june 23 2014.

ok. back on track. i have over 3 months of posting every day here. summer o fun 2014. bring it on. suffer the japes. bring the noise. feel the pain.

i wanted to pat myself on the back for making 2 phone calls. i called the employer hr, THEN i called the docker and axed to have him rewrite my prescription, they told me to call the bharmacy and let them know, i thought i had done that a week ago, well i went thru the website so i wouldn’t have to call anyone, then i signed up for a full myprescription account today, said it was still in process, then i called the bharm number and did the automated voice menu, said there was a problem, then auto transferred me to a PERSON, UH OH, and i ham handedly explained the situation and they said ok.

so hopefully they contact the docker, he faxes over the new script, they fill it, and call me. and i set up an email alert too.

point is, i made one more phone call than expected, and it didn’t kill me, in fact, it made me stronger.

i tried to fake confidence and at least put on a friendly peaceful tone, said Hi How Are You Today, nicely told them what I was trying to do, said Thank You Have A Nice Day. and this is all you can do. in fact, this is BETTER than MOST 4ssholes who call like you’re their f00king SLAVE B1tch. I treat the person with kindness BECAUSE THAT’S HOW I LIKE TO BE TREATED.

so they can say, well that caller was nice, i wish all callers were that nice.

the hr talent person did not answer. i did not leave a message. we did phone tag on friday. i missed their call, in the shower, they left a message, i called back within 3 minutes of them calling, got their voice mail, left a nice message.

then THEY called back an hour later right before they left for the day, but i didn’t hear the phone. they left message saying we would talk monday. so today’s monday and i tried calling them before i anticipated their lunch would be. assumed 12 noon, so i called them at 11:30am. nice. they were out. did not leave message bc i anticipate them calling me later anyway, AND i WILL call them again in a few hours.

cuz this is it. i HAVE to have this job.

got my notebook, wrote down the persons name, what time i called, date, etc.

well at least i got the prescription solved for the next 5 months hehehehe.

BUT the con there is, i don’t get to pump the doc for new rx’s.

oh yeah, here’s an interesting list i found today



how ya like that. i wish i could find that list at the ims or whatever, but their site is sh1tty; would like to see the top 100.

welp, no tricyclics on there. also, only one psych drug is nongeneric: seroquel, an antipsychotic. won’t be asking for that anytime soon!

heh. maybe try some zoloft. paxil and buspar are the only ones i have experience with. they are on there, but at place 12 and 20 respectively. not even in top ten. hehehe. come on doc.

def wouldn’t mind some xanax, also not surpirsed that has been num ONE for like 5 years straight.

because we live in an anxiogenic society, hehehehehehehe.

anyway completing those phone calls was definitely a confidence builder.

it’s weird because i used to be ON the phone for over 6 hours a day, taking 20 in depth calls a day.

when it is raining or snowing i cannot really go for my walk and would prefer to powerwalk on a treadmill and am this close to signing up for planet fatness to do so. thing is, just remembered my good frand has a membership at another planet fatness and it would be fun to go with him sometimes. so what do i do. you can only sign up for one home fatness. and i ideally would sign up for the one 1 mile from my house.

well maybe i sign up for that one and maybe just pay a fee if i ever want to go with him.

look up the audio book bay dot com, like the p1r4t3 bay for audiobooks. nice.

heh. don’t put the pvssy on a pedestal. you have had sech 4 times. she has had sechs 400000000000000000 times, sometimes in very degrading ways, with j1zz all over her face, videos taken of it, spit roasted by two guys at once, cheating on her boifran, with guys she cant even remember their names, with guys she met less than one hour ago, vidyas and photos, yeah i guess you could pity her for being degraded, but it’s not really killing her, because she still makes 10 times the money you do with her job, right out of college, and at age 22 is winning 1000000 times more at life than you are at age 30. so you are entitled to show her a little damn disrespect!

but it can’t be mean, aggressive disrespect. it’s all in the delivery. and the delivery comes from confidence and experience.

be disrespectful but do not be aggressive or harmful so as to incur bad karma. this is a tough line to walk, and you can easily cross it. like suck mah d1ck, you f00king slore, would be considering too aggressive.

well, maybe not, if she were being festive and you were being festive too.

i don’t f00king know, i read a stupid anti-niceguy article on cracked dotcom and got confused.

well i don’t like cracked for being feminist leftists, but i also don’t like niceguys either, because they are lame and cowardly and weak.

but rest assured, I am NOT a niceguy, and neither are you!!!!!!