AGE 28 and 29

june 28

AGE 28

january. ok my good friend moved out of state in like september of this year.

i did not visit the college town at all this year.

i know for a fact i hung out with girl7 at least once and we went to dinner together in like august28. i paid for her dinner and really wanted to send some signals.  she was about to start her last year of college in a useful degree, where she would immediately be successful and go on to get a masterz degree and be ever moar successful. but during age 28 she was still A College Student.

uhh i took c++ programming 2, an web dev course, a database course.

i hung out with my friend a lot before he moved.

oh fook how could i forget. for a while we were trying to develop a tv show. he was in charge and i was just along for the ride. but he did a lot of work on that during…..well well before summer26.  like summer25, 24, 23. i would drink and throw story ideas at him. he didn’t drink nearly as much.

i drank cheap malt liquor and cheap whiskey and got raging drunk. he drank moderately and responsibly, and drank fancy craft beer.

anyway, he is a great guy. it kinda sucks that he prob won’t move back. so i should go out there and visit him!

ok, lemme tell you exactly what classes i during during year 28:

winter: networking & databases.

summer: CSS and Visual Basic 1.

fall: ASP.NET, Business Software, and C++ 1.

i checked the source.

databases was prob most fun. c++ was real hard and kinda sucked.

girl7 was always too busy to hang out with me. i should have took the hint during year 27. but noooooo i was still in denial in year 28.  still in luv with her.

when the hell did i discover heartiste/roissy? way before this. i had to be 23 or 24. in the drinking days, hehehe. i was horrified and i think i looked to feminism as a way to say, “this can’t be true! heartiste can’t be right!!!”

and now i have learned to stop worrying and luv heartiste. he is right, feminists are wrong.

during summer28 i first saw “three guys one hammer” and that was a big deal. this is the infamous “shock video”, more of a snuff film, where a real man is really tortured and murdered on camera, filmed by the psycho sadistic murderers. that was a gamechanger for me and taught me that True, Objective Evil Does exist unequivocally, and is no laughing matter.

Also I was definitely becoming more conservative by then. I was self-identifying as a conservative by the previous year, by summer27.

the years get more boring and less eventful than they were in my young wild college days, so we can squeeze two years in easy.

at the start of “christmas vacation”, i had a real nice hangout with girl7 and gave her a present like a BETA PUSSY.

AGE 29

january. my friend was gone for a few months.

my other friend was having problems of his own for a while. some stuff similar to me: dui, etc. for a while i was not seeing him too much because i had quit drinking but he hadn’t.  but soon he got a dui and had to quit drinking too , hehehe, and then we got alot better.

but for a while my social life was kinda lacking. one of my main friends had moved out permanently. and i unfort was bad at keeping in touch with another old friend. 2 other old friends.

however by age 29 i had started a social thing which i continue to this day which is essentially a social game with a group of people on a regular basis, at least once a week. won’t say what exactly it is, but it gets me out of the house and it’s fun.

in may age 29 i started my next blog. that was fun as hell. that was the political blog, the one that came immediately before this one. by now i was far right wing and proud, and used that blog to talk about that. i actually got noticed by some bloggers on the far right and it was perhaps a bit too much attention for me. i continued this blog for a little over one year and got a ton of great posts in, and some notoriety.

classes i took age 29:

winter: linux, c++2

summer: nothing. those 2 c++ classes were real demanding and i was starting to get sick of skool again, and it wasn’t going anywhere. by now i had accumulated about 68 credits since summer26 and it didn’t seem to be helping my career any or making me any more money. so f00k it.

girl7 graduated college and started a decent entry level job in her field. we hung out like 2 times in 1 month, which was unheard of. she had left our mutual job and i wanted to kick the flirtation up a notch. i playfully touched her arm in the movie theatre to show i was interested in her bod. she got really weirded out, and i wasn’t being THAT weird. uh oh.

by october age 29 i got my official rejection from her hehehe. well at least i tried, took it to the limit, and got rejected. it happens. fact of life. life goes on. bla bla bla. as long as i could have an answer regarding her before I was THIRTY. and i managed that.

in fall age 29 i took calculus 1.

with girl7 out of the picture, out of my life, finally, i began to accept my racism more. before i thought it was too extreme. now i didn’t give a f00k what was too extreme, the only woman i LOVED was out of my life forever, hehehe, so i was gonna be an extreme racist.

at least i had my weekly social event, and i was getting along very well with my other friend who had quit drinking around summer29. that summer i enjoyed going to his place and swimming in the pool and using the hot tub and sauna. there i developed my official, outspoken love of saunas.

but the girl7 rejecting me in october29 was a big deal, i remember the month specifically. i would only see her two times after that. which is good, i would hate having to see her regularly. i need a clean break.

in december29 i took a fun trip to vegas to meet my good friend who had moved away in fall28. that was a lot of fun. and i had no temptation to drink in vegas.