadful. i mean if they want to fire me for bad performance, LET THEM. WHO CARES. IT DOESN’T MATTER.

this is what happens when you don’t train your employees, hehehehehe.

plus maybe i can get some medz to help me with my nerves on the job.

a couple of the people i liked have moved on to other jobs. that sucks. also the one cute girl i wanted to have a short term fookfest with. damn.

i will see some people on facebook i totally forgot about. yep, totally forgot about that guy. i only talked to him once and he was a patronizing d1ck.

because a lot of the people will condescend to you for asking stupid questions or being a newb. questions are discouraged. you figure out how to do stuff on your own, and then if you fook up, you get scolded.

but if you ask too many questions, you get laid off for being a burden.

if you fook up too much, you get laid off for being a burden.

so lay me off motherfookers, hehehehe. it would take a permanent layoff to get me looking for another job hehehe becuase i swore i would get a solid year in here.

well, hopefully i can get the meds, and the meds WORK. really counting on the meds here. and also muh powerwalks.

hehehe. no wonder people shoot up their workplaces. i will not though, i do not encourage, support, endorse, or condone ANY kind of illegal activity.

i also plan on making a lot of talking files as i try to deal with the stress and figure how to deal and cope and move up.

the talking files are pretty sweet though. it is good. it is almost like talking to a shrink or a good frand.

going to docker on monday. tell him to give me strongest stuff he’s got because i need to keep my job and not freak out.

drop the rx off, get it filled, i should also probably buy some new clothes. maybe two nice shirts and two nice pairs of pants. at most. uhh that will cost at least 80 bucks. damn.

see you have low stress, medium stress, and high stress. i would say this is a high stress job. a low high stress job. meaning maybe 3.6 out of 5.

of course, stress hits me harder. normalfags might find it to be a medium stress job for example.

perhaps i have trouble imagining that other jobs could be less stressful or easier, thus i don’t even try to get other jobs.

well there is another cute girl that likes to cheat on her husband or babbydaddy, hehehehe. It would probably be a good idea to Hit Dat Sh1t!

this is how we talk about Wimmin in the Real World, College Boy! because the wimmin really are huge pieces of Work.

Zoloft, Buspar, Xanax.  ZBX, Son.

What do You Do if you have a Meltdown At Work and get Fired?

it is good to be prepared for the worse case scenario.

try to not meltdown when you in the office with your boss. in fact, there you can break down crying like a b1tch and either beg for your job back, or beg that they will give you a good reference and say you were laid off for business needs and not fired for being an emotional nutjob.

ok. well the trick is to find the NICE people at yer job and hang out with them, and not the fooking douchebags.

i would say, do this EVEN IF the douchebags are in power, if to rise in the company you have to BE a douchebag. it’s not worth it. just hang out wiht the nice people, maintain some semblance of sanity, the nice people will be more likely to help you anyway, especially if you tip them with a dollar every question you ask.

and then you can make friends you can hang out with at the bar after work and complain about the job, and, more importantly, try to find better jobs together.

heh. i want to try eharmony just to take their darn personality profile. not pay for their sh1t.

wow it sucked. okcupid is way better. can’t believe i would ever say such a thing. okcupid should charge 20 bucks a month, hehehehe.

once you get working steadily, it might be worth it to use match or eharmony or a paid dating site for Short Term Rel and Sechs. you might get better leads if you have to pay and admission fee. that might weed out 90% of men and thus make it that much easier for you to bang these women.

bang bang bang bang. bang might be the best word in the engrish language.

ok short post today hehehe. next: another dream about girl7.

oh yeah. finished unschooling book. it was pretty good. haven’t read a book all the way thru in years. i am for anything that builds childrens confidence; helps them develop their strengths and interests; helps them enjoy learning and being creative; gets them out of prison skools; allows them to spend time with their family; yep i’m sold. i am unschooling all 5 of my kids. so what if they don’t get into a good school. i graduated from a good school and i am STILL a loser because i have no confidence or swagger or energy or initiative or interest in anything. the end.