AGE 24

june 28

AGE 24

january.  yep. still working the low paying temporary leftist job. had turned down the americorps offer, stupidly. i was a terrible fit with the org, but it was just temporary, it wasn’t too stressful other than that bad fit thing, everyone was nice, i got along with the leftists, but it was just super weird. they also offered me a room to live in and that was a big perk, wanted to move out and get muh own place.

well it was in a real bad neighborhood, like crime and gangsters and irresponsible gun wielders and stuff. terrible neighborhood to hang out. i would just buy some cheap beer and sit in the room and drink the beer and got a strong buzz going almost every night. this was not healthy at all.

in march or april i finally left the job and was glad to be out of it. however this started over a year of joblessness. maybe a year and a half, almost!

so during that time i lived with the fam. often i would go up and visit the college friends. some college friends were gradually leaving to go to grad skool, and or big city.

i am very happy that in this year 2014 i was able to apologize to some of the people i neglected during that time!!! finally some good karma!!!

back to age 24. i went up there and drank like an idiot. still saw girl4 a couple times. i wrote some stories, i had a good fiction story going on then, basically a slightly fictionalized version of the end of my college years. where i tried to make myself into a bukowski ish hero.

oh yeah. one of the best things about “Summer 5” (prev post) is that we had a writing club and would drink and read our stories and poems. i got raging drunk and read some classic poems and stories. when i dropped out of skool like a bum, i began my writing career hehehe. but i actually wrote a couple really good poems. total bukowski ripoff though. and at this time was able to share them. girl 4 was there but this did not help my game with her.

anyway. age 24. i was also starting to plug in more to my friends at home. one of them got a house which became the party house and or the hangout house. i began hanging out and partying there. at first it was good to reconnect wiht the people from home. later the parties got more degenerate, i started drinking more and more, and embarrassed myself to them.

during this time i met….girl6.

i must have met girl5 before her, right? it was either the same year or the year before that i met girl5.

so, either age 24 or age 23. i met her during the summer, i remember that, AND i had already moved back home. but girl5 lived in the college town as a student there, in her final year, friend of my college friends. she was really nice and cute and wholesome and nonpromiscuous. kinda like girl4, but NICER and friendlier to me. girl5 actually liked hanging out with me and i didn’t scare her away with my dirnking immediately.

yes, it WAS during age 23 summer i met girl5, because i remember chatting with her while i was working my leftist job in the early months of age 24. settled.

wow. i thought i was older than 23 when i met girl5, but i guess not. she was prob 21 or 22 at that time.

if i were still living in that town you better believe i would have been all over girl5 and probably would have made out with her AT LEAST, if not had an abortive pre-relationship with her, hehehehe. but we were always long distance. so in a way, she was the gurl who got away. kinda like girl8, hehehe. i had two of those, hehehe.

age 24 summer girl5 graduated and moved back to her home town, which was the big cool city nearest to my relatively smaller, much crappier city. she later went to law skool and became a successful attorney making at least 70k a year. strange, because she did not seem the lawyer type. she was not a huge cvnt!

it was either summer 24 or summer 25 that i visited that city with some home friends, and i met up with girl5 for a few hours and we had a great time.  just talking and smiling at each other walking around on a beautiful summer afternoon. yep we coulda had something good if we ever lived in the same town at the same time! i will never forget that day. it was great. that i think was the last time i saw girl5.

so i met girl5 in summer 23, so i met girl6 in summer 24. summer25 at the latest. i was partying at the party house with my home friends, making a drunken fool of myself, jobless. yes that HAD to be summer24. (ie, the summer when i was 24 years old.)

she was only 19 or 20 at that time and real cute. we hit it off ok at first and she even showed an interest in me, but i think it was just a platonic interest. a few months later i was in luv with her but the novelty of the franship had worn off for her, and i wasn’t as new and exciting. there was about one great chance there where we were both drinking, getting drunk actually, two of us alone in the basement. I felt I should have moved towards her and tried to make out with her there, but i didn’t.  damn. and it was all downhill from there. and i never made out with her.

i divided my time getting drunk at home there, and every month going to college town to get drunk there. the job prospects seemed hopeless and i put it off and put it off, occasionally applying for something but never hearing back, and certainly never aggressively contacting them. i had given up essentially. well, i had given up in other ways many years before!

HOWEVER it was either summer24 or summer25 that i reconnected with an old home friend that i have known since high school, that i am good friends with today, so that was good. but i ended up drinking a lot with him, and that was bad.

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