june 12

yep rejection SUCKS, i don’t think any man would disagree with you there, leftist or not.

i also met a very nice youngish man who went to HARVARD. he was much nicer and much friendlier and much more down to earth than i imagined typical harvard people to be. of course, he DEF was not a typical harvard person. but I was glad to get along with even just one harvard person in my life, since i hate harvard and the elites who go there. but this guy was very very nice and friendly and totally hangoutwithable.

so i was very happy and thankful to make connections with some brand NEW people, which i haven’t done in a long time. just shows i have not totally lost all muh social skills.

so yes, girls DO have the right to reject you, but you have just as much of a right to get mad at them for it. i think you can get away with some verbal “abuse”, like one real good screaming session where you call them a cvnt and a b1tch and a cvm guzzling wh0re right to their face. (the leftists would prob disagree on this front and call me a misogynist). but i say you can do that once or twice, then just AVOID the b1tch 4 LYFE. (the leftists might also disagree with me there, as they might be better at “Staying Friends” with their X gurlfrans, which is something i will NEVER understand, and really don’t hope to.)

my official stance is to do No Contact. just do no contact, it’s easier, healthier, and safer, especially if you a kissless virgin who tends to fall hard and crazy for gurls, and then go APESH1T when they reject you, hehehehe.

i was also happy to see guys making it without Masters Degrees. that gave me great hope. if you really don’t WANT to get a masters degree, and I really DON’T, then just don’t get a masters degree. it really IS that simple. for so long I felt i HAD to get a masters degree, and I really don’t want to, so how do I force myself to want to do that, and to perform well enough in it to make it pay off? answer: just don’t do it until you REALLY WANT to. and it is ok if you NEVER really want to!

i was also happy to be able to appreciate leftists as decent human beings, even though i think leftists are destroying this country. but these leftists were perfectly fine people who are not personally destroying the country, and i could potentially be frands with them.

but it was good to prove to myself that i can get along with all different types of people, especially since i haven’t even been around any hardcore leftists in a while.

indeed, the main point was i did a lot more socializing that i have done in probably a couple years. i don’t go to bars, i don’t go to parties, i don’t go out, and here there was socializing among a group of 4,5, even 10 people for like a week straight. that was kind of nice.

and indeed it made me feel more social to my frands back home too. saw one of them today and i was being more social and frindly and talkative to him than i usually am. so this trip was a great shot in the arm for me. and i didn’t even get any Tail!

heck i didn’t even talk to any gurls except this one guy’s gurlfrand. she was very nice and easy to get along with.

i also saw a wimmin who was 32 years old and still very very attractive, i would have gladly had her sit on muh face! but of course she was MARRIED. oh well, life goes on, hahahaha. bla bla bla.

also muh frand made a little video documentary with his phone camera which i thought was a very very good idea, and i look forward to watching the final version he puts together. cuz i luv documentaries, would like to make one myself some day. and to capture some of the essence of this trip in vidya form is just real good, i am sure i will come back to it.

so i have a lot of regrets about my past, trying to erase from memory a lot from that time period, and this is where i met those guys. i am thankful to learn than you CAN separate the people from the past, and still get along with them FAMOUSLY in the present and future, without having it being TIED to that past you want to forget, and still can forget, without forgetting THEM. very hopeful and optimistic about that now.

guy getting married, never met his wife, but she was very nice and cool and they truly luv each other, so that is beautiful. but he sowed a lot of wild oatz, a LOT, i am a little jelly there, both my old frands sowed quite a few wild oats, and I still need to do that. and i wonder if this guy would be ready to get married if he hadn’t gone thru that wild oats period. and he was able to be open and honest about it with his wife, they really got along well with no stupid games or tension or power struggles, they both honestly wanted to be married to each other, and that is a beautiful thing i would like to experience one day. for me it’s always been i’ve been way more interested in the gril than she is in me, and then getting dumped REAL quickly, and then getting mad about that for a long time, and not even getting good action out of the deal. which legit does suck.