july 2 2014

buddy buddy.

so don’t only LOSERS get into conspiracy theories? people who have no power, who are at the bottom of society, so to explain away their own lack of initiative and work ethic, they claim the game was rigged by superrich elites and they had no chance to rise above? and that all successful happy people who make upper working class money or above are just sellouts to the bilderberg group, who would happily exterminate them if it meant more money or control for the rothschild and rockefeller masterz?

was doing my weekly social fun game and i saw at least 2 cute young gurls their in their 20s. one of whom had short hair and was real cute, great bod. and i have a short haired fetish naturally.

maybe because they have a bigger chance of being lesbians or asexual and thus rejecting you?

well, i would argue at least 60% of short haired gurls are still hetero, and you still gotta be masculine to pull them.

maybe the short hair indicates artsiness or hipsterness or that they don’t luv nickelback or go tanning or really lame prole stuff hehehehe.

cameron diaz gets totes naked in “sex tape” movie. hmm would have preferred she did that when she was young rather than old, but i liked her when she was young and would still bang her now that she’s old. more bangable at like 45 than many average wimmin at like age 35. which is not natural, but she keeps herself in super good shape, and avg women keep themselves in really bad shape and call it fat positive and body acceptance.

i can’t really talk because i am a little overweight. but i know better than to accept it, and am trying to lose it.

but yeah. i should have practiced talking to that short haired gurl last night. i have been practicing my talking lately hehehe.

was thinking internet security might be a good field to get into because it’s obviously an important thing. but so is being the president of the US, and there are not a lot of job openings for that.

i saw a guy at muh job who is one step above me (yet 6 years younger than me of course hehehehe) just finished his degree in internet security and i thought wow that’s a decent sounding field. with that degree he deserves to make 40 grand a year at least starting out and he should leave this job IMMEDIATELY because he probably “only” makes 37 grand right now. how long will it take him to leave this job and find a better one that pays  above 40. ARE THERE jobs like that within 500 miles? i do not know. i have no inside knowledge of Decent Jobs In The Area.

how many people are actually arrested/prosecuted for buying drugs off the s1lk r04d? i honestly do not know. how big of a risk are you taking if you use the tor browser properly and also properly encrypt your mailing info with PGP?

heh. ideally you would use it to locate good drvg dealers in your own citay whom you could meet up with in person. wellllllll. ok maybe not, that could be a huge sting operation. law enforcement. honeypot.

what do you do if you get cancer and have no health care?

well, one thing you COULD do, which i cannot officially recommend because it’s illegal, is to get a huge hoard of heron and/or strong opiate painkillerz. when the cancer end of life pain gets too unbearable, simply give yourself a superhuge dose of heron to kill the pain, and see what else may happen.

also at that time, hypothetically get a deathbed confession just in case, to cover your A, just in case the christian god is the correct one, and he is a spiteful d1ck, who would condemn you to hell a. for not officially declaring your belief in him b. for k’ing yourself.

what a d!ck! and you WORSHIP that???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

question is, is that how god is protrayed by his friends or his enemies? only anti-god anti-religion annoying atheists talk like that! while everyone actually at church is really nice!

for internet security, you don’t even really need a degree, you just need SKILLZ son. so why aren’t you spending 12 hours a day practicing your hacking? because you’re not interested in it? then no 40k job for you, loser! why u think a company would hire you for a good job if you’re LAZY and CUT CORNERZ?????

back to looking at “raw job numbers” on indeed. how the f000000k is graphic designer the job with the most openings in “Information technology”?????

Graphic Designer
Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Software Engineer
Program Manager
Technical Writer
Systems Administrator
Manufacturing Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Network Engineer

that is number of job postings in may 2014, presumably on indeed.

how does this compare to the numbers reported by the BLS.

i am almost tempted to trust indeed over BLS.

MAYBE all of the graphic designer jobs are part time! so, 2 graphic design jobs = 1 network engineer job.

hehehe. f4ggots. just quit your job and become a parasite on welfare and watch the beast burn hehehehe.

heh. just sent $20 to my gambling account. might be time to JUMP BACK ON IT.

ok finally. it took forever.

trying to figure out how to pgp encrypt mah email. because email is notoriously not private. anybody can read it. which is why you should not send sensitive information in an email.

eeeehhhh but how does the SSL protocol help here. doesn’t that make you not need PGP anymore??

heh. i would study this if i were SURE it would get me a JOB.

fook. then i search “information security” in the search box and get 160,000 full time jobs in the us. what the g0ddam f00k. either this info sec info is wrong; OR i’m searching the wrong term; OR the jobs report info was wrong; OR they just forgot to put infosec in there between graphic designer and data analyst. just forgot to put the SECOND BIGGEST THING on the list ALTOGETHER. YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!