june 27

what i said last time about wimmin is very true.

i might hate them, but more likely i just don’t damn like them, because they’re annoying, slutty, stupid, give themselves to other men when they are at their hottest, but not me, and angry at myself for not having the social skills to get in on that action. and when i finally find a woman i do like, respect, and eventually luv, i either drop the ball, and or get rejected, and anyone who LIKES getting rejected is a f00kin retard, but at least you learn something. maybe.

so, work on self to improve social skills w wimmin. best way to do that right now is continue trying to get in shape, and esp practice the speaking like i have started doing. and maybe GOD WILLING if i find a wimmin i like i can actually charm her and keep her. if not, at the very least, i can charm young cuties who are giving themselves away, to give themselves to me so i can sow the wild oats and get that oat of mah system. hehehe.

some men need to, some men don’t. i def do, and i haven’t do so yet, and it’s holding may whole life up. hostage. hehehe.

“how to stop being a basement dweller”

well, you can force yourself onto the streets to work or die, and then either work or die. i think most basement dwellers have the privilege of a basement to dwell in, because somebody is “enabling” them, so the good news is you have someone to share the blame with yourself of being a basement dweller.

the bad news is that its the hardest work in the world to stop being a basement dweller, which, what is a bd except just a specific type of Lazy Loser????

Chants of Valaam, Baby, Chants of Valaam. That’s how.

june 2014 GIFT FROM GOD.

tech chants FROM valaam.

got “the unschool handbook” by mary griffith in mail today. looks neat. will have to do a talking review of it.

damn. talking is so much easier AND better than writing. why write when you can talk? don’t write, talk!

got some sun on my pasty white biceps hehehe.

ok. find a website or program that can let you send texts to peoples phones. because you might have a sh1tty phone like me where you onlyt have the old skool buttons 1 thru 9. i have only met one other guy that has this. a non smart, non qwerty phone.

stefan molyneux concludes that buddhism is not perfect? big deal! i didn’t say i always agree with molyneux! in fact i disagree with him a lot!

on what?

heh. this is the SOCRATIC METHOD, where you are ALWAYS asking questions.

did socrates ever write about his sechs life? i am SURE he went to hookers, and or banged little boys. everybody did back then.

i don’t even know if socrates really wote anything, or if that was plato. plato’s dialogues. look em up. i think i gave u an audiobook of them not too long ago!!!

heh. i have not listened to them either.

you can get a really attractive escort for $400 an hour. like, really attractive. we’re talkin 7’s and above. girls that keep themselves in shape and don’t look like drug wh0res and no tattoos and a lot classier than what you find on backpage. but more expensive.

there is also a site “the erotic review” where you can search locations and read reviews of escorts. neat.

i know there are some basement dwelling virgin who would be willing to spend $400 to have sechs with an attractive wimmin. i might be too!

and you gotta spend money on regular nonescort wimmin to have sechs with them too. hehehe. unless they are 21 years old, super hot, and in college. then you can bang em fo free. hehehehe.

b1tches and wh0res!

language is the house of cards that forms our foundation of the world -stef moly

so i don’t have a lot of respect for wimmin. heh. i respect individual women who have shown to me that they have not flushed most of their respectability down the crapper!

ok i gotta get outta here and read this unschooling book a little.

june 28

well i read about 30% of the book in one day. pretty good. 66/99 hehehe. 67%.

does make me wish i were unschooled at home rather than going to especially grade skool though.

ok sh1t is gonna POPOV here. lemme start the next post EARLY. see ya.