june 28

ok. last night i could not sleep because mah rum gets no circulation even with two fans blowing and it was 81 degrees and moist and sticky, as i say, i like a dry heat. but if this is the price i pay for summer, i would pay it erry day of the year.

just read 30% of the unschooling book and thought i would have been more of a winner if i were unschooled. but was school really THAT bad? I wasn’t bullied constantly, just some very minor bullying in grades 6 thru 8, then a little in grades 11 and 12, none of it super serious.

was i really a beta in the pecking order, moreso as just simply a gamma, or ignored. well it is a fact i wasn’t good with gurls, AND i did not have raging confidence.

so i thought of going a real quick and dirty review of mah skool years:

preschool. started young, so i was always the youngest in every single grade. i learned to READ in preschool at like age 4. that was a big deal. the teacher was so impressed she took me into the first graders to show them the genius preschooler who could read better than they could. felt good man. now i can see how that was maybe a dumb idea on her part, because it kinda shamed the first graders. but she did not seem sadistic about it, just honestly happy. and so was i.

kindergarten: was not bad. i started at the skool i would be at till 8th grade. the teacher was really nice and i still remember her. i was not drawing violent pictures. i don’t remember specifics, just that it was pretty good. and shorter skool day than grade 1 thru 8.

1st grade: definitely sucked more. this is when “real” skool started. the day was longer. more structured and gay. the teacher was not as nice but at heart she was a nice person, just weak and could not control the class, and also the students were more unruly and ill behaved. i was not bullied or anything.

2nd grade: the teacher was really nice. i remember her. real nice. by this time i think i did start drawing violent, scary pictures. wtf.

3rd grade: this was the first real sucky year. the teacher sucked, she was a mean old b1tch. the students were idiots too, egging her on. i did not get bullied. but skool was boring and dumb and why did i have to be there 6 hours a day when i could be at home having fun away from all these morons. i remember i was reading pretty good, I read a great book series called “the polk street school kids”. if i were unschooled i prob would have read ALL those books rather than just some.

4th grade: better than 3rd cuz the teacher was way nicer. yet whether the teacher was nice or mean, i barely remember learning anything. it is stupid how you learn bla bla for 1 hour, then switch to bla bla 2 for another hour, etc. also this was the year our family dog died, that was a pretty big deal. dog was old and sick and we had to “put her down.”

5th grade: uhhh this one was ok? starting in 4th grade we moved up to the top floor of the 3 floor school building which was a nice building, still have dreams about it to this day. the teacher was nice. in 5th grade we started “switching” or “exchanging” meaning for some classes we would move to another classroom with another teacher who taught us half the subjects. why the hell didn’t they do that earlier i’ll never know. broke up the tedium, made things more interesting. both teachers were nice.

6th grade: this might have been the worst year yet. at this time boys started to “get gurlfrans”. not me of course! at this time the social hierarchy started to be drawn. before then it was relatively peaceful. by this time i had gotten heavily into music and probably metallica was my favorite band. my fam feared that the negative heavy metal was giving me a bad attitude. i don’t think it was THAT bad, but…..i also worry that maybe it didn’t help. but i was def super interested in it!

also we had one good teacher, and one utterly horrible teacher. the meanest, b1tchiest teacher yet. i mean she was godawful, possibly sadistic, really should not have been teaching children. holy christ. she told us a story about a young woman who was on vacation, slutted it up with a handsome young charming gentleman who gave her a wrapped gift only to open later, and she opened it on the plane ride home, and inside was a miniature COFFIN with a note inside it that said: “WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AIDS.”

sure, hilarious now, but that was horrifying to a TEN year old!

I think it was here we did our Sechs Ed, which is actually prob a good time to do it, better early than late.

I was interested as hell innit of course, and i still remember I got extra credit because i was the only one in the class to remember the term “NOCTURNAL EMISSION”.  hehehe.

this was also a catholic skool, so.  i have gotten back into the catholicness SORT OF, but their morality around sechs is real hard for a TEN year old to grasp.

I remember I get a CD player in this year. that was a huge deal. the first cd i ever bought was the metallica black album in a huge narrow cardboard case they used to come in back then. some other early cds included: last action hero soundtrack (heheheheh dating myself here), metallica master of puppets & AJFA, i think some doors albums, prob the debut & LA woman; a classical music greatest hits; the infamous CHANT cd; a queen greatest hits; and then it didn’t take me long to join BMG music club and get a lot of cheap cd’s that way, including: CCR Chronicle 1; i think a pantera album, either CFH or TGSTK; I know I got the pearl jam ten album; even got the michael jackson album “dangerous.”

ALSO i joined the track team at school which i didn’t really like. I vividly recall an incident where some girls pulled my track shorts down exposing my tighty whitey briefs and laughed. including a gurl i kinda liked but she was a real slutty b1tch. this is around the age you swtich from wearing tighty whiteys to wearing boxer shorts. after that incident i think i did just that.

lasted till the end of the track season and did not come back. i also joined skool band in 5th or 6th or 7th grade where i played trumpet. i was not a natural but i did about average. band in hindsight was a GREAT idea and i should have stuck with it more than ONE year, but i guess i was just not in love with trumpet. i should have switched to another instrument, but i just quit band.

all right. just gettin warmed up here. more later.