july 4 2014

heh. well happy 4th of july. it is a beautiful day. a little cooler than it has been. but sunny as f00k. beautiful.

so let’s celebrate by closing our borders and becoming super nationalistic, hehehe, and fight the globalist bilderbergers.

fight their agenda of building a north american union to meld the US with mexico….and then with the world.

you don’t have to hate mexicans! tell the mexican leaders to build a better mexico for mexicans!

one of my favorite movies of recent years, i have been hankering to watch it again because it is such a magical, life-changing experience. everything a classic movie should be.

BUT i am hesitant to watch it on a small sh1tty TV screen because this movie DEMANDS to be seen on the big screen.

now, you can rent out theaters, and I think with with an “independent art” movie like this is, it is tailor made for me to talk to local Art Spaces or Super Small Art Film Spaces to coordinate A Screening. this would cost money of course, but it would be willing to do, especially if no-one else in the area is spearheading it.

i was very pleasantly surprised to find a growing art cinema scene in the city, several good candidates for this movie. buncha artfags. in fact this is not an underground or unknown movie, you would think they would be showing it several times per year!

but yeah i would like to have a big party where that is the main event. invite all mah friends and also invite girls i want to bang. maybe girl8. ideally get with girl8 and bang her and start a long term monog rel with her. otherwise, bang her anyway or bang any other cute girls i would invite. plus the movie is so intense that it would really separate the wheat from the chaff eh. and then girl8 would melt into my masculine arms because of my great taste.

other grils might say, this movie is horrible, this guy is a creeper and a weirdo to like such weird horrible stuff that this is his idea of a party.

i would also have a big drunken feast at some point. this would be an all day affair. maybe show the movie in the morning/aft, then have the drunken feast, then an orgy. where i would be the only man, hehehehe.

i would not drink of course, but everybody else could.

anyway. if you’re not a Cinephile then it doesn’t matter. why rent out a movie theatre to show boondock saints or some crap, hehehehe.  i guess you could if you were a gay moron. who only wants to bang trashpvssy.

oh god. hehehehe. say you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer. i guess stage 1 so you can still get treatment. but like walter white you cannot afford it.

my question is, do PRISONERS get “free” health care? for cancer? certainly some people in prison have cancer. i have heard of them going to get treatments. who’s paying for that? uncle sam? f00k yeah get some of that govt cancer treatments!

so what you wanna do is commit a nonviolent but highly symbolic and visible “crime”, like stage a huge open carry rally in the middle of the capitol building or the middle of aipac or the bilderberg group or something.

then get sent to federal prison and get free cancer treatments.

note: this is ALL HYPOTHETICAL, i do not endorse, encourage, condone, or support ANY kind of illegal activity!

gettin close. gonna start working here. make some money. i might treat myself more with luxuries like strippers and t-shirts and nice suits and silver and a big screen tv.  hehe. that is a lot of luxuries.

well, i def NEED a nice suit pretty bad. huge confidence booster. and you can prob buy a nice suit for under $200. cheaper than you could buy a hooker!

mansplaining, whitesplaining.


real gurls are a huge step up from porno.

but an ugly real gurl is not really a huge step up from a good-looking stripper.

ideal is a cute non-hooker. by my GOD that’s a tall order. be lucky to pull some of that action once every ten years, hehehehe. if ever even once in your life! ever see how many guys are with ugly women? Mostly all guys that are with women, are with ugly women!

now, ugly women can often be better, more decent people than attractive women…..but they are orders of magnitude less bangable!!!!

heh i told u i get high libido during the summer!

maybe it is because i have not done a talking file in….2 days!

i might even spend twenty fooking dollars to buy a pair of sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses. that is steep but i guess not steep enough! i checked the website, and the fitover sunglasses there cost like 80 dollars!!!!

poker is fun, but what sucks about it is that you HAVE to be aggressive. you HAVE to be. no way around that. and you HAVE to get used to wild swings in your bankroll, and HUGE losing streaks.

this is just inherent to the game, and makes it less fun IMHO. you either accept those FACTS, or accept the fact that maybe Poker is not the game for me. and it might not be the game for me. i like winning, but i hate making big bets more, and even more than that, i hate making big bets and losing. over and over and over so that i am net down and not even a LITTLE up.