june 29 2014

heh happy holloween. may you bang cute 18 year old slutty whatever gurls. or slutty goths. or whatever. just bang 18 year old gurls.

heck bang 23 year old gurls.

tell me, MOLYNEUX, what would be the Minimum Ethical Age for a 33 Year Old Actor to Bang, if not an 18 year old?


and i think 23 is close enough to 25! heck, by 23, gurls have graduated college, started their career and or grad skool, and make more money and have more power, influence, and respect than you! their brains might still be developing for another 2 years, and yours stopped 10 years ago, but i think you can still get away with banging them!


with younger girls, it brings out more of your masculine need to PROTECT. you want to keep them safe and treat them with gentleness sometimes, because they are young and girlish and the world is a mean brutal place that wants to raep and defile them, and you want to protect their innocence, from becoming a dirty wh0re.

but a 25 year old woman with 25 sechs partners, you don’t care so much. she’s already defiled herself!

that is the other downside of writing compared to talking. you can get your point across better with talking, and you can also get your TONE across better. if you HEARD me TALKING, you’d KNOW I didn’t really HATE women. and that i would never HURT a woman. i am just making sick JOKES all the time because i am lonely and have had no success with women hehehe.

but i do honestly like younger woman and would not have an ethical prob Dating an 18 year old. i would take good care of her and not film sechs fetish vidyas of her and send them to her family. unless she royally f00ked me over, hehehehe. i mean i would stand up for myself if i were ever wronged or disrespected. i would not suffer fools gladly.

always remember, never forget: YOU CAN STAND UP FOR YOURSELF WITHOUT BEING A B1TCH. and doing something stupid that will bring you bad karma or butthurt.

looking for an alternative to windows music player. something lightweight because my computer is slow and old, but very trusty and i thank GOD for it. very disappoint to learn that WINAMP is DEAD. you can’t even download an old version. so i am using “Music Bee” and this is pretty good. i hear “Foobar” is also good.

i was watching tv lazily on a sunday afternoon and came across “anger management” with adam sandler and jack nicholson and i only now recalled how HILARIOUS the movie is, despite sandler having a bad rep among Smart Intellectual Comedy Buffs who only watch Louis CK or Portlandia hehehehe.

“i am sorry for being so rude earlier…..but it’s difficult to express myself….when i am on the verge…. of EXPLODING IN MY PANTZ”

heh your homework is to go out and actually use that line. i know i have to.

yeah i know i left out some important stuff in my Life Biography recently, probably some especially private stuff with muh family and friends which i rather would keep private. but i can give you the dirty details of my love life.  is that bad karma against the privacy of those women? well they’re all doing allright, all much bigger winners than me, i think they can take it. plus i didn’t say anything TOO bad about them, i’m just telling what happened. i was no angel either. many times the “blame” was 50 50. or 60 40. sometimes i don’t think they gave me enough of a chance, hehehe.

went to church today and had tons o fun making 2 voice recordings. two 15 minute recordings. NOICE. it is slowly getting better i think. maybe. it is hard to talk while i am driving. so today i spent a good chunk of the time talking while in the parking lot. that was ideal. do that more.

if someone at work or anywhere is busting your balls, look them dead straight in the pupils of the eyes and say, “STOP BUSTING MY BALLS” so they know that you don’t take sh1t like a little beta b1tch.

today i learned mayim bialik is super into attachment parenting and just wrote a BOOK about it.

also i learned that that recent controversial time magazine cover with the 6 year old boy sucking on the womans t1t, was about attachment parenting.

because mainstream media likes to spin it as a weird incestuous you breastfeed till you’re 30 weirdo thing. because the mainstream media wants to make sure that IT has more influence over your kids than YOU do.

send your kids to state skool, kill their desire to learn, at best they will become unthinking automatons, good slaves, tax livestock.

hehehe. hehehehehehehehehe.

but what about the people with no skills who can’t get jobs who thus don’t pay taxes but instead suck up a ton of taxpayer money? why would the gummint want to encourage that? because it buys their votes? but those people don’t vote a lot! but i guess they let politicians argue for higher taxes which means more money and more power for them, and maybe some of that trickles down to these consumer parasites, hehehehe.

use a kleenex or toilet paper with vaseline smeared on it to prevent minor chafing on your thighs or between The Buns. sounds gross but for people that sometimes Wipe a little too hard, it can be good.

it might eventually be worth it to upgrade my/your google drive storage space. 20 bucks per year. not horrible.