july 4

how to help losers become winners.

heh. no plans for july 4. but better than compromising your life to be with an ugly gril.

but maybe ugly grils give the best luv and companionship.

maybe they do. but it’s a fact they give bad sechs, because you can’t get hard to an ugly gril.

and if you want luv and companionship with someone you can’t get it up to, you might as well do it with your male friends.

hehehe. until they get married and don’t have as much time 4U hehehe.

lemme tell ya. i would only get married if i was INSANELY in luv with the gril. and in order for that to happen, she has to be a looker.

when a girl is openly sechsual with a lot of guys, guys are not INTIMIDATED by the POWER of her Female Sexuality; they are DISGUSTED at her lack of SELF-CONTROL.

it is perhaps because of their uterus and high reproductive value that women are naturally made The Choosers; thus, they can get sechs whenever and with whomever they want; thus a promiscuous woman has NO SELF-CONTROL.

and a lack of self-control does not signify empowerment or strength. it is like a fat slob who continues to eat tons of food all the time.

not surprisingly, women want to be congratulated for being fat slobs, too!

heh. so i had “the immortal mfing nuts” and i only called instead of reraised, because i had a full house and a good hand but i did not realize at that instant i had the nuts, or perhaps i didn’t realize the significance of the nuts. i won an ok pot but i could have won more…..because i could have won even if the opponent went all in, because i had the nuts…..meaning, not even a 4 of a kind or a royal straight flush could have beat me, hehehe. this guy who wasn’t even playing at the table, but WATCHING, saw this immediately and pointed it out over and over again, clearly trying to point out what an idiot/fish/newb i was, who didn’t know how to play the game, and deserved to have my money taken away from me.

well, i learned a valuable lesson: always look for the nuts. and when you have it, try to get the other guy to go ALL IN.

sometimes you cannot make a quads or a royal straight hehehehe. and you know full house is a damn good hand.

you cannot make quads if there is not already 2 of a kind on the board.

you cannot make RSF, or any straight flush, if 3 cards of it are not on the board.

heh i was distracted. looking at other sites. not thinking about the nuts. just excited i had a full house. maybe i was scared to look like an 4sshole re-raising.


heh. all instructional or educational books should be written as if for children. they are always using stupid gay jargon even in beginners poker advice articles.

is this to keep the fish like me stupid? so they can get more money out of us? probably.

you want a lot of fish (ie idiots, people who suck, bad gamblers) who don’t know what they’re doing, and putting money in, so you can win it with your skills. you don’t want to TEACH THEM those skills! it’s kind of like magicians.

ok well here’s a tip THAT ACTUALLY WORKS:

when you get the flop, constantly ask yourself, “WHAT ARE THE NUTS”???

The NUTS being, The Best Possible Hand, given the community cards. Probably “the nuts” can change a bit once the turn and the river come down.

then ask yourself, HOW CLOSE IS MY HAND TO THE NUTS?

the closer it is, the more you should be betting.

and how likely is it someone has a higher hand than you?

yes. the nuts can change depending on the turn and river.

this guy was going crazy shouting in allcaps how i had “THE IMMORTAL MOTHERF00KING NUTS AND YOU DIDN’T RERAISE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

a real man has to be able to take this sort of “abuse” in stride. GROW A THICKER SKIN.

heh. this is on the super low stakes no rake table. it has a huge waiting list because you aren’t allowed to create your own table with this low of stakes. so there are a bunch of hecklers sitting around, watching, and making snide remarks.

i suppose if the site owner changed the rules and let people make their own superlow tables, there would be less hecklers.

if he’s concerned about not getting a rake, well, then why not have a rake on the table? like a small one? i don’t care about getting a rake taken, in fact, playing rake games builds your “experience points” so that one day you can actually get a rakeback. (heh now i am using jargon.)

i would say if you’re trying to get an entry level job for 12 bucks an hour, then cram as much stuff on your resume as fooking possible, like how you took AP classes in high school and was in the top 5% of your graduating class; and big GRE style words; eveyrthing and anything. size 8 font, .1 inch margins, etc.

NOW, if you’re going for an Non Entry Level Job in that field, then go for the scaled down, size 12 font, focused resume, focused on stuff in that field.

if you are doing a horizontal move to another entry level job, well, that sucks. then that’s not a promotion at all. but maybe you’re desperate for something a bit less stressful. or maybe another entry level job pays more.

heh. there are some degens in this poker chat room. i am going to stay away from that. not good people.