july 1

how about u, how abotu u.

well going for a powerwalk, but do i do a powertalk at the park as well? prob should try, hehehehe.


wow. heh. had some private time at home so i got to do an unprecedented 80 minute talk. nice. this is immed after doing a 30 minute talk at the park. so almost 2 hours of talk in one day.

hje hje hje hje. i might be running out of talk at this point!

the big lesson to learn is that you probably have a few hours of talking built up in you right now, like blueballs that need to be drained in or on a 24 year old qt. (trying to train myself to prefer 24 year old girls over the evil immoral preference of 18 year old gurls hehehehe). you might slow down after a while. nothing to be afraid of. but you’ll never know unless you try.

ideally you would have a whole day off work, to talk to the recorder in the privacy of your home, for at least 2 hours uninterrupted. i think i got a LOT of good stuff in my 80 minutes for example. can’t wait to listen to it hehehehe.

some guys have short term rels with attractive wimmin, and then much longer term rels with wimmin who are decidedly less attractive.

are unattractive wimmin better for long term rels, and attractive women better at short term rels?

what if you tried to have a long term rel with an attractive woman? see I would try to do that, because if I’m going to have to be banging her over the long term, hundreds of thousands of times, I’d want her to be as attractive as possible, to get my D up as many times as possible!!!!!!

anyway. the Long Talk was great. in an ideal world i would do a one hour long talk once a week. maybe twice a week.

seriously. give it a try. talk about anything you want. talk about being a loser, how you rejected by gurls, how gurls are wh0res, how you got molested by uncle jack, etc etc etc. talkabout politics, talk about sports, books, vidya, anything you WANT, just practice talking charismatically and engagingly because it is THE most important social skill their is. heh. along with eye contact. and also talking is more effective, powerful, and FUN than writing.


ohhh job. cashier recpt PT job . tv new segment. whyt u may not get callback. bc ref did you in. check ref first before even calling you in for intervie. talk to guy from some firm. temps recruiter? dont say. managers use their time most effectively by calling references and never calling candidate in for interview. and then references say something that makes manager not call person in for interview.

LIKE WHAT???? never said. this is what i don’t like about this jobs advice news segment on the local news. they tell you about a problem but don’t tell you details of the problem, or how to fix the problem.

does it seem like the powers that be WANT TO KEEP PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED?

and that seems SO ridiculous and counterintuitive?

it’s NOT.

SKOOL is designed to keep you OUT of jobs.

The Elites want to keep you OUT of a job.

they WANT you to be UNEMPLOYED.

once you understand that strange FACT, things will start to make a lot more sense.


anyway i thought references weren’t even allowed to say anything bad about you. and why would you put somebody down for a reference who might say soemthing bad about you?

unless the references THINK they’re saying something good, but the person on the other end thinks its BAD.

your old manager thinks it’s a GOOD review, but the new prospective manager thinks its a BAD review.


so the fix is to delete that person from your references, who thinks they’re giving good references but they’re giving bad?

find what the Real Good Truth is in 2014 or 2015 or 2016 and then supply your people with a script to read so you KNOW they’re giving you a good reference?

faggots. f00k your faggot job advice.

i’ve got some job advice TRUTH for you: don’t go to grade school. don’t go to high school. don’t go to college. maybe go to trade school. bang b1tches and work on your talking, social skills, charisma, networking. the end.

july 2

heh. i watched a documentary by a huge “conspiracy theorist” who gave me a new one: that the Ruling Class aka the New World Order One World Planetary Government doesn’t just want you unemployed, they want you EXTERMINATED, and that they plan to reduce the earths population by EIGHTY percent. ok fine as you may have guessed this was the one and only alex jones.

but why not have as many people alive as possible, if you want to have as many SLAVES as possible making you rich?

because i guess after like 500 million slaves, they stop adding value. this was not explained super well. one guy said because they don’t want money, they already have all the money they want, they just want POWER because it’s an “aphrodisiac.”  so why not have power over 7 billion slaves. just say that 500,000,000 is the maximum carrying capacity for slaves, then they start being unproductive. negative marginal value. the max size of that “economy of scale.”

so don’t you want employed slaves? also, how can slaves add value if machines can do everything more efficiently? he painted the picture of a “prison planet” where humans lived in huge urban prisons but did not flesh out that idea enough imho. still, it was very fun watch and might be enough to make an official alex jones fan out of moi.