june 25

today i learned that russian composer tchaikovsky was very likely a homosexual hehehe.

why should that be so surprising. all artists and musicians and actors and writers and painters and ARTISTS are homosexual hehehe.

anyway i am trying to find “the best” version of the divine liturgy of st john chrysostom. tchaikovsky and rachmaninoff were the major ones but rimsky korsakoff also had one.

look up znamenny chant

oh here we go, pretty good.

i am basically looking for something as old skool as possible, and very russian. old and russian.

no offense to the greeks who also do something similar with their orthodox chant. in fact i thought orthodoxy was invented in greece. or turkey. hehehe. does that mean it’s not european? hehehehehehehehehehehehe. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh.

right here. right here. THIS is the one. boom. done. THIS is what i have been looking for. it seems like a smaller group (someone said its just 4 guys) and you can hear all of their voices very clearly to create spine chilling harmonies. YES.

if roman catholics want more people in church they should do stuff like this!

god damn. i think it is just because it’s 4 or 5 monks rather than 10 or 20. sounds very intimate. me rikey a LOT.

have listened to some of the other valaam monastery stuff and it’s a much larger group.

are you kidding? i was nearly brought to tears, and i have never heard these songs before. maybe also it is reading the comments where they are thanking GOD and praying.

not sure if this counts as znamenny though. at this point i don’t care.

anyway it is interesting that a small choir would sound better than a big choir. but i was amazed.

4 person male choir. no barbershop sh1t.

album of the year 2014 right here. that green one. chantz from valaam.

valaam is a large island in an even larger lake, supposedly the largest lake in europe (not to be confused with the black SEA) which is near st petersburg, ie rather close to finland as well. it is rumored that PUTIN has a DACHA on this island but it is very secret.

thats it. im gonna start writing MUSIC again. inspired by these men of GOD.

renting a car might be the cheapest way to travel. i looked into an amtrak train and it was NOT that much cheaper than a PLANE.

how many female scientists (ie hard science phds or at least masterz, who are geekily, autistically, masculinely interested in Hard Science) are also Social Justice Warrior Feminist Leftist Marxists?

heh. i am reading a blog by a Biology PhD candidate by a young marxist feminist woman who is 90% obsessed with her field of butterflies and ecology and stuff, and 10% social justice warrior claptrap.

see i thought hard scientists were less leftist. unless: biology isn’t really too hard of a science; or women are more leftist than men (which is true; at least young single women are); or it’s just her, and most women in biology aren’t this bad.

or, most likely, i am just jealous and bitter of phd academics because i blew my chance at being one by getting bad grades and bad extracurriculars.

because i want the work environment of intelligent phds and cocktail parties and fresh cute young gurl college students every year. hehehe.

and saying, my JOB is me being a PHD, which proves I’m SMARTER than 99% of people.

less than 1 out of 100 people is a phd! heck, prob 1 out of 1000!

so i could pull a wife to watch foreign movies with and drive a volvo and shop at whole foods and send my kids to progressive schools and live in a progressive university town with a bunch of old hippies and cute young gurls and elites hehehe.

bad reasons, son!

especially since i don’t agree with Progressive Politics.

however those cities can be Safe, Low Crime, No Ghetto, Walkable, and Fun, with plenty of Culture and Parks and Museums and Music and Nightlife and such. with increasing home and land values. who wouldn’t want to live there. including right wing nutjobs like moi.

june 26

i never listened to much fugazi but i should probably start. i really like the “integrity” of musicians who can be approached by The Mainstream and offered millions of dollars, and then just turn it down. not many people can say they did that. i would probably take the money!

also i did not know about their huge set of live recordings. i bet that was a wild live show.

lets see. had a weird dream lsat night with girl2. hey now. in it i guess she was dead (!!!) but was a ghost where only i and a few others could see her. she was young as I remembered her, heh near 18, rather than much older as she is now. i always like that youthful young aspect of her, of a young girl vs an old woman.

but we couldn’t go out because she was a ghost and i was alive and it just didn’t work that way.

might be a great corny young adult novel movie!

did a few moar voice recordings yesterday while driving. it was a shorter drive, and also it is hard to focus on your talks when you have to focus on the road. so might get best talks while sitting in parked car somewhere. but it is still fun and great and awesome and a great idea and i plan on doing a lot more.

yep. you should start doing voice recordings too. then listen to them. and think of ways you can become a better speaker. you don’t need to talk to other people to do this. in fact it is by yourself where you can build the confidence to be a good speaker with other people. people that matter, like frands, employers, and b1tches. DO IT. it is the best thing i’ve done in weeks.