june 23

well i start back to work wed july 9. 2 weeks and 2 days. 16 days from now.

ever see that movie awakenings where the people in the psych ward incl robert deniro had Catatonic Depression and couldn’t even move or speak, then Dr Robin Williams introduced a new drug that miracle cured them….but only for a few months, and then they went back into Catatonia?

i should watch that movie again. i bet it would either be really sad, or not as good as i remember it.

so i will be writing like a madmad during the next 16 days because then effectively my life ends. the sh1t hits the fan. i get killed.

i don’t even know if i should ask for weekends off , because i recall weekends off sucked. because i could not enjoy either saturday or sunday because i was always Worried About Work.

So, I think the ideal schedule would be, 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, one day off.

Friday Off, Saturday and Sunday On, Monday Off, Tues Wed Thurs on. that might be the ideal schedule.

then for a “vacation” I could try to take a Sat and Sun off. go visit my long distance gurlfran ahahahaha.

ok so stefan molyneux certainly did not INVENT “peaceful parenting.”

ok it is all about: secure attachment, no spanking, guiding not controlling; encouraging not punishing; negotiating and reasoning; no circumcision; attachment theory;

well i’m not sold instantly, but i like what i’ve heard, and it is interesting as f00k. i’d buy a .01 cent book or take a free class and certainly consider raising my own children (five of them!!) like this, if it meant they turned out successful, content winners, and not moody virgin losers, like moi hehehe.

and it was all my familys fault because they spanked me a total of 3 times, hehehehe.

the peaceful parenting thing does challenge my opinions about spanking, in that spanking is no problem mon. i was spanked 3 times and i turned out……horribly hehehe. but that’s not because of the spanking!

now some say that the mothers underestimate how often they spank their kids, like oh i spank him once a month at most, when they are spanking him several times a week.

well that certainly never happened to me, i was literally spanked only 3 times.

and what about the kids where spankings would be considered light? like they got beaten the f00k out of, beat with a switch 100 times so they couldn’t walk straight for a week? just for not calling their parents sir or coming home a minute late?

natural parenting. ok. it kinda fits in w my liking of organic foods and natural ways, and paleo, caveman, homesteading, old school, homeschooling, anti-modern type stuff.  marxist hippies be damned.

interesting article on unschooling

8 main principles of attachment parenting.

trying to find a ONE SHEETER cheat sheet, hehehe.

breastfeeding, probably no day care, etc.

some say that day care is a kind of neglect because the kids never see their parents; and 1 worker per 15 kids or so is not enough to give babies the attention they need.

i mean i would prefer not to put muh kids in day care. have muh wief (or myself!!!) stay at home to take care of them.

no vaccines for the babys, no circumcision. heck i think i already have been a “natural parent” for a while, just did not know about that term or these organizations or this literature. nice.

now to convince the future mother of muh children to be a natural mother! hehehehe.

wikipedia page

i think attachment parenting is the more popular term than peaceful parenting, but basically same thing.

but i also like the idea of “tiger mothers” see amy chua, in which kids study math and science 20 hours a day, go to harvard or mit or hypsm, and become huge rich winners.

what both these movements share is the idea that there is something really wrong with mainstream education, ie standard public schools.

some say children are born with an instinct to learn, and it is school itself which crushes this instinct by the first f00king grade, and so that’s why it seems that kids don’t want to learn. they just don’t want to learn at SKOOL.

hehhehe that certainly rings true for myself, who hated skool ever since like first or second grade.

i almost bought that unschooling book.

well critics say the kids today are very narcissistic, and the self-esteem generation, getting prizes just for showing up, but they can’t take criticism and have a terrible entitled work ethic. and their self-esteem is too high, with no actions to back it up.

while i agree with this, i also agree that CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING, and if you teach a child to be confident as f00k in himself, that’s the main thing. because confident people are resilient and don’t give up and also are willing to work hard.

so i wonder if these kids with high self esteem are necessarily CONFIDENT….it doesn’t sound like they are as confident as they could be. because confident people usually excel.

at any rate, i def want to raise my kids to be very confident in themselves.

i was never really confident ever, even as a kid, and muh fam scratched their heads at how to make me more confident. lord they tried!!!!!! tried sports and boy scouts and nothing ever really worked for me. i quit soccer after one day, i remember that. should they have been tougher and made me stick it out?

i did play softball for like 2 years. that wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t super cool either. although i think i had one real good day where i hit a game winning home run or something and was the hero of the day.

oh lord.

soo uh why didn’t that boost my confidence? i mean you can’t be the hero every single day, getting it once every 2 years is pretty good.