june 29

sometimes i get interests but i don’t really want to LEARN about them. i am content to stay where i am at and not learn from others. like when i was young, i had intense interests, but i never read voraciously to learn more about dinosaurs for example, i would just play with my dinosaur toys for hours, or reread the exact same kids dino book over and over again rather than seeking out anything new. hmmm. interesting. more later.

june 30

hobby lobby will not pay for birth control. us supreme court case.

CLOSE YOUR LEGS. there’s some birth control for ya! CLOSE YOUR LEGS!

go around shouting to random women, CLOSE YOUR LEGS!

elliot rodger should have just done that.

or maybe bad beta creeper #notallmen men like me are just spreading our seed around too much, having sechs once every 10 years, muhahahahaha.

i think the idea behind #notallmen is that IT DOESN’T MATTER that not all men are raepers and abusers, but that all men are INHERENTLY raepers and abusers.

Not All Men: A Brief History of Every Dude’s Favorite Argument

did i already link to this HORRIBLE article in a VERY mainstream magazine? i don’t understand the arugment being made….

not all men jaws shark

i think the idea here is that all men are inherently violent and sexist raepers who naturally hate women as their natural enemy. that men are naturally dangerous and harmful, like the shark. who cares if one great white shark is not dangerous. when he jumps up on your boat, you HAVE to assume he’s dangerous, like 99.9999999% of his species are, and when he jumps on boat, you’re RIGHT to get scared as sh1t and fight for your life.

also that “not all men” DEFLECTS or STRAWMANS the ACTUAL argument about Rape Culture and PAtriarchy. it doesn’t matter that not all men are like that, that’s even understood, just like not all women are heartless b1tches and sluts and b1tches and wh0res and liars and cheaters and deceivers and scammers. but it has NOTHING to do with the REAL argument being had: That Raep CULTURE is bad and must be stopped!

and that for a man to take that so PERSONALLY, does indeed say volumes about him and his selfishness, entitlement, and possible Complicity, to automatically assume you’re talking about HIM wanting to Raep women!


anyway i don’t care. who cares. it doesn’t matter.

but there has been at least three real annoying stupid feminist “grassroots movements” on twitter this year: notallmen, yesallwomen, and i just learned about endfathersday.

heh. this is what happens when women go to college. they become manhating feminist d1kes hehehe. and come up with twitter hashtag campaigns. you go grrrrl.

just be a nice gurl and study veterinary or nursing or social work or teacher or something.


anyway less than 1% of men rape, rape is a psychotic behavior of psychopaths and sociopaths; i may have gotten passive aggressive and angry at women when i was in luv with them and they rejected me, but i never raped them! i would just get drunk and say stuff like “hows the sechs with your boifran” or something.

and that was many years ago. i don’t do that any more. i know better. but i was young, dumb, and full of you know what.

ok gotta call docker today. try to have an appt before i go back to werk. because thats the idea of werk: you don’t have time to go to the docker, or to interview for better jobs. you’re stuck. might as well be in jail. might as well go drunk drive, raep women, and buy heron and go to jail, its the same thing, hehehehe.

had a dream last night with girl6 again. we were at a party and having fun and i was being a funny, cool, popular, extraverted normalfag, making friends and talking to everybody. i put my arm around girl6 and she very willingly cuddled up to me, in front of everyone, for quite a while, and everybody noticed. the end. short and sweet.

it doesn’t matter that it was girl6. it coulda been any girl, replaced her with any other girl 1 thru 8. in fact she didn’t really act like girl6 because girl6 was cold and b1tchy and never snuggled up to me hehehehe. because i wasn’t a violent tuffguy psycho raeper abuser, hehehehe.

i think confidence is THE most important thing for a person to have, more than happiness, more than contentment, more than security, more than anything.

because confidence underpins everything. if you’re losing and down and out, confidence will then give you the resilience to roll up your sleeves and work harder, because you know deep down that you are a boss and one day your hard work will pay off. you know that one day you will win. you don’t view the effort as not being worth it. you never give up.

confidence is the basis of resilience!!!!!

you can BANG a VERY attractive woman for “only” $400. set up a budget so you can save up $400 once per year and bang an attractive woman once per year. make a special occasion out of it, splurge, treat yourself. that’s MORE than doable, and it would be a LOT better than status quo!

here’s a hint: do NOT look on backpage. try other sites on the internet. the best gurls will have their own websites that look very professional, have plenty of pictures (though sometimes with their faces slightly blurred out, but more than enough of a view of their Hot, Tattooless bodies), and have a convenient list of suggested donations right there.

lemme try to find one right now. i’m trying to think of a loser city hehehe. or the most derpressing place in the US.

ok how about gary indiana.

uhhh here’s a bunch of “ESCORTS” aka “PROVIDERS” near indiana. ok gary might be a tough sell. so just go 30 miles to chicago.

go there and plug indiana into the “city” box. they might also need a Web Developer Pro if you’re looking for a new job.