june 23 2014

i am using the floss pick right now to floss the teeth. keep them in your room so you can do them while sitting around waiting to call people at 3 pm, hehehe.

i like the “plackers” brand with two little strands, and promises unbreakable, and has a nice wide “U” shape . for me, wider U is better.

it can be tricky to get the backmost teeth though. i would say don’t skimp and get the crappy store brand, get the fancy kind, because there is a sophisticated engineering here that is easy to screw up.

have been using chrome instead of firefox for about a week now. really not too bad. can’t say its better or worse. i have become fond of pressing ctrl h to bring up history easily, but i coulda done that in ff too. also it sucks that you can’t easily view bookmarks in chrono order recently, because i add like 10 bookmarks a day. and liketo see them in reverse chrono order. bookmarks from the past month, 3 months, etc.

james patterson was once a phd in english candidate at vanderbilt. he left and took a job in advertising with “only” his masterz.

okay i have muh phone turned up from 1 to 5 so i can hear it when the Talent Agent ™ calls. Sorry, Talent Acquisition Specialist. prob need an Masterz from a Top 50 for that career.

Maybe even a Top 25!

If what I’m saying makes no sense to you……then it doesn’t concern you.

fook this waiting by the phone sh1t. i am gonna take a powerwalk and take my phone with me. either leave it on full volume or put it on vibrate. tell the lady i am At The Gym. that always sounds good. in a way, I would not be lying either!

well she did not call while i was out for 34 minutes. then i called, got the vm.

ok here’s something i can work on. it actually do have a bike. i remember a few years ago, like about 3 at least, i was obsessed with getting a bike as a way to exercise, that was more fun than walking. fair enough. logical line of logic.

so i went to “walmart” and bought the cheapest huffy bike they had which was like 80 bucks. not super cheap but oh well. it was a big deal and i was thrilled.

then something went wrong with it almost immediately and it has sat there for 3 years. something like a screw being loose or something like the front wheel falling off that made it potentially dangerous to ride. so instead of trying to get it fixed like a normalfag, i just let it sit there for years, unused.

so it would be nice to fix that and go for nice little bike rides this summer.

get a bike, nothing fancy, and go for bike rides like you did when you were a kid and rode bikes everywhere.

ummm honey is a magic bullet food, eat as much honey as possible. just like butter hehehe. yeah honey is prob one of those things you should splurge on for organic….maybe? i sure don’t. i just bought store brand honey. put a sh1tload in mah iced tea.

and when you take your bike out, make sure you have a damn water bottle with you.  you should also get a little gay Fanny Pack to put your keys and money and phone in, rather than in your pocket. or get one of those little gay “backpack” things that is more like a very lightweight bag you can put a few things in, that is likely 90000000 times lighter than an actual backpack.

this way you can drink water fo free without having to buy gatorade or something.

you should also next time you go to the store, buy a big box of CON-DOMZ as a motivational, attitudinal tool.

because with our luck, when we finally got a chance to get laid, we will not have a condo, and then get aids off the disgusting hambeast.

and of course to get it up, you have to bend her over doggystyle, plug your nose, close your eyes, and think furiously of one of the gurls you were in luv with.

ok. next time i go out driving i am gonna take along my recorder and make a voice recording. kinda a prelude to the vidyas i will make. because i get real nervous making voice recordings at home, and also when walking around the neighboorhood. always anxious that someone is watching me and thinking i’m weird.


anyway, i can speak with the most confidence while driving alone. so why not do it. because i always FORGET.

i encourage you to do the same. get some privacy and give a confident talk to your recorder.

or try faking confidence, then listen to it, then figure out ways to better fake the confidence, then try again. like a game.

get audiobooks of top business books. or get a subscription to INC magazine. and just talk like that.

5:40pm june 23: yes i finally talked to the hr woman. said everything looked good. just look for an offer letter in my email and call so and so if any problems there. start back working on july 9th. probably a 9 to 5 normalfag shift. not bad son!

the next challenge is not flipping out on the job, hahahaha.

i don’t get panic attacks ever, it’s moreso this feeling of heart beating out of chest and you’re gonna break down crying, running out of the room. that or explode in anger like the tasmanian devil. do those count as panic attacks?

probably. more of emotion attacks. is it enough to get you xanax? probably at least 10 xanax bars. take as needed for emotion attacks.

heh. i am gonna reward myself by buying a $20 subscription to national review. after that runs out i will try inc, then psychology today.

note: there is a trust you can set up when your child is born, so that you can pay for college for them at a greatly reduced cost 18 years later. think it is a state by state thing. basically you pay for tuition in the future at today’s rates. look up education trust fund for your state. and then set it up so yer kid can go to trade skool hehehehe. anyway the state education trust fund really helped out a few kids i know.