july 3

day before july 4. i like july 4, it’s ok. wish i had a nice qt young gurlfran to spend it with, waaah waaaah waaaah, and then we could cuddle and make out and eventually have luvsechs, woe is me, waah waaa waaa, and i never had that ever, wasaa waaaa waaaa.


what does matter is that i still have a decent life wihtout all that, and i try to be thankful for it.

heh. i should make an effort to be more social with people though, because my social life could stand a little improvement. heh. everyone is getting married or having kids or working 60 hours a week hehehehe. being an adult sucks. just don’t do it. just say no.

quit your job. move back in with your family. don’t get married. but i can’t tell you not to have kids, since i want 5 myself. but you might have to hold off until you’re 40 or 50.

mooch off your family till they kick you out or they pass away. it’s not like you wouldn’t let YOUR kids mooch off of YOU! and FAMILY is the most imporatnt thing in the world!

90000000000000 times more important than b1tches. if b1tches don’t want to spread for you because you’re 40 years old and live wiht your PARENTS and think that’s WEIRD, f00k them, that’s THEIR problem, not YOURS.

if you really want action BAD, go to a stripper once a year. or pay $500 a year for a high-quality escort with a good body and no tattoos. well, that’s if you’re working and can make $500 a year!

if not…..uh continue to work on your social skillz until they are SO good, that you can get sechs without even having a career!

f00k this, i am buying a social skills book from amazon RIGHT NOW, i’ve needed one for too long.

uhhh laws of power by greene, influence by cialdini, body language b y pease, maybe win friends by carnegie, i tried that one sev times but it never stuck.

ok i picked “how to talk to anyone: 92 tips and tricks bla bla bla” by liel lowndes because i wanted quick tips and tricks and it had many reviews and was fairly highly rated. although i know i’ve checked out one of her books from the liberry once. at least 5 or 6  years ago. might have even been this one.


because it is a higher priority right now for me to improve my social skills (that was the search term i used) than it is to improve my career.

in fact, you coul argue i NEED to improve my social skills IN ORDER TO improve my career!

in fact, my social skills are not horrible. they can sometimes be pretty good. heh. what i really need is CONFIDENCE. f00k. should have bought a book on confidence. hehehehehe.

welp i am gonna go to the store today and get some snacks. also want to get some whole milk. get like a quart of whole milk every time you go to the store.

when i am working i will buy some more silver too. prob more books too. and a vidya camera to make my documentaries and youtube channel. hehe. how about a nice sechsy masculine suit, i do need one.

i am going to a wedding in the fall and i am actually in the wedding party because this is one of my close friends, hehehehe. inner circle of trust. true real masculine closeness and intimacy. we have a lot of fun and i am thankful for it and would like to spend moar time with him because we always have tons of fun, although it wasn’t always so fun. we went thru some rocky phases but came out at the end stronger than ever, so that is a brilliant, beautlfuil gift from god.

anyway so i have to rent a super fancy suit. it cost over $100 and that was pretty steep. in fact for what i paid, i wanted to KEEP the suit.

actually i think it might be more of a tuxedo. which is nice and will look good in the photos and might be able to get me some action from any cute unrelated gurls friends of friends there…..but i don’t get to keep the tux, nor can you wear a TUXEDO to job interivews.

well why not? they are fancier than suits and cost more than suits. yet you can’t wear a tuxedo to a job int.

i dare you to do so!

it really would not help though. you would not get the job because they’d think you were WEIRD.

but having a GOOD suit WILL give you DEMONSTRABLY more confidence than a sh1tty suit. so spend good money on a good suit. go into debt for THAT, don’t go into debt for COLLEGE.


ok went to the store. bought some blue mt dew to mix w muh iced tea. nice. bought some vitamin d milk. if vitamin d whole milk were a percent milk, what percent would it be? i guess at least 3 or 4%. fat that is. it’s obviously more than 2%!

also bought a plain tan logoless undecorated baseball cap because it screams autistic virgin nerd and this new comedian i like wears one and looks like a total kv. i think his hat is almost white but this will do for now.

i also trimmed my “beard” so now it is quite long on the mustache and chin, but everywhere else it is a “2” length, and then i even narrowed that short part so it is like “chin straps” hehehe. point is, so you have a very short and neat and underwhelming professional beard, plus a long mustache/goatee area. might be my New Look 2014. see i need something professional enough for the job, but also Edgy in Parts, namely, the long chin.  not bad.

also got some haribo gummi bears. i hate to be extravagant, but cheapo value gummi bears are nowhere near as good as haribo.

when i came home the other night the first thing i saw in muh room was a medium-sized CENTIPEDE crawling on the wall. i shuddered with fear, shock, and revulsion and quickly planned my attack. i don’t kill spiders but centipedes are another story. it was moving fast and chaotically rather than just sitting still. i took my sandal and carefully approached to smack it. but it fell to the floor before i could get there and i assume it crawled underneath the carpet. the rest of the night i was nervously looking at the wall. i never saw it again, for better or worse. hopefully it did not crawl in my mouth while i was asleep. but that’s better than falling on your face when you are awake.