june 24

yep this is the album right here:

ok i was looking for the kiev pechersk monks monastery chant chorus album but tchaikovsky liturgy of st john chrysostom will do quite nicely anyway!!!! but it sounds like there’s women in that choir. OH WELL.

so i busted out the bicycle today for the first time in at least 3 years, it was pretty good!

i recall last time i rode it there was a huge safety related issue like the handlebars were falling off or the wheels were falling off, but it seemed perfectly fine today after i filled up the tires.

heh all communities / towns / cities should be small enough that you only need a bike to get around in them. have your work and social life all close together like that. natural. f00k cars. not so much for the polluting aspect but for the community destroying aspect. and the financial aspect. how ridiculous is it, really, that you have to DRIVE to get anywhere? it’s fooking stupid.

this just in, gary oldman stands up for mel gibson and talks about how stupid political correctness is. yeah gary. good move buddy. i am NOT being sarcastic. i am a right-wing person who also mocks PC and has been known to criticise certain J’s in my day.


maybe i didn’t go to the library enough as a child?

but i DID go to the library fairly regularly! although I was probably too focused on the movies and not on the books. i remember getting more steven king books than actually educational or learnin books.

i played around on the computer. they had like 2 or 3 computers with no internet that you rented out for an hour. i used them (macintosh!) to start writing a story. a story that was the form of a fictional autobiography of some guy with a great life. that story never really took off, hehehehe.

so i can’t really say when things jumped the shark.

it was def during grade skool.

i did not adjust very well to pre-puberty, and i adjusted even worse to puberty itself.

i guess the natural way is to start having kids shortly after you hit puberty. like 15 year old girls having babies with 15 year old boys.

and i fully believe that 15 year olds can learn the technical and moral skills needed to be good parents. it’s not complicated, but it does take courage. and they damn sure don’t teach any of that in skool!!!

heh. skool is the way that the STATE takes control of YOUR CHILDREN.

hehehehe. ok. well i am not very useful to the state because i do not pay lots of taxes because i make hardly anything. and also i am anti-state and only vote for right wing candidates. well to be honest i voted for mitt in 2012 but i should have voted for ron paul. i was not thinking. i should not have voted! mitt was not a great choice, i admit. he is a neocon who still wants a big govt.

heh. this is why kids should not be able to vote until they are 25. and i was older than 25 in 2012!!!! hehehe.


i think basically…. well i didn’t like skool, and the general idea was, well, ya better get used to doing things you don’t like doing, just because you have to, just because you have no choice, thems the RULES, and it just gets worse, work is even worse than skool! SO GET USED TO IT.

unfortunately that attitude really sunk in for me.

go to school for FOURTEEN YEARS which sucks, only to get a JOB that sucks even MORE???? No thank you! I’d rather numb my mind with drugs and alcohol and hedonistic pleasures!

even better: go to sucky skool for fourteen years, and then not be able to get a job!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe. disllusionment.jpg

so when i got home from sucky skool, i had no desire to learn stuff, i just wanted to RELAX and watch tv and play vidya. skool was for learning, and skool sucked. learning sucked. now that i’m outta skool, you can’t make me learn SH!T.

with an attitude like this inculcated from such a young age, it’s surprising there’s not MORE losers! that ONLY 30% of my grade skool turned out to be losers!

the question is, can i awaken my desire for learning NOW? i hope so.

so writing of some sort has always been with me, since i was a little kid. the one fun thing i still have energy to do. like writing this right here.


june 24

ok just took a 3.2 mile powerwalk and it said only 73 degrees but it was so humid that i sweat more than i have ever sweat before, and happened to wear a light gray t shirt, hehehehe. the entire thing was obviously soaked in sweat and it was embarrassing to walk by 21 year old blond cuties, hehehehe.

no jk unlike elliot rodger, i don’t have a thing for blondes, in fact Brown Haired Gurls might be the most widely represented in Girls 1 thru 8.

Brown like FAECES hehehehe.

ok. gonna make a talking file today as i drive out to my social thing.

ok. hehe. well i don’t want to take a second shower today and then put on new underpantz. so i am sitting in bed with just mah underpantz on and a fan blowing on me trying to dry the sweat. a sauna might be nice actually!

again we unfortunately get very very humid during the summer. i prefer a dry heat!

ok one last word of wisdom for today: uhhh join an orthodox church choir and sing beautiful songs to the LORD in greek or slavonic and meet a nice low-number traditional gurl. if they allow gurls in the choir.