june 23, 2014


well, about 30 minutes ago i discovered i was LOCKED OUT of my lazy loser blog.

Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.

more specifically, i got that warning at the top of my dashboard. i could get to my dashboard, but could not edit any pages. ie i wasn’t kicked out of the login session.

this means wordpress staff has done something re me, possibly being offensive or racist in my content. either racist, or violence-inciting. and i have been careful not to do either, except to admit to some racism, but it is still nowhere near as racist as some other wordpress hosted blogs.

well i was still able to export an xml of the whole blog, which i did…..

i obviously can’t get in there to write anything, so i’m writing it here…

the only thing i could do, literally, was click the link in the warning to contact wordpress, which i did, sending them a message about 20 minutes ago, as friendly and cooperative as can be.

now i’m just waiting for them to get back to me. VERY curious as to what the problem is. it could be they just think i’m a BOT with all the prescheduled posts.

OR either the NSA or the antifas or wizardchan are trolling me, trying to limit my freedom of speech, accusing me of hate.

maybe i slandered someone. i think i did call tom friedman a communist! well i’m sorry tom!

he’s been called much worse on other wordpress blogs, i guarantee you!!!!

did not get any email related to this in my email attached to that account. ONLY a statement on the dashboard of wordpress itself. which is weird. would ahve expected an email for something serious.

so….. this has never happened before. i kinda expected it on my old blog, which was WAY more racist and controversial. I mean I chose to quit that because I felt I was putting myself in too deep. this is just weird.

maybe they don’t like me being clever by censoring all my swears, like n1993r hehehehe.

maybe this is the beginning of the end and i will be arrested tonight by Federal Police.

by the NSA SWAT team.

so i am just f5 refreshing that dashboard page because i assume that’s where they will respond. also same with the email. doo doo doo. da da da.

i figured with their hypsm education professionals working and living in elite san fran, they would fix this within 10 minutes.

i know a right-wing, anti-communist tumblr got temporarily shut down, but it was reinstated, and also that had a lot more traffic than this. plus…


if this is a Free Speech issue i will be a little pissed.

if it is a Technical Issue, i won’t care. so I prove I’m not a bot, essentially proving I’m a human with a more advanced version of a capcha.

did i not put enough disclaimers in my about?

what’s next? getting my stuff wiped off google drive / docs / clouds becuase it’s politically incorrect?

9.30pm still locked. an entry level guy with a hypsym grad degree must be talking to his manager with an even higher hypsm degree and makes even more money, about what to do about widdle ol me and my hateful blog.

well this will obviously take longer than 15 minutes. i am about ready to go to bed!

maybe it was a copyright thing. but i never post links to pirate stuff!

i googled the exact text of the message. some people had the same thing happen thru error, where WP says sorry, that shouldn’t have happened, you’re all good now.

hopefully that’s what happened!

i am so anxious about having offending my Overlords with my Free Hateful Speech!!!!

maybe i can unschool myself as an adult. hehe. it is a true fact that i never enjoyed school, never enjoyed learning in school, it was just a chore that i put up with until i had a skool meltdown and dropped out of kollige basically, getting a bunch of w’s on muh transcript and therefore condemning myself from ever getting into a good grad skool and getting a good job.

i shoulda just dropped out of first grade and went to an unschool instead, hehehehe.

heh. got so emotional i just bought the unschooling handbook by mary griffith for 6 dollars. 2 bucks plus 4 bucks shipping. that is my idea of an impulse buy.

heh kinda funny. the elites at wordpress making more money than i ever will, shutting down muh blog when the latest post is basically about bowing down as far as you can go to basically lick a managers ahole to get a low-paying job to make 12 bucks an hour, when these hpsym elites are making 40 bucks an hour right out of hypsm!!!!! making enough money to live in san franCISco!!!! because they worked hard enough to get thru hypsm and get a job at wordpress because they are hard working winners!!!!!

maybe they were unschooled. or homeschooled. or they only got spanked 2 times, hehehehe. well they certainly didn’t have a meltdown in hypsym, because they got into good (not bad!) grad skools and got a job at wordpress.

maybe they can have salesmen make fun of them for being mere programmers who make less than sales.

well, it could take a few days i’m thinking for them to respond to The Ticket.

it is just exciting and interesting. well, i have a backup of the whole blog so they can take it down if they want. BULLIES. hehehehe.