july 4

being forced to gamble 8 hours a day every day would just suck, especially if you needed to make money off it!

would it be different if i were actually GOOD at it?

july 5

KJ unsuited is actually NOT a good starting hand and you should fold it.

same with KQ unsuited. the more you know.

there has got to be a better way of gambling. like gambling small amounts over games of chess for example. not that i am any good at chess, but poker is inherently too volatile and bipolar. if you’re looking to slowly, gradually, make a constant flow of a little money, you picked the wrong game!

heh. probably better to be a big fish in a small pond (not talking about poker here!) than a little fish in a big pond. IMHO. this is not to say you should hang out with huge losers who drag you down. but simply that it may not behoove you to move to dc or nyc or harvard where there are a ton of huge winners making you feel like an even bigger loser.

it may make you hateful and spiteful. (same thing, hehehe)

so just hang out with normal average normalfags. not drug addict criminals, but average healthy people whose biggest flaw is simply that they are boring and square and chubby.  you may eventually find they are not as boring as you thought they are, and remember, it is always better to be NICE than Non-boring. (make sure the people are NICE.)

maybe offer to start a homeschooling cooperative org  in your area for parents who want to homeschool their kids but can’t afford to give up the dual income because bilderberg.

(that is my “favorite” new way of snarky educated progressive leftist “argumentation”: because + one snarky word. graduates of ivy league journalism programs make 50k a year at age 23 writing articles like that showing that they are smarter than everyone who does not live on the east coast. because f4gg0ts.)

because patriarchy, because men, because rape culture, because white men, because white male cis privilege, because capitalism, because guns, because racism.


that is what you pay 120k to educate youth to become. this is their idea of argumentation, and this is their idea of Core Values and Philosophy of Life. good job.

note: goldfish crackers original cheddar flavor are an amazing salty snack, perhaps better than cheezits. note to self, get cheddar goldfish a lot more often.

anyway. homeschooling. many homeschoolers resent education experts trying to sell them products and services. but you are not an education expert with a masterz of early childhood education and you have never spent a day teaching a public fedgov skool have u? hehehe. no you are a homeschool supporter thru and thru. so you are willing to work with the family for minimum wage and/or room and board, and you stay home with their kids and unschool them while the parents work like they have to. you explain you would like to homeschool your own kids if you could ever find a good wife and a halfway decent job, but you can’t, hehehehe, so you’re gonna homeschool other people’s kids and Help The Movement.

maybe after a while, one of the parents can get your foot in the door at their job and you can make moar money.

and you will have also got good experience with kids and homeschooling.

like i want to have 5 kids, but i have NEVER babysat a kid in all my life.

babysitting is a very popular summer job for cute young college gurls. like babysitting 40 hours a week and making decent monay.

there are hardly any men doing this, because it makes them look like child molesting f4gg0ts. well i say fook what the world thinks, you’re not a child molesting f4gg0t, so go ahead and babysit those kids! and it will teach you skills on how to be a better father when the time comes.

3.2 mile powerwalk later

you know what, lets keep it simple. most women have too much BAGGAGE to date. long term, monog, especially get married or have children. too much BAGGAGE. whether it be too crazy, too manny cox, too many kids, too old, too much sh1t going on that comes with getting older, just way TOO MUCH for you to sign up for.

now many times peoples baggage isn’t their FAULT directly, and some of the baggage is, but it has the same end result, it’s BAGGAGE for you to deal with and worry about.

now younger women do have less baggage than older women and that is good.

but if you have a two attractive older women, then the one with the less baggage is def more attractive for long-term rels.

if she has a lot of baggage, don’t get into a long term rel with her. remember that iron clad rule.

of course, short term rels and sechsual flings are just fine!

gotta get yer D wet!

and, of course, just because its a short term rel doesn’t mean you get to treat the woman badly. you WANT GOOD KARMA.

ok. so…. i’ve read in the dummies book that a lot more cardplayers would actually make money were it not for the rake, ie, the money the house takes out of every pot for its own operating expenses and profit.

so i’ve lost $170 in RAKE? when the rake is like 1% of the pot….ok 2.5% of the pot? and i have been folding 95% of hands anyway!

so my point is…..if you go to live charity poker rooms, where they take like 50% of the pot for charity… could think of that as a 50% rake for all intents and purposes. so how do THOSE players make any money? are they THAT good? am I in the Worst 1% of Poker Players?!?! I’m not great, but I can’t be THAT bad!!!!!

ok. whole milk is essentially 3.5% milkfat milk. 3.5%.

also just because a gurl has baggage doesn’t mean you can’t bang her….also doesn’t mean you can add to that baggage. the end.