GRADE 7 thru GRADE 11

june 28

grade 7: this sucked probably about as much as grade 6, maybe even more. had one really really mean sh1tty b1tchy teacher we all dreaded switching over to. the other teacher was crazy and weird but not AS bad, nonetheless she was not as bad as the good teacher in grade 6. Bad teacher in grade 7 was……about as bad as the bad teacher in grade 6?

so that sucked. plus the kids became more intractable, deeper into the action, closer to puberty or maybe even actually starting it.

in 7th grade the “gangster” element was very popular, so the cool kids were those who were into the new gangster rap and dressed like gangsters. it was a pretty bad culture that. 2 of the girls i liked were into that gangster culture, it was stupid. by this time i was writing my 150 page screenplay about the outsider guy who just wanted a nice gurlfran, and ended up getting with the cutest gurl in skool, who surprisied everyone by being really nice and cool and going with the dorky outsider guy, “me”/”I”, and not a gangster or a “jock.”

the alternative for popularity, ie the alphas in the now-solidifying social hierarchy, was either “gangsters” or “preppies.” which overlapped a bit with “jocks”, although i think the Jock Alphas were skewed a LITTLE bit towards the preppies. the Preppies actually cared about their futures as in going to a “good” high school and staying out of trouble with the Law, and talked a bit more intelligently. a bit.

we were in an area with terrible public schools, so there was no question of going to a private school.

so yeah i think grade 7 was a turning point.  things congealed. if i had been homeschooled thru grade 7 i might have turned out all right. well, ok, thru grade 8. homeschooled for all of grade school. might have entered high school with more confidence.

grade 8

actualyl did not suck as much as grade 7. learned to accept the stupid social order, and buried myself in my stories and screenplay and music.  thankfully both of our teachers were BOTH good, something had not enjoyed since grade 5. school was still boring at best but i tried to have fun wherever i could.  i got into a decent private high school that was available to the upper working class who wanted to make sure their kids were college ready.

grade 9

actually i did not have a huge confidence problem in high school! i did ok actually. i talked to all sorts of people like a normalfag. i did not get bullied by older kids. i joined the stage crew for the drama/musical club, and that sucked, becuase i was the only 9th grader and i didn’t talk to ANY of the older kids there. but they did not really bother me either, so. it was just boring and awkward. i continued writing for fun, and lots of music of course. prob my best year of high school in terms of skool itself not sucking.

in the summer after was the first and last time i made out with a grill, until i made out with a grill the next time and also banged her (first time) in like grade 15.

grade 10

by this time i moved onto the high achievers track, because i took the first AP class available. you really couldn’t start taking ap classes till 10th grade. the one we had was European History.

this may have cemented my interest in European HIstory, and knowing what we do now, it’s kinda a weird first AP class to have, and i did not appreciate it enough at the time, because it was too much work. god damn. i did not like doing all that work, all the huge tests, essays, outlining eveyr chapter, it took up like 3 times as much work as my next hardest class. if this is what AP classes are like, count me OUT! I thought. f00k this sh1t. too stressful. yet where i had quit stuff i didn’t like before, unfortunately i did not quit ap classes. i got a 5 (highest score) on the exam, plus the fact that AP classes were out of 5 and not 4, then factored into a 4 point GPA, boosted my normal high school gpa well above 4, making me look like a very attractive college bound student.

grade 11.

i was always a quitter but i never quit AP classes, the one thing i really SHOULD have quit. I took only AP US History, while the REAL achievers took AP US AND AP Physics. They kinda saw me as a slacker, but i said, f00k that sh1t, ONE ap class is enough. so now i was the rebel amongst the AP set.

Here i turned 16, did my drivers training in the summer before grade 11, got my license during 11;  and unfortunately i started experimenting with alcohol and marihuana during grade 11. super young age. adding to my rebel status.

still lots of music, some writing, i was heavily into journaling and writing about my life. and about music hehehe.

by now we had moved on to actually trying to play music. i started out playing bass and then moved on to guitar. since we listened to a lot of metal still, we tried to play some metal music. there were a few really classic great alcohol and marihuana fueled jam sessions that were a lot of fun, but i was never strong enough of a songwriter to actually be part of a band, plus i did not have the money needed to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in the musical equipment needed to be in a band.

yet my dream was to “be in a band and play shows.” being on a stage and playing a concert was my dream. i never accomplished that, hehehehe.

so it was weird. i had this wild party life in contrast to my stressful studious life with my AP class which i resented. I didn’t even want to be in that ONE AP class. and those faggots in TWO AP classes thought i was a slacker. I was just as smart as them!

I still wanted to take NO ap classes in senior year and really slack off, wouldn’t that be great. i still got a 5 on my AP US exam.

i also continued the play/drama/musical club, this time as a….dancer/singer? that was a little more fun and I got to associate with gurls for the first time. i was partnered with a gurl who was kinda nice and sorta cute, but nothing too impressive, and also she was dating one of the seniors at my school. plus i was not horribly interested in her anyway. oh yeah. i started as a singer-dancer in grade 10 and continued in grade 11. it really ate up a lot of time i could have used to do drugs and alcohol. i mean study and learn about things that interested me, hehehehe.

yup, i should have homeschooled/unschooled during high school too, not just grade school.

although by grade 11 i had made a great friend who i remain friends with to this day, so that was good.